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Done :) 18 months, 84lbs down, GOALLLL (A lot of pics)



  • beckydragonpoetbeckydragonpoet Member Posts: 50 Member Member Posts: 50 Member
    Congratulations! You look amazing! All of your hard work has paid off.
  • Shaylyn1986Shaylyn1986 Member Posts: 164 Member Member Posts: 164 Member
    You look great!!!!
  • jfaucijfauci Member Posts: 535 Member Member Posts: 535 Member
    Holy look great!!!! Congratulations!
  • wateryphoenixwateryphoenix Member Posts: 644 Member Member Posts: 644 Member
    You look GREAT! And I love your taste in clothes =P Can't wait til I get small enough to wear cute dresses like that!

    And I do see a similarity with Katy Perry, as well >.>
  • staceyw37staceyw37 Member Posts: 2,094 Member Member Posts: 2,094 Member
    congratulations! you worked hard and it shows! love the b/w striped dress with the bow, btw--super cute on you!
  • postrockandcatspostrockandcats Member Posts: 1,151 Member Member Posts: 1,151 Member
    Crazy proud of you girl!!
  • yelliezxyelliezx Member Posts: 633 Member Member Posts: 633 Member
    Amazing job, girl! You look absolutely faaabulous! Beautiful!
  • Brook70Brook70 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    You look absolutely amazing!! What did you do to lose the 84 lbs? Thank you for inspiring me...........
  • sabifiedsabified Member Posts: 1,060 Member Member Posts: 1,060 Member
    great work, you look fantastic!!
  • gensteele1gensteele1 Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
    Fantastic. You give the tall girls something to aspire too. At 5'9, I'm just about at goal weight. However, loving my new lifestyle of heaving lifting and know that its helping me "tighten" up.

    P.S. You stomach is enviable!
  • littlewhittleslittlewhittles Member Posts: 406 Member Member Posts: 406 Member
    Wow, you look incredible! Amazing figure!
  • Determination29Determination29 Member Posts: 43 Member Posts: 43

    This just almost brought me to tears! Wow!!!! you look amazing and your transformation is wonderful! I bet you feel good and love yourself so much more now. you did not look bad before but your smile tells you are very happy!
  • WilsongoodWilsongood Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    WOW! Great job! You look amazing!
  • Cspradling1973Cspradling1973 Member Posts: 5 Member Posts: 5
    Awesome!!! You look amazing and you have a great story!
  • sexxy_deesexxy_dee Member Posts: 42 Member Member Posts: 42 Member
    You look great. I am definitely inspired. Its people with stories like yours that keep me pushing ahead. Thank you for sharing.
  • avasanoavasano Member Posts: 488 Member Posts: 488
    Wow! You did a fantastic job. i think this is very inspirational. Can you outline how you did this? My friend is struggling and thinks there in no hope for herself. I want to show her your story to inspire her. Would that be ok?
  • Ldbg289Ldbg289 Member Posts: 236 Member Member Posts: 236 Member
    Wow nice job!
  • KombuchaCatKombuchaCat Member Posts: 903 Member Member Posts: 903 Member
    You look gorgeous, like a totally new person!
  • charcole72013charcole72013 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    What an inspiration!!! Great job!!! You look fantastic!!!!!
  • angelams1019angelams1019 Member Posts: 1,102 Member Member Posts: 1,102 Member
    HOLY *kitten*!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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