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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



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    smantha32 wrote: »
    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    Snipsa wrote: »
    To wear shorts without feeling embarrassed.

    Had not worn shorts for most of my life, so being able to wear it now without feeling self conscious - awesome!

    I thought I was the only one like this. :blush: I could count on my hands how many times during my whole lifetime I've worn shorts or a bathing suit. :( And I know it's just one of my own personal issues. (too many long ago voices in my head that I still listen to occasionally)I went to Florida with a dear friend of mine and told her I was going to wear jeans; she said I'd get way more looks dressing in jeans than I would shorts. Mind you, this was August. In Florida. Lol That was years and lbs. ago. I even bought a bathing suit this past year because I got sick of only tanning my arms. :/
    So, to me, that is NOT a petty reason. Go for it!!

    Even after losing weight, I don't have nice legs anymore so I'll still avoid shorts. I did find a bathing suit that has short legs on it though so I'm not completely self conscious in a bathing suit now.

    A lady where I swim has this suit in navy/light blue. It’s so cute on her. I’m jealous. I bet you look cute in it, too!
  • mrschwartenmrschwarten Member Posts: 157 Member Member Posts: 157 Member
    I was always 'the hot sister' and I neeeeeeeed to maintain that!
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    VeryKatie wrote: »
    I want to be more successful at weight loss (mostly at maintenance) than the friend I started losing weight with in 2013... She loves to make her losses very public and loud, and I want my body to do the talking... and... I actually do feel like I'm winning (even though I'm the only one thinking of any competition, she has no idea).

    I am in a somewhat same situation..mine is with a family member on the other side. I think we both are in a unspoken competition .. I like your.. I want my body do the talking I can't wait! Good Luck.. you have a great a attitude!

    Still this ^^
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