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Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



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    PAFC84 wrote: »
    The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo is a really good read IMO, a little touchy feely in places (literally).

    Thank you so much you reply and for this recommendation, I read the reviews on amazon and it looks like a terrific read/ ROCK!

    I found a website called: The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Decluttering Your Home (Learn How to Declutter Your Home With Professional Organization Tips) It's actually a website that rents dumpsters (WOW, talk about ya "I mean business" with this decluttering business o:):#o:) . But anyway, I looked thru the website and it has some really tremendous tips and ideas. I especially LOVE what it describes clutter as (and btw, for me now, "making room for things that matters" equals neat/tidy, and minimal lovely SPACE and spaciousness) AND to my shock, the article starts off literally mentioning "obesity" as an "issue" in living with clutter :o's an excerpt:

    When is clutter a problem? For many people clutter can be an energy zapper or they waste inordinate amounts of time looking for things they can’t find. In extreme cases, people may suffer from obesity or depression when a life of consumption extends beyond ‘stuff.’ In hoarding situations, a house full of clutter can cause fire hazards and other health complications when mold and dust are present. But extreme cases are not common.

    What is clutter? Clutter is anything you’re keeping around your house that doesn’t add value to your life. Decluttering is all about making room in your home for the things that matter.

    Why should you declutter? Many people enjoy decluttering because it relieves stress by providing a sense of control and accomplishment. For others, getting rid of the junk frees up a little extra space in the house that wasn’t there before. Some people may just need to purge before they move to a new house. Whatever your reason for decluttering your life and home, this ridiculously thorough guide will help you through the process.
    Part 1: How to Declutter Your Home
    Part 2: Room-by-Room Declutter Tips
    Part 3: Declutter Your Home for Good

    Here's the website, check it out...
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    In Feb. I moved from a large 2 bedroom 1/2 house, down to a small 1 bedroom, I had jeans that I haven't been able to wear for up to 20 years, I always thought I'd lose the weight to fit into them again, I had moved with them twice before, when I moved this last time I decided, out they go, I donated them all, I kept one size down that if I lost 20 # they would fit, all others left, shirts that I've had for years, "they don't fit, but they are soo cute..." gone, anything I hadn't used in a year- gone. I've done 1-2 more mini declutter's since them, I have 3 boxes of stuff that if I don't get into within a year of moving - gone. It's great having so much less stuff, 6 months after I moved, I started eating better, I'm down 17 #....

    Boom! Thank you ever so much for adding this encouraging reply to the thread. 17 big ole pounds FOREVER GONE from your body and life is excellent progress--congrats and keep rocking this thing, YAY YOU! Here's cheering you on! <3o:)<3

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    25agirard wrote: »
    I always have trouble getting rid of stuff because of all the reasons mentioned-someone gave it to me, i paid money for it, it reminds me of..., etc. Just yesterday I kind of freaked out because my girls' rooms had too much "stuff" and the thought of xmas coming terrified me! I told them they each had to pick at least 5 books to donate and they started really getting into it and chose over 100 books that I brought today to a pediatrician's office that had asked for books they could give to clients as part of a program they're doing! 100 books!! I wanted to say "no, not that one! I got you that one for....." but I didn't. It made my girls so happy that they might make some other kids happy. One of my daughters would hug each book and say something like "I really loved this one so much, but I know the story now and it will make another kid so happy!" and she would place it in the bag. Now that they are out--and one of their closets is cleared out--I'm inspired to keep going. I have bins of clothes that "used to fit me and hopefully will again someday" and I am just going to toss them all into donations. I don't need them, and if I am able to drop the weight again I'll just cross that awesome bridge when I get there! Thanks for the inspiration....I'm going home to attack my own closet today!
    I also have one toxic friend that I am not going to continue to allow myself to put any energy towards.....and somehow just hearing someone else say it...even though I knew it was true,...almost gives me permission to let her go.

    BOOM! Not merely three cheers, but A MILLION cheers to you (and your children too). W <3 W What an absolutely wonderfully inspirational and POWERFUL (full of power) post. Thank you soooo much for your major contribution to this thread. You've encouraged me to go thru/attack my beloved perfume collection even more and get rid of some of my "supposedly" favorites, yet I haven't used in years. You are an amazing example to your children and to me too. {{{{{ <3 grateful HUGS&Smiles galore <3 }}}}

    P.S. Lastly, THANK you for giving me another idea of a place to make donations of books--pediatrician's offices would be a perfect place to give some children's books too--YAY YOU!!!

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    Thanks I needed this. Speaks volumes.

    You're more than welcomed and I need this too! Thank you so much for posting <3o:)<3
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    Angieve1 wrote: »
    I actually started doing this one room at a time, and IT FEEL SOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!! I never seen my house so clean and declutter in my life.

    Super YAY YOU <3 How absolutely thrilling and I'm so happy for you! I totally know what you mean about living in a clutter free and clean's not only beautiful, but truly gives you a "sense" of empowerment AND increases the desire to live this way forever and never go back to the place of yuck and mess. Also, how excellent it is to have a place for everything and everything having AND IN IT'S PLACE and no longer spend time looking for keys, tools, and all kinds of stuff we need and can't find because it's not in it's place--knowing exactly where everything is is just plain COOL AND FUN!!!

    {{{{ Hugs }}}}} and thanks so much for posting. o:)<3o:)

    P.S. One thing I've noticed about this decluttering and LIVING this way from now on is, like our new eating and/or exercising development, it takes time and picking up stuff and putting in it's proper place is a DAILY walk and if (not when, but IF), we don't continue in this "way" of living, like going back to our old eating/living habits, things will go right back to the UGH, if not dealt with daily.

    I absolutly agree with you on that. Each day I go back and make sure evrything is at it's place. I'm showing my son how to put back his toy in the living room where they go on the book shelf and where his games goes . He is still young and I find it's the best way to go about it cause it's showing him good habit from the get go. I don't want him to end up like I was.
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    I recently made a “capsule wardrobe” and gave away bags filled with any clothes I don’t absolutely love. Some clothes from 20lbs ago went out! I’ve lost all the baby weight and am so happy those old clothes are gone.
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    I recently made a “capsule wardrobe” and gave away bags filled with any clothes I don’t absolutely love. Some clothes from 20lbs ago went out! I’ve lost all the baby weight and am so happy those old clothes are gone.

    Yay you !!! Great job !!
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    I've been doing this, one room at a time, starting with redoing my spare room as a gym. I threw out / donated tons of old clothes. One problem though, I decided at the time to throw out anything smaller than a 12 since there was realistically no chance of fitting into it again, and now I'm between an 8 and a 10!

    One room at a time is such a wise and doable way to attack the issue of clutter--YAY YOU! Sorry about getting rid of the clothes, but what a tremendous victory, getting down to a gorgeous size 8-10, wow. I can hardly wait to get down to a size 8-10, that's a terrific feat--congratulations and the highest of fives to you so! Thanks so much for posting. <3o:)<3
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