What are some of the most positive things your parents passed down to you?



  • angel4732
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    How to love unconditionally
  • JeromeBarry1
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    My dad taught me to work hard and stay out of jail. I mimicked him. Mom taught me to cook. That part of her I did mimick. She showed me how to spend life stoned, high, and obese. I only mimicked the obese part. Mom played piano with great skill, and I tried to mimic that, but I didn't have the boogie woogie fingers.
  • slimgirljo15
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    If you want something don't sit on your *kitten*, go get it.
    You're loved no matter what.
    From my mum I learnt to be more forgiving, because she isnt, so Im doing my best to do better.
    My dad.. I can thank him for my love of animals, he's a modern day dr doolittle lol.
    And my wicked sense of humour :#
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    Work ethic, my father.
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Two things from my dad. My pops is a bona fide nerd, like fights with Stephen Hawking type nerd. He installed the value of learning regardless of subject. It took awhile for that to take root in me, but it did. The other is that despite being a roughneck in the oil field and playing football in the leather helmet era, he was gentle. He never hurt my mom and rarely spanked us during a time when such was completely acceptable.

    Listening to Mom granted me the ability to sort priorities, every among things that are good and needful. Not everything can be most important, every if it feels like it in a moment. She was always able to do that well. Also got me to fall in love with music.

    They've been married 53 years. There's oodles of grand kids, almost all of whom are amazing and well adjusted.

    They both succeeded despite challenging families of their own.
    Dad had an alcoholic father, mom had a brother with mental illness who committed suicide and was raised in a sand farm. All of you who talk of being who your family was not, you can. Doing it brings the later generations many blessings.

    Thank You! <3
  • zcb94
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    Mom-how to stand up for myself and what’s right and ask for what I need/want
    Dad-emotional strength, appreciation for the weird and unknown and how to use a bladder catheter (due to my disability)
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    My momma taught me to turn the music up and dance when everything else gets a little too "loud".

    My father has had a very successful career with lots of travel, overtime, stress .. but he always showed my sisters and I that nothing comes before family. Missing family celebrations to close a deal is never an option. He also taught me you're never too old to sit and cry on your dads knee.

    My life has been beyond blessed.
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    How to hug. That family comes first and you do everything you can not to ever give up on that. How to be organized. That it's okay not to be rich and still be able to do what you want.

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