Is dairy actually bad for you?

Hi all! So I'm here wondering if dairy is something I should actually consider taking out of my diet. Lately I have had some really bad bloating at the end of my day, and so many people tell me that I should cut back on dairy.
I've tried doing my own research but can never find anything conclusive enough, so here I am! Any thoughts?


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    If you're allergic to it and are lactose intolerant...otherwise, dairy is fine. I eat a moderate amount of dairy everyday and have no issues.

    Right! I don't have any food allergies, but I'm just so curious as to why people assume it is my dairy intake. Because I do get this comment a lot. And it's not like I eat obscene amounts of it either. But thank you! I appreciate your reply.
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    Have you consulted with your physician regarding the bloating?
    It could be something else causing this.
    No reason to cut out any food group, unless there are health issues related to your consuming something.
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    Have you consulted with your physician regarding the bloating?
    It could be something else causing this.
    No reason to cut out any food group, unless there are health issues related to your consuming something.

    No I have not yet, simply because it isn't something that is causing too much concern. My bloating is something I talk about with others on a fitness journey, and I just wondered why dairy is the food group they jump to.
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    When you say you've had bloating lately, did you just start eating dairy? If not, why would attribute a new symptom to something in your diet that is not new?

    No, and that's the weird part. I normally eat dairy. But I just find it weird that so many other people tell me dairy is my problem, even after telling them I've been eating dairy my whole life. Just wondering if this was the opinion of others on this site.
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    AnvilHead wrote: »

    This was a great conclusion. Thanks so much for sharing, I appreciate it!!
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    I personally find I get bloated when I eat high-carb or lots of vegetables. I feel great eating protein, fats and dairy.
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    Dairy is a really good source of protein, so I wouldn't cut it out unless that turns out to be the issue.

    As others said, try an elimination diet. It could be a food intolerance, but not necessarily lactose. When I was having issues with bloating (and joint pain), it turned out to be wheat (probably gluten).
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    I'm lactose intolerant and bloating is the first symptom before my digestive system goes into full-on punishment mode (if I haven't taken a dairy aid). Loads of things cause bloating. Some is totally normal after a large meal or high salt or high carb. If it goes away/isn't painful, I wouldn't worry too much. If it's painful, see a doctor.

    People run to dairy and wheat because often, cutting those things cause massive weight loss beause they're a large % of calories in a person's diet. Popularized diets like keto, paleo, atkins, whole30 all have anti-bloat/inflamation claims.
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    Have you made any changes - any at all - recently?
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    It's not that dairy is bad for everyone, but it might not be good for you personally. As others have said, it's possible that you can become lactose intolerant later in life, and bloating/gas are symptoms of lactose intolerance. Some people with lactose intolerance can also eat small amounts of dairy with only mild or unnoticeable symptoms. My limit is about a scoop of ice cream. I'm fine with a slice or two of pizza, and because yogurt doesn't have very much lactose in it, I have no problem with yogurt for breakfast almost every day.

    There's no harm in going a week without dairy to see how you feel. If it doesn't help your bloating, at least you'll have ruled out a possible cause.
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    I recently cut out dairy but not as part of any specific diet. It wasn't a choice I made lightly since I friggin love dairy

    I just got back from a long trip to Japan eating whatever I wanted, and managed to lose 10 pounds on the trip. I'm trying to keep that ball rolling and maybe even my gut flora on that kind of food, the biggest differences I noticed was that I ate a ton of fish and almost 0 dairy-- there isn't cheese on anything.

    When I came back to America I was really shocked at how omnipresent it is. Like sure, pizza and pasta, but also on salads, sandwiches, meat dishes, vegetables like spinach or broccoli... it was a real eye opener
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    Dairy is also bad for those on a Phosphorus restriction diet (dairy is very high in phosphates) but that wouldn't cause bloating.
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    Dairy isn't bad. But a lot of people have a dairy intolerance (either due to lactose or casein). This could be the case for you. Simply cut out all dairy for at minimum a couple days and see how you feel.
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    My daughter developed full-blown digestive issues when she tried - at my suggestion - to add more beans/legumes in to her diet. The fiber bomb did a big number on her. She messed around with all sorts of possible causes because she couldn't believe something that was supposed to be 'healthy', wasn't, for her.