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Done :) 18 months, 84lbs down, GOALLLL (A lot of pics)



  • glenverrierglenverrier Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    You look awesome!!! Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing!! Great Motivation for us all!
  • fitatforty3fitatforty3 Member Posts: 64 Member Member Posts: 64 Member
    So inspirational thanks for sharing
  • mandeenicolebmandeenicoleb Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    What an amazing job!! hot body!
  • highervibeshighervibes Member Posts: 2,219 Member Member Posts: 2,219 Member
    WOW, just WOW. Speechless. You are AMAZING.
  • uneik3uneik3 Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    Girl, you are just stunning! Congratulations on all your success!
  • MichiDarkMichiDark Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    Wow, I'm new here and let me just say I'm IMPRESSSSSED! Like, OMFG. You look amazing! I'm so so sooo motivated after this. My first day is today. I hope I get there like you do. I reeeally do! Anyways, has anyone ever told you you resemble Katie Perry? xD
  • MissTomGettingThinMissTomGettingThin Member Posts: 776 Member Member Posts: 776 Member

    well done :O)
  • GetawayfromthecakeGetawayfromthecake Member Posts: 124 Member Member Posts: 124 Member
    My jaw dropped... amazing!
  • tlou5tlou5 Member Posts: 497 Member Member Posts: 497 Member
    You look great! Congrats!
  • silvergurl518silvergurl518 Member Posts: 4,178 Member Member Posts: 4,178 Member
    super proud of you! i thought you had disappeared! so happy to see your success!!
  • Khushi22Khushi22 Member Posts: 47 Member Member Posts: 47 Member
    wwwoowwie! You look great.. along with weight loss looks like you've been working out - hence the perfect inch loss too!!

    Keep it up.. congrats.. you look great & a total new person.

    Please do share more of your journey - work outs, food, etc.
  • Mrs_BonesMrs_Bones Member Posts: 197 Member Member Posts: 197 Member
    Holy crap! You look like a totally different person! You must feel so proud of yourself! Congrats and thanks for sharing you pics, very inspiring!
  • patfriendlypatfriendly Member Posts: 263 Member Member Posts: 263 Member
    Wow thats a great success story
  • odusgolpodusgolp Member Posts: 10,611 Member Member Posts: 10,611 Member
    WAY TO GO! That's awesome!
  • VincitQuiSeVincitVincitQuiSeVincit Member, Premium Posts: 285 Member Member, Premium Posts: 285 Member
    Just wow wow wow
  • ckasapckasap Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
    Holy god, you look INCREDIBLE! Amazing work!
  • fitjessie813fitjessie813 Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    Wowsers!!!! Gorgeous before and after! You look amazing... You make me feel excited about reacing my goal... I am only 32 lbs away...and I CANT WAIT!!!!!
  • jessgumkowski88jessgumkowski88 Member Posts: 199 Member Member Posts: 199 Member
    You are seriously one of my favorite inspiration stories :) You look absolutely beautiful and stunning! Great job :) You boosted my motivation for the day (and hopefully longer!)
  • GFielding_56GFielding_56 Member Posts: 80 Member Member Posts: 80 Member
    Fantastic transformation - Well done you certainly can help give others inspiration to follow your example and show what can be done with the correct mindset and determination.

    Congratulations you look great!
  • hedgiiehedgiie Member Posts: 1,245 Member Member Posts: 1,245 Member
    omg, you've done it.
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