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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • joyneville253
    joyneville253 Posts: 59 Member
    io8785a wrote: »
    I know that many of us choose to lose weight because we want to have a healthy lifestyle and feel better about ourselves, but c'mon, we also have "I'm going to stick it to X" reasons.

    For me, it's because I don't want to be the fat gay cousin. I want to be the hot gay cousin. I also want people's minds to be blown when I can lift heavy boxes by myself.

    What's yours?

    Yesssssss! Spoken true☺👍😊joy neville 132 lbs down I support/motivate ya.
  • CupcakeCrusoe
    CupcakeCrusoe Posts: 1,383 Member
    This must be one of the pettiest reasons, but it's a reason. I gained some weight in the quarantine, and it's unbelievable how much of a difference that made to my fitness level (combined with being relatively inactive for 2 months). Almost everything has opened up now, and I'm able to get back to my routine.

    There is a fitness game I really really enjoy playing for the gameplay aspect, not just for the fitness aspect. I'm now unable to enjoy it as much because I'm less fit and heavier. I was planning to just maintain for now and lose the weight later, but it looks like I'm going to be getting back to dieting sooner than I planned. I really want to enjoy this game. :'(

    What's the game? Inquiring minds want to know!

    My super petty reason for losing weight is so that I can rock my favorite leather jacket again and look like the badass I feel like.