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JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS | Round 30



  • bradcharlessimmons
    bradcharlessimmons Posts: 134 Member
    edited February 2018
  • mrs_sutsie
    mrs_sutsie Posts: 511 Member
    In for my ninth round :)
    Round 22 start weight - 151.40
    Round 23 start weight - 145.80
    Round 24 start weight - 147.60
    Round 25 start weight - 141.60
    Round 26 start weight - 141.90
    Round 27 start weight - 146.20
    Round 28 start weight - 143.20
    Round 29 start weight - 140.90
    Round 30 start weight - 137.90
    Loss to date - 13.5lbs

    Had a great round 29 so hoping it continues - R30 goal is 136lb.....

    01/28 138.4lb - unsurprisingly slightly up - yesterday (although not over calories allowance) I spent my whole day at the computer, drinking coffee and too little water and didn't hardly move at all. I'm an accountant and its tax return deadline on Wednesday 31st so really busy. More of the same today too ....... must have more water today if nothing else........

    01/29 139.1lb - not unusually I weigh more on a Monday - the usual full Sunday roast and dessert (all in calories just a lot of food concentrated in the evening!). And on top of that the whole weekend spent in front of a computer. So am happy with this especially as still under the 140lbs! No reason this won't be a good week :smiley:

    01/30 139.4lb - not surprised! Caught my kids cough and cold and was up half the night drinking water trying to stop myself coughing so drank loads plus had lemsips and hot drinks! However my calories and macros yesterday were spot on (as was my fluid intake!!) so know this is the scales lying to me :wink:

    01/31 138.20 - my usual fall on the scales on a Wednesday post weekend. Still not back to my all time low of last week but only by 0.30lb which I'll allow myself as still full of cold so still dosing up on lemsips and cough medicines! Went to the gym last night but not a 100% effort as feel rough - but I went so pleased with that. Will keep drinking plenty, eating sensibly and watch those scales continue to go down! A new month tomorrow and closer to Spring :smiley:

    02/01 139.10lb - up and down this round. Was within my calories again yesterday so can only assume its due to lack of activity (stuck behind computer due to tax return time of year) and feeling rough so been having lemsips and cough pastilles. And to top it off TOM is imminent so feeling bloated. Tax all done now though and hoping cough and cold is on its way out so can only gt better. BUT - I have throughout it all still remained under 140 ....... :smiley:

    02/02 138.40lbs - up, down, up, down this round. Maybe my body is adjusting to its new weight? Body fat measurement at the gym last night and gone down 1.80% in January - yay!!!!
    Seem to be over the worst of my cold but TOM imminent and I'm away overnight. But all still good as staying under 140lb so all good :wink: Got healthy snacks for the 5 hour car journey this evening, will enjoy my hotel breakfast tomorrow with the aim of staying sensible and try to not indulge in take-away rubbish tomorrow. Back to weigh in on Sunday morning again.

    02/03 Away overnight - unable to weigh

    02/04 137.60lb
    02/05 139.70lb - behaved over the weekend when away - weight was down yesterday but back up today (usual Monday morning excess "weight" after the family Sunday roast - ate later yesterday too as had loads of family round for dinner for my parents wedding anniversary. Given my cough and cold all last week as well, diet was ok but exercise wasn't full on so I'm not expecting to finish this round on a record low but staying under 140 makes me very happy! Back to usual today so will be lower tomorrow and then I aim to be back to it fully next round :wink:

    02/06 137.90lb - down from yesterday as expected and back where I started this round - which is under 140!!!! Been under 140 this whole round and I am very happy with that :smile:
  • Kshanee1
    Kshanee1 Posts: 50 Member
    2nd Round.
    MFP SW 210
    R29 SW 189.2 EW 186.6
    Focused on making good choices for my overall health.

    01/28 184.6 Thankful and curious about the sudden drop the last few days. My weight was slowly going down the last couple of weeks, and now BOOM, the loss shows up. I'll be looking for patterns over the next month. I'm thinking it was water retention during TOM.

    01/29 184.2 I worked out hard since I knew I couldn't get to the gym today. (Walk/Run intervals and weight training) I'm expecting these losses to slow down any day now, but I'm hoping not to gain back.

    01/30 184.4 Ate A LOT of carbs yesterday- gotta get my veggies in today! Feeling good physically and feeling great about making healthier choices consistently over the last month.

    01/31 184.2

    02/01 185.2 The end of the month is stressful because of work. Didn't eat enough yesterday, didn't work out, and didn't drink much water! Today will be a great day, though!!

    02/02 183.6 Still didn't get in all my calories, but I got close. Headed to the gym. Today won't be so busy, so I should be able to get my water in. Cheers to the weekend!

    02/03 185.0 No worries! Macros were way off because I indulged in Tequila and Mexican food (my favs). But I'm ecstatic about jogging 30 minutes straight for the first time in a long time, and I didn't break the calorie bank! “It doesn't get easier; you just get better at it.”

    02/04 184.4 This week has been hectic, so I haven't been as diligent in food choices. But I'm feeling well- more energy, less unhealthy cravings, and I'm getting physically stronger. I'm planning to up all my weights next week and will be working on getting my macros on point.

    02/05 183.8 I survived Superbowl LII!!

    02/06 182.6 3-mile jog and arms in the a.m. Ate back my calories. Only drank water. Long walk in the p.m. to relieve some stress.

  • CynthiaByrne
    CynthiaByrne Posts: 344 Member
    ROUND 22 starting weight 185.6
    ROUND 23 starting weight 184.7
    ROUND 24 starting weight 184.2
    ROUND 25 starting weight 184.4
    ROUND 26 starting weight 185.8
    ROUND 27 starting weight 185.0
    ROUND 28 starting weight 186.0
    ROUND 29 starting weight 182.6
    ROUND 30 starting weight 186.0

    1/28 -
    1/29 - 186.0....Had a very rough weekend :(
    1/30 - 184.8
    1/31 - 183.2
    2/01 - 183.2.....Lost my job - First day unemployed! Made soup & gonna spend the next week giving the house
    a really top notch cleaning - from top to bottom (it's been neglected for to long)
    2/02 - 183.2........Holding steady. Continuing in cleaning mode today
    2/03 - 184.2....Pizza, Wings & Beer...it'll getcha every time!
    2/04 - 184.0
    2/05 - 185.6....Can't even blame it on the Super Bowl....it was all "me"
    2/06 - 186.0....Well Round 30 was a bust - Broke Even. This being unemployed is not good for my weight!

    It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!
    My ultimate goal is 170lbs, so any loss is a good loss.

  • reede708
    reede708 Posts: 105 Member
    Round 22 SW: 140lb
    Round 23 SW: 140.3lb
    Round 24 SW: 140.2lb
    Round 25 SW: 136.9lb
    Round 26 SW: 137.4lb
    Round 27 SW: 140lb
    Round 28 SW: 140.2lb
    Round 29 SW: 137.5lb
    Round 30 SW: 137.8lb

    01/28 - 137.8lb
    01/29 - 137.3lb
    01/30 - 137lb
    01/31 - 136.3lb
    02/01 - 135.9lb
    02/02 - 135.9lb
    02/03 - 135.2lb
    02/04 - 136.3lb
    02/05 - 136.5lb
    02/06 - 136.1lb

    ~ Log ~ Move ~ Water ~
  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 17,757 Member
    I'm in again!!

    CW: 146.8
    GW: 145.0 (this round)
    UGW: 132.0

    01/26 - 147.0 at 5:00 a.m.
    01/27 - 145.6 at 6:00 a.m.


    01/28 - 146.8 at 6:00 a.m. ...I knew yesterday was my scale making a joke! Haha! psst!
    01/29 - 146.0 at 5:00 a.m. ...better
    01/30 - 147.2 at 4:00 a.m.
    01/31 - 146.8 at 4:30 a.m.
    02/01 - 147.8 at 4:30 a.m. :s
    02/02 - 146.4 at 5:00 a.m.
    02/03 - 146.4 at 5:15 a.m.
    02/04 - 146.2 at 6:30 a.m.
    02/05 - 147.0 at 5:00 a.m.***ugh!***
    02/06 - 146.8 at 4:00 a.m.

  • DStan304
    DStan304 Posts: 38 Member
    edited February 2018
    @bradcharlessimmons I'm really impressed that you've incorporated it your diet. If it didn't have such a negative affect on me I would as well. I recently learned I have a problem with gluten. So it looks like it'll be more liquors for me. Let's be honest, we didn't really think about that years ago. Hindsight 20/20. The only thing we can do now is shape the future.

    Thanks. You're doing quite well yourself. Keep it up.

    The intermittent fasting was difficult to get use to at first. Now that I've been in it for a few weeks, it's super easy. After some testing with times, I personally found that noon-8 works best for me. The only times I break my schedule is either by choice or I didn't have enough for dinner. It's made packing for work super easy. I usually make a smoothie the night before for lunch. Throw it in a Shaker bottle so it's easy to remix. Then my dinners have been heavier in meat. If I go to a friend's place or out to eat and it's 10p then whatever I'm still going to was. It's much easier than I expected. I've had so much more energy, and a clearer mind. I honestly don't think I've ever go back to 3 meals again.
    DStan304 wrote: »
    @bradcharlessimmons sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Do you usually count calories? Once I get down to the weight I want, I'm planning to start adding beer back to my diet. Then again it may just be liquors, we'll have to see.

    I did have an awesome weekend thanks! Yes, I'm a big advocate of counting calories however it's unrealistic to be 100% accurate all of the time. Beer wise I always remember the average pint of lager is around 200 kcal, so I can usually build it into my weekends if I opt for a smaller lunch or some heavy cardio or move to gin and diet tonic (50kcal max, usually). Being a student a couple of years ago I could sink up to 24 pints in a sitting (big sesh I know) but looking back; that is horrendous, calorific and damaging to my liver.

    Congrats on the loss so far this round by the way, how are you finding the fasting?

  • DStan304
    DStan304 Posts: 38 Member
    @DStan304 You may get a drop tomorrow. Give your body 2-3 or more days to show a change. If you drop tomorrow, it is not because you ate breakfast today.

    @andfivesixseveneight Don’t forget to take care of YOU! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    @SherryRueter Thank you. After 50+ years of trying to lose weight, I have learned a couple of things (and have a huge collection of diet books) and am an avid reader. I like to try to help others, so make suggestions for what might work.

    @quiltingjaine I recently learned my son has a gluten allergy and decided to try a piece of bread to see if I get any reactions. Well that completely paused my progress and caused some pretty intense bloating. I'm sure the next several days it'll drop down a good chunk. I've always been very uncomfortable. I never thought it would be from gluten. I would go get tested but if I do... And I'm positive... I lose my job. So knowing I'm having the same issues as my son and he's not allowed to have it at all makes me wonder.
  • touchtoshart
    touchtoshart Posts: 16 Member
    lost 11.5 lbs this round!

    01/28 254.3
    01/29 253.6
    01/30 252.5
    01/31 251.2
    02/01 249.0
    02/02 248.1 - 6.2 lbs lost this round so far
    02/03 245.6
    02/04 245.0
    02/05 247.1
    02/06 242.8
  • Treehugger_88
    Treehugger_88 Posts: 209 Member
    Hello, I'm back! I had been about 5 pounds from my goal weight for a while, then since Christmas its jumped up to 10 pounds, and I am not pleased. So here I am.

    SW: 136
    GW this round: 132
    GW ultimate: 125

    01/28 - 136.6 not a good start
    01/29 - 135.4 - did well yesterday
    01/30 - 133.8 - ate within calories yesterday, did a little stepper workout!
    01/31 - 134.5 - did well, little stepper workout
    02/01 - 134.5 - had a bit too much sugar, a bit above calorie goal, so probably a bit of water weight
    02/02 - travelling for work, no scale. continental breakfast and sitting in a car for 11 hours a day,
    02/03 - travelling for work, no scale. continental breakfast and sitting in a car for 11 hours a day. shouldn't be an excuse, but I'm just not used to that.
    02/04 - 136.2 - yeah i deserved that gain after the last few days.
    02/05 - 135.8 - yesterday was better, got an hour on the elliptical
    02/06 - 133.6 - yay! I've been buckling down since getting back from the road trip, and am seeing the results. The water retention from the sugar and salt from travelling is gone (and hopefully a bit of fat too).

    Pounds lost this round: 3
  • nicolabradley87
    nicolabradley87 Posts: 84 Member
    R29EW 68.2kg, Average 68.43kg

    Initial Goal Weight 65kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight 60kg
    R30 GW 67.7kg (aiming for 0.5kg again although I think it might be a bit ambitious, I generally lose slowly!)

    R30 (2)
    01/28 - no access to scales today, also expecting a lot of water weight due to eating out all weekend (very limited food choices), will do what I can to not overeat though!
    01/29 - 68.8 - a big jump up, I expected it though after a weekend of limited food options, hopefully just water weight and will come off in the next couple of days
    01/30 - 67.8 - followed by a big drop, mostly water from the weekend I think. Also didn't eat much yesterday as I was ill so I expect this will rebound back up a bit.
    01/31 - 68.2 - back up a bit, ate late last night and got up and weighed early. So far no change this round!
    02/01 - 68.3 - ate at maintenance yesterday, as well as having achy muscles from a PT session - trainer upped all my weights. Hopefully won't creep too much higher!
    02/02 - 68.7 - been eating a lot of carby food this week, will try to eat less of it today and see what happens. Cals have been at or slightly above maintenance so need a few good days to finish the round. Difficult because we're eating out tonight and tomorrow
    02/03 - 69.0 - yikes this has been a bad 10 days! I certainly haven't put on this much fat, as I've gone only a little over on cals. However we did have a 3 course dinner out last night so I'm guessing there's a lot of water weight hanging around. If I can manage 3 ok days hopefully I'll finish the 10 days staying about the same!!
    02/04 - 68.4 - a better day yesterday so some water has gone, hopefully another good day today will help too! Played hockey yesterday but also ate out.
    02/05 - 68.6 - all over the place the last week! I've planned fairly well for today so hopefully this will drop a little for the end of the round!
    02/06 - 68.4 - I'll take it after the 10 days I've had! Only 0.2 up from the start. I need to try and focus on my food choices a bit more for the next 10 days I think!

    Average 68.46 - so basically didn't move. I didn't set very realistic targets this round, I didn't take into account all the eating out I had planned. So I will be more mindful of this in the next round as well as setting some extra goals to hopefully improve my food choices!
  • ehseeker
    ehseeker Posts: 515 Member
    back again
    01/30..144.4 Did 75 on ellip yesterday. Goal for this round is to getto or below 143.4- baby steps. Lots of stress in home life not helping lately
    01/31...144.4 Did another 75 on ellip yesterday and ate well within macros. Today, gym.
    02/01... 145 Went to gym yesterday and got a great workout in. Went out for a belated birthday happy hour and I'm hoping water retention from wine, etc is reason for weight increase. Today, a day of virtue. Happy Thursday.
    02/02... 144 ok, down a bit. Need to lose .6 to reach goal for this round. Doable. Today, a pool class and perhaps some gym. Happy Friday.
    02/03.. 144.4 Did a 45 min pool aqua aerobics yesterday. So much fun. Ae sensibly. No wine. 3 days left ot lose 1.1 pounds.
    02/04... 143.6 Not sure why the big drop but I'll take it. Got chicken marinating last night for a great Mediterranean chicken dish that has green olives for dinner today. That and spinach for me and some rice too for the others. I'm prepared. Maybe the gym.
    02/05.. 143.4 .. goal for this round. Now to continue back down. Yesterday, 35 min ellip, great workout at gym and sensible, healthy meals. Today, ellip and some chicken fried rice using cauliflower rice and lots of other veggies. New week, new enthusiasm.

    02/06.. 143.6 was at goal for round yesterday... then a friend in distress called, had some wine with her last night but picked up salad with chicken for both of us on way over so I knew I'd be able to eat right. Did pool class yesterday, maybe gym and pool class today.