Need to crack this sugar addiction.....if I could just do that I know I would succeed !



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    I used to believe I had a sugar addiction. Turns out sugar is just delicious and I had a self control problem. When I was fat it was no big deal to have 4 more donuts anyway because I was already fat. Are you sure your 'addiction' isn't psychological? I am perfectly able to have just the 1 NOW. Enter personal accountability. It's easy to believe its a big bad substance that's to blame. When the pain of change was less than the pain of staying the same my sugar addiction cured itself. Go figure. Still smoke cigs tho! haha

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    So true I think when I used the word addiction it was too stronger a term as when I wake up in a morning I dont rush off to eat a sugary treat quite the opposite its just on a night when my craving towards sugary snacks seem to come out, mostly as I start to get tired, I eat a cereal bar after tea and after I get the taste of the sweetness I seem to crave more, u are probably right I just loose my self control. Its so fustrating though when you know it is the sole reason that you are failing. I have spoken to my G.P's about the issue and they just say its a bad habit that I have to tell myself not to do it ...easy in theory harder in practice. I am going to join a new Slimming World group next week and hope I can find some inspiation in there. Thank so much for your reply. :)
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    I don't see it as an addiction, but evolution predisposes us to like sweets in an effort to make us store fat for times of famines. Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard, explains it well.
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    Just parking this here. Sugar laden cream soda gives boy superpowers.
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    I'm working on the same thing, cracking the cravings, and there is a way to do it. For two weeks, you have to go cold turkey on those cereal bars as well as all other grains, alcohol, starchy veggies, baked goods and sweets. Eating them spikes your blood sugar and you're right, does make you want more. So for 2 weeks focus on lean protein, tons of veggies, limited dairy and healthy fats. The first two or three days that I did this were pretty hard and I cried once I was so itchy inside but then there was a break through. It got easier and I'm coming out on the other side. Skipping any food group entirely is not a way to have success long term, so after two weeks you can start to add them back into your meals slowly. What I'm doing isn't exactly the South Beach plan but pretty similar.

    protein can also spike blood sugar. so whats the point? for healthy people an insulin spike is a normal bodily response.

    This, I don't see sugar as evil, all I see is protein, carbs and fats and I pick foods that fit within my parameters. No need for fear mongering about how sugar will destroy you or how eggs is like cigarettes, everyone of those videos have hidden agenda.
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    Ugh. I feel you with this. I know some people are able to have a cookie and be done with it but if i have a cookie it just sends me into a craving storm and there’s nothing stopping me from eating an entire sleeve of them. For me personally, i really just do my best to avoid sweets because i can’t just have a little.

    It’s hard, but once I’ve gone a week or so without, i feel awesome.

    And i just try not to be in the same room as chocolate cake lol.
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    protein can also spike blood sugar. so whats the point? for healthy people an insulin spike is a normal bodily response.

    The point is a.) not every one is healthy and b.) trying to keep blood sugar from spiking above or below normal limits is a real concern for many people, me included. And the OP asked a question regarding craving which generally happen when blood sugar levels go either too high or too low.


    cravings can also come from your body needing certain nutrients and vitamins also. so no its not just from insulin spikes. never said everyone was healthy. and many people here who have diabetes or an insulin issue eat sugar/carbs and have no issues, not everyone here has had to cut it I said even if you cut it out protein can cause it to spike so should they cut that out or down? weight loss has also been shown to help those with diabetes and insulin issues to get them under control. cravings can be caused by many things.