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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    *17,000 steps
    *178 minutes walking Sasha and Bessie
    *117 minutes riding the exercise bike
    *60 minutes working in the yard
    *two and half hour line dance class

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    Hi Gals,

    Allie – you’ve got this!

    Cookies – this gal is determined to do it herself, and I think I have coached her in a direction that will work, I worked up a new recipe for her that is a twist on a blondie, and much easier and cheaper than her original plan for cookie number 4 – so there is a brownie, a coffee blondie, a lemon bar and a raspberry bar. All tasty and I think if she can follow directions all should work fine. She had cookies at her wedding and her daughter is “re-creating” her mom’s event… that is really weird to me… but I don’t know these folks…

    Corelle, I too have corelle dishes, I have the white with ivy around the edges


    Kim from N. California
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    Hi all,
    Thanks everyone for your good wishes about the move. <3 I have had a feeling about our vendors and have expressed it to various people and no one believed me. I have a very good sense about people. They live in a lovely house. They are in their sixties. They don't want to move out of the area. They are looking for a 'doer upoer', like their current one was, so they can do it again and make some profit. There are not a lot of those around in that kind of area and, to be frank, why would you bother? :# We need them to make their minds up.
    It wouldn't matter so much to us if there were lots of other properties at our price, but it is a tiny area. We do glance at other areas, and other types of properties, but that area has everything we want. The only thing that the house didn't have was off street parking. We are hoping to get a call back from their estate agents soon, maybe today, with some clearer perspective on the vendors position.

    I am slowly coming to and out of my cruise dreamlike state. The weather here is glorious so that helps. I went running yesterday and managed the 5k. :D It is harder with DH out all afternoon and evening so I am alone with no transport and no one to talk to, but my DSIL rang yesterday and we had a nice chat.

    Unfortunately, yesterday my Sony Xperia decided to pack up. :#:'(:o:#:s I looked on the Internet, but didn't altogether understand the instructions, though I did manage to get it to power off and reboot several times. That hasn't helped. I think the processing instruction app has stopped working. I will take it in to a computer shop in the village this morning to see if a bright young man can help me, but it might be fried. A reset will lose a lot of info, including my notes on my passwords, which I stupidly haven't committed to paper. Grrrrrrrrrr! My photos are saved on a micro card in the phone, which I can transfer to a new one. Next time I will install a notes app that automatically backs up to a cloud as I will, lose some other things like a record of the dates we first saw different butterflies in one year. :'( Actually I may have copied that somewhere!

    I know its a first world problem and nothing compared to Katie's foot (feet!) and other stuff you are all going through <3, but technology is a particular bugbear of mine and throws me for a loop. I'm still not using properly the laptop I bought just under two years ago. I don't like feeling helpless.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    morning ladies~
    bouncy boy woke me up at 5 , and I got up, having my tea and then getting dressed and take the pooch for a walk,
    then taking him down to Toms to stay overnight , between work, closing and wedding tonight and work tomorrow morning, he will be with my other pups and , have a backyard to run around in.
    well going to finish my tea and hop in the shower..
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Cookies – this gal is determined to do it herself, and I think I have coached her in a direction that will work, I worked up a new recipe for her that is a twist on a blondie, and much easier and cheaper than her original plan for cookie number 4 – so there is a brownie, a coffee blondie, a lemon bar and a raspberry bar. All tasty and I think if she can follow directions all should work fine. She had cookies at her wedding and her daughter is “re-creating” her mom’s event… that is really weird to me… but I don’t know these folks…

    I did basically that for my first wedding. I didn't want the whole dinner, dance, and drinking thing, I just wanted a 3 pm "coffee break". My mother called it a "tea" on the invitations. But she and I and several other people we knew baked pans and pans of squares which we served with tea, coffee, and a fruit punch of some sort.

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    I don’t think my pinky is broken! It’s swollen and purple but feels much better today. Yay!

    I’m actually pretty blessed. This mess will be gone in 4 1/2 more weeks. There are way worse problems to have. Just a short while ago I was complaining about too much to do and being over-scheduled. Well, I’ve been given a prime opportunity to rest.

    Have a great day, peeps!
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    Good morning Ladies!

    Hubs is home!!!! Yeah!!! We have a big day planned. We are going to do yardwork :smiley: . I will mow the whole lot and he will weed eat and fill in armadillo holes! The little buggers are destroying our yard and flower beds. It will probably take him as long as it will take me. I get the easy part, drive around and listen to my audio book for 3 or 4 hours. We will head out this morning for a nice drive around the lake and lunch before we start yard work. That part will be fun.

    I picked our neighbors son up from weightlifting the last couple of days while his Dad was busy. The son offered to cut the yard for me. He's a pretty sweet kid. I told him I enjoy doing it, but thanks for offering.

    I weighed this morning and I'm down a couple of pounds after the end of TTOM. The weird part is I look like I have gained a little. My breastbone area doesn't look as gaunt to me (and hubs agrees). I don't know if we are just getting used to my new appearance, or if stuff is shifting into a better resting place on my body. I feel like some of my loose skin is showing signs of tightening up a bit (I've been at goal for about 3 months now). I need to introduce more calorie dense food into my daily eating so I quit losing.

    Have a great weekend Ladies!
    Hugs, prayers and welcomes to the newbies
    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Going to the Dr. this AM to get my meds refilled. Then son and DnL are coming to get a bedroom suit that will go to her mom's house. We will finally get the set from my mom's house back in that bedroom. It has sat in my living room for almost a year waiting for help in moving it.

    Carol in GA
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    Okie Maybe it's muscle.

    Karen in Virginia
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    The tech guy in the village diagnosed the problem with the phone. A corrupt micro card. :*;):/ He is trying to download what is on the bad one so he can put back my photos, notes, music and apps on the new one I had to drive a long way to buy. The corrupt card is being very difficult and taking ages to download. It may not work. :'( Anyway I have a working phone even if some crucial bits are missing. I am resigned to losing some stuff as I have copies somewhere in a Cloud, but I'd like my passwords back. :sweat:
    Still it got me out of my post cruise funk as I had to get out of the house and assert myself. Hiding away isn't good for me.
    He is going to phone me when he gets a result.

    DH off to cricket again. I dashed back from the tech shop to make him a mushroom omelette as we are having to have "dinner for lunch" as the grandkids call it. He takes rolls for dinner. :#:*
    That doesn't suit us at all. I like a "proper" dinner in the evening.

    Much love to you all, Heather xxxxxxxx
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    Karen in VA - that would be welcome. I’ve never had muscles :neutral: The muscles that have appeared in my legs have shocked me. I still have fat and cellulite and loose skin, I always will, I know, but there is muscle there too.

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    edited June 2018
    Exercise minutes over the past 30 days ... from a MFP report ...


    And June Totals ...

    2017 Monthly June
    Walking Distance (km): 92.1
    Walking Time (min): 1151.3
    Cycling Distance (km): 164.1
    Cycling Time (min): 512.6
    Stairs Climbed Number: 63.0
    Stairs Climbed Time (min): 50.4

    Total Distance (km): 256.2
    Total Distance (miles): 159.2
    Total Time (min): 1714.2
    Total Time (hr): 28:34:12

    Machka in Oz
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    Today was another day full of meetings and appointments. Seems like that's all I do these days.

    One of those appointments was a Drs appointment for me. I've been putting that sort of thing off over the past 3 months, but recently, I decided I had to start looking after myself a bit more.

    So I had been for testing and it turns out that I've got severe arthritis in my right foot and moderate arthritis in my left foot. I've also got a small extra bone in my right foot!! I don't think it's causing me any particular issues, but the arthritis sure is.

    I'll be going to a podiatrist very soon. I'm hoping orthotics will solve the problem, but my GP mentioned that it is possible I might need surgery on the right one in particular.

    Unfortunately, for the moment, I'm not sure that running is a good idea. Even walking is painful. Fortunately cycling doesn't seem to bother it too much.

    M in Oz
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    Machka t31137.gif
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    RATS I misread steps vs goal Wednesday night and came up short. Foo!
    Hope y'all enjoyed yesterdays' solstice, the sunset last night was stunning.

    Margaret So glad your friend didn't have to be hospitalized. Please let her know that recovery from pneumonia takes a loooonnngg time, and to be patient with herself. Relapses stink!
    Sue in WA thanks for the sink of warm water tip. That makes it easier to flex fingers that trying to do in the air.
    Barbie "usually trail behind someone else and act like part of the conversation" Big laugh-in-self-recognition! Beautiful trail, but I'm mad at the ONP, they told us AFTER we paid the entrance fee that we could not take our dogs on the trail, even leashed. Pfui!
    Michele your pokey snail makes me smile!
    only up to pg 57 but time to get UP and go!
    Evelyn, glad for progress clearing up some issues with OS and DIL. Always more baby steps to take! ;)
    Later, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 19/21, meditate 17/21, walk one more step 17/21, knee exercises 17/21, walk Tumble 11/12 times, SWSY 0/6, hang up or purge art 0
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    Machka You've inspired me to hold myself accountable with the mfp exercise report!

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