Sober September 2017



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    My goal is to have only 1-2 drinks on Sunday nights. I feel pretty confident I can do it. Only time will tell.
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    Just posted this whole long thing and it did not submit. I went shopping instead of drinking for the football game!! I had a friend text me and asked me if I was drinking and I told her no not until I have somewhere to go which is on the 23rd she just texted back oh OK she doesn't care about her health or her weight well she does but not enough to do anything about it sorry but you're not bringing me down!

    Good for you! It's interesting how people react sometimes. I had a friend treat me like I had the plague when I went alcohol free for August. When she heard I wasn't drinking in September, she got weird too. I've come to realize, it says more about her than me. She has replaced me with another drinking buddy and I am okay with that :) While the jury is out on whether I am going to give up wine forever or just for the rest of this month, I do have health and wellness goals and wine always derails those.

    EXACTLY!! All of it. Well put friend!

    Very well put. We don't need sabateurs to keep us from trying to become our best selves.
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    Got through the birthday party without a drink, but the 4 bottles of white wine on the counter were enticing. I had 4 diet pepsis and a cup of coffee. And, I had fun and enjoyed talking to people even without the buzz.

    And your scale and liver thanked you this morning:) awesome job!
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    I'm in for sure. Friend me I need help