Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



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    Bumping this thread while trying to inspire someone to post their organizing and/or de-clutting latest achievements.
    I have been busy with the tax preparation and in the process I realized that many documents, un-necessarily accumulated thru the last few years, needed to be shredded.
    Last weekend, including this past Monday, I worked on selecting what to keep and what not to keep and I shredded things that were no longer needed (with the blessing of my tax prepared person and keeping the IRS 7-years-rule). Three very large boxes kept in the garage cabinet are now empty. I also saved some money because I have a very good shredded that can take loads of papers so I didn't need to take all the papers to a shredding center.
    I am not done yet, but this decision allowed me to start de-cluttering the cabinets in the garage and continuing the cleaning and organizing of the stationary closet in the office.
    I found a box in the garage with a lot of things that not even my husband knew where they were coming from. Lots of nails, hooks, etc. that are going to Habitat for Humanity this week.
    Last week I took two bags of clothing to the donation center and when I asked the manager if she knew of any organization doing "textile re-cycling" in town, she told me that they had their own recycling center where all the clothing that is not sold or clothing that is not good enough to put in hangers, get recycled. I am already preparing a box with these type of items that I will drop next week at the store. I was very happy to find this resource near me.
    I hope to accomplish more in the coming weeks since I am really motivated, and hopefully getting my "de-clutting mojo," back in almost full force.

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