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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



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    BUMP. I could read these all day
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    I’m about to drop a novel in this thread 😅😅😅 if you read this, thank you!!

    I dated a guy for two years who I thought was my soulmate. Looking back, I realize how deluded I was. I tried to accept him exactly as he was. That’s a really important thing for me to do when in a relationship- Not expecting someone to change for me.

    When I met him, I was vegan. About 6 months into our two year relationship, he started to really pressure me to eat an omnivore diet, despite me having a dairy allergy & meat making me feel sick. I wanted to make him happy, though, so I did it. I’m so ashamed to admit that I was utterly spineless. Never once did I pressure him to stop using tobacco products or to not eat junk food, because I wanted to accept him exactly as he was, but for some inexplicable reason, he couldn’t stand me being vegan. I still don’t understand it. I gained about 20 lbs (I’m sooo grateful it wasn’t more!!), had a lot of water weight from all the excess sodium & junk food, & I developed really bad eczema because of my dairy allergy.

    He would critique me on things like my natural voice, which is deep for a woman’s (think Emma Stone) so, in order to please him I tried to make my voice higher. He also prefers plus size women, so there was pressure on me becoming more curvaceous (all of his ex’s were) & to gain weight. He was also really weird about me having social media or talking to friends, despite him socializing with tons of people on video game platforms. It wasn’t until our relationship was over that the scales fell from my eyes that I realized how controlling he was, and how uneven our relationship was.

    I don’t hate him or anything. I just think we are very different people that were *never* meant to be together. I’m still amazed our relationship lasted two years.

    We broke up, thank goodness, & it feels like a rebirth for me. I started eating vegan again & already my skin is so much better, I FEEL so much better, & the water weight is coming off. I have about 15 lbs to lose but I know I can get there!! 🤩💪🌟

    My petty reason to lose weight is to be exactly who I want to be. To not have to seek anyone’s approval EVER again. To be raw, real, & genuine always- My most authentic self. I feel like I learned to never allow someone to change you or shape you into who they think you should be- To always be true to myself. It’s such an incredible feeling of freedom, like a caged bird finally getting to spread her wings.

    Sorry again for the novel but if you read this, thank you!! ☺️💕

    Good for you. I am rooting for you! PS I crave reading stories like this.
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