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"Americans Exercise More....Obesity Rates Still Climbing"

SilentpadnaSilentpadna Member Posts: 1,305 Member Member Posts: 1,305 Member
...says the CDC.

I would link it, but it was actually just a 15 second news radio story I heard on the way into the office today.

The CDC spokesperson cited the "fact" that 70% of the battle is in the diet, but Americans believe that exercise alone will do the trick.

This struck me for 2 reasons:

1. I've always said (guessed really based on my own experiences) that 80% of the battle was in the kitchen (diet). I guess this could be a small case of confirmation bias....

2. A vast majority of the "I Can't Lose Weight" posts start off with how much exercise the poster is doing, many times with no other information.

So, MFP peeps, how can we emphasize the importance of the CI side of the energy balance? You want to lose weight? You almost have to find a way to eat less. That can seem harsh, but seems true enough to me - and most of the veterans around here (of which I am not one).


  • urloved33urloved33 Member Posts: 3,361 Member Member Posts: 3,361 Member
    burn more than you take in. not rocket science.
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