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What tip/rule has helped you the most in your weight loss journey?



  • adreadrewadreadrew Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    My number one rule is...
    Be patient and don't stress about it. A little nible here and there is fine, but don't give up and throw everything away.
  • cshagamcshagam Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    I don’t have a food scale, but I measure EVERYTHING! I’ve found that by seeing how many useless calories are in many condiments as I measure them, I’ve opted out and switched to spices.
  • nishatshnishatsh Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    On the weekend, I prepare / plan my breakfasts and lunches for the weekday. Dinners vary but I try to have a vegetable dish every night.
    I don’t eat after 8 pm.
    I gave up adding sugar to my tea. Then gave that up all together. Now I only drink non-caffeinated tea / herbal tea.
    I try to complete the My Fitness diary every night. I like to see what my future weight would be with the current day’s consumption. I check my nutrition balance and try to eat more protein and less fat the next day. The Firness tracker keeps me motivated to keep going.
  • Pastaprincess1978Pastaprincess1978 Member Posts: 371 Member Member Posts: 371 Member
    You mentioned this but really the laws of physics still apply CICO that's all there is to it for me!

    But tracking religiously as mentioned earlier really made me think about what to eat and whether or not it was worth the calories.
  • workinonit1956workinonit1956 Member Posts: 1,042 Member Member Posts: 1,042 Member
    To count calories and be patient and trust the process.
  • adarbyemadarbyem Member, Premium Posts: 83 Member Member, Premium Posts: 83 Member
    <snip> the process.

    THIS is key, if you are doing your part, the process WILL work. Nicely said.
  • LindaGilpin59LindaGilpin59 Member Posts: 233 Member Member Posts: 233 Member
    use rules as more as guidelines. For instance the program I was in had the "rule" don't eat after 7 pm. But if I haven't had supper yet I still eat but if I find myself piecing after 7 I tell myself to stop.
    You have to log your food to lose. I lost most one summer by watching what I ate and being mindful of what I ate and increasing exercise but did not log food. Also have lost when I did log so which ever is most helpful to you.
  • adotbabyadotbaby Member Posts: 199 Member Member Posts: 199 Member
    Be honest: About your logging, exercise and water; about why you want to lose weight, and keep it off; and that you are worth every minute of it, however long it takes. Consistency is key. Reading others' posts is HUGELY motivating.
  • raydebraydeb Member Posts: 33 Member Member Posts: 33 Member
    Keto track micros scales make sure you register everything
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