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    anyone know what is best exercises for lower back pain?

    Water aerobics helps keep mine from being painful (I notice when I go a week without going) which includes stretching times. My husband has back trouble and one they gave him was pulling his knees toward his chest laying on his back or (in water) standing up.
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    I woke up at 7:30am, but then went back to sleep until 11 am! I did manage to get dressed, make up a meals list until next week, and a shopping list for husband. We'll see what he comes back with. Having items logged into mfp diary helps when you wish that certain kind of cereal! So on the list today is Special K Protein brown sugar crunch cereal! He can't possibly mess that one up!
    Just have a splitting headache this morning, and want to do nothing but curl up on the couch.
    Breathing better, my nasal passages were doing the flip flop thing. I turn and one side fills up, blow my nose, turn and the other side fills up. My ears are really aching, maybe just having vertigo for so long. Some people have it for years, how dreadful!
    I put my hair in kid ponytails, hoping that will improve my mood. My husband has a hard time talking serious to me when I do. So at least my image presented shows I'm fun, when I don't feel well.
    Hugs to each and every one of you!
    Whidbey island

    Diffusing eucalyptus in a diffuser (or vicks and water in a scentsy burner at night did wonders for my sinus issues. Then I found out it's toxic for my cat, so only do it at work (and use lotion with a few drops on myself at home. )
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    anyone know what is best exercises for lower back pain?

    Yoga, cat/cow pose helps me the most.

    Puppies after grooming. Wicket mad at me. Chewy has same happy attitude.


    cute pups. We had planned to go smaller this time (after our last lab/shepherd/retriever) mixes died, and kind of did, but our beagle mix is much heavier/longer than we expected.
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    Low Back Pain: Therapist had me do this - Lie with your back flat on the floor and knees raised; lift your rear off the floor and then lower back down so that the small of your back hits flat on the floor; do 3 sets of 30.
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    joisfit: Welcome to a great group. I'm sorry for the loss or your DH. :heart: :broken_heart:
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    Thanks for all the comments on my bird rescue attempt and my puppies!

    KJ I loved the video! Thank you so much! I needed the moral for myself as well as a good smile.

    DH has been extra cranky lately. Bringing me down with him. We are moving on Wednesday so I hope that will help him.

    RV Rita in Grants New Mexico
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    Allie, congrats on the arrival of your bouncing baby Condo! Nice to have that done, I'm sure.
    Kelly, good for you for sticking to your guns about the kids and cut rate day care, have to agree with Heather, your "friend" showed a lot of cheek for expecting you to cut your rate for her cousin. Maybe she should offer to take care of the kids!
    joisfit, condolences on the loss of your hubby. I can only imagine the challenges of your last four years. Welcome to a great group!
    Tku418, welcome to you also. Does the treadmill you are using have a distance counter? Sometimes, although it varies with each machine, you can adjust the counter for steps as opposed to just distance, although steps do vary with stride length too. I have a fitbit that counts my steps for me. It's just a basic Alta (and I didn't have to pay for it!) but it works fairly well. Not a lot of bells and whistles on it, but I often find that more bells makes it harder to use, my old brain just can't wrap around some of the newer technology! lol
    Janet, "two types of people" Yes!! That's hubby and I! lol He is starting to gain some weight now, his activity levels have dropped considerably since he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back about 18 mos ago, but his eating habits are not great. Oh well, it is what it is......
    Machka, I'm glad that you are not out riding your bike in the dark with wind and rain, sounds really unsafe! The zwift and trainer are a much better idea, as you said, climate control and good lighting! Still keeping you and hubby in my thoughts.
    Heather, hope you find out what's up with your phone soon. What a pain! Hubby is having issues with his phone right now too. It's an iphone, and is a few years old. Apple keeps updating their software, he can't disable the updates but the phone doesn't have the capability to keep up with the updates! He is annoyed, to say the least. His phone won't hold a charge for more than a few hours, and heaven help him if he actually uses it! This can be a bad thing, he does have a heart condition, has had two heart attacks, has some permanent damage and we don't have a land line anymore. So if he gets into trouble and his phone is dead, well, it could end poorly... He has ordered a new phone, not an Apple product tho!! lol
    Rita, I too was sad to hear that the hawk didn't make it, but at least you probably made his last hours more comfortable than they would have been in the wild.
    Well, I have set the alarm on my phone to go off to remind me to brush my teeth, it's not working as well as I hoped it would. Well, the alarm is going off, I'm just not always paying attention to it. :s so my own fault. I will get better at it!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Good morning! Some critter (bear? raccoon? coyote?) got into the garbage and dragged selected bits down the ravine. Joe thinks it's a sure sign of summer and reminds me to be more water wise. This year we have more plants to water than we did when we moved in last September and there was no one here to use water last August. Want to start hiking down to the cistern regularly to monitor the water level, but that will mean overcoming Joe's (and MY) nervousness about cougars etc. (gulp!)

    Machka your win-win eating and exercise plan sounds both healthy and successful. Well done! Bringing your bicycle and trainer inside-brilliant! Sorry to hear about your feet, know you're a great walker and "Arthur" can make that painful.
    Mary Glad to hear from you! Leech lake setup sounds lovely, but that name :noway: Will the rental income cover the $$ lost to farming spring and fall? Does this mean you'll retire too?
    jujubean welcome back. pip will provide her boot ;)
    Rebecca brava for continuing with the new maneuver despite the terrible first experience. Sounds like progress!
    Welcome 5lambert, I too was afraid I wouldn't like retirement. I love Love LOVE it and hope you will too!
    Janetr "... proud owner of aisle 4" made me laugh out LOUD! and we resemble the "two types of people" remark ;)
    Lenora glad to see your smile, miss your posts.
    Dana you live in a national park near a Y with an 83degree pool? I can be there in 4 or 5 days, see you soon! Oops, no, Arkansas' bugs love me and the snakes... :noway:
    backontrack best to have a pt or chiro recommend lower back exercises for your individual situation. Remember the best exercises are the ones you will do ;)
    Yay Allie! You've come a long way galfriend!
    Kay :) I can just see you racing your scooter vs your grandkids. What are plasma cars?
    pip happy happy anniversary to you and kirby! How did you and Kirby meet?
    Katla sounds like your DH is really enjoying planning some RV adventures. Sounds like just the boost you both needed.
    KJ "... the labourer is worthy of his reward" and if she doesn't understand that, she needs to learn to be a better friend. Stand your ground! Loved "Bounder" thanks!
    Welcome joisfit in Indiana. (((hugs))) for your loss. You've found a great group of caring, wise, supportive women. Come back often!
    Welcome Tku "...back at it today" that's the key! Pedometer is the only way I know to count steps.

    Corelle, love love LOVE it. Put plain white plates and bowls on our registry, got an entire set from dear family friends. Ended up donating the cups and saucers as we don't entertain, use mugs, and have limited storage space. Kept the plates, bowls and serving platter. Only shattered one plate in 31 years, you have to drop them JUST SO... ;} Like Rye have the blue cornflower baking squares, amber stockpot, small and smaller saucepan. If I ever found an amber double boiler I'd sacrifice my Revereware double boiler with steamer... uh oh, so maybe it's best not. ;}

    Time to "get started" (thanks Katla) on the exercises I skipped yesterday. Still struggling to get all 5 dailies (log, protein, meditate, knee exercises, walk one more step) and weekly (Tumble). SWSY and hanging art haven't even begun. Foo.
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 10/22, meditate 17/22, walk one more step 18/22, knee exercises 17/22, walk Tumble 12/12 times, SWSY 0/6, hang up or purge art 0
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    Barbara I have the Corning Ware Amber double boiler. I only use a double boiler for fudge (Christmas). Wheat do you use a double boiler for? ((curious)

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    Happy Saturday!

    Welcome joisfit and tku414! I hope y’all come back often. Please post you name and location next time. :)

    Allie Congratulations in the bouncing baby condo! May you have many memories created there! It’s been a long journey from about The spring if 2017.

    Made waffle for DGKs this morning and canned pears. All out of bananas. I had no idea that canned pears packed in their own juice are so high in calories! Fresh fruit is much better.

    They are in the back bedroom on their gaming devices. It’s hard to get them off!

    It stormed last night but more coming!

    That’s about it for now. I need a nap!
    Dana in Arkansas
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    Gaaah! Joe just came in the office pushing Crunch and Munch towards me. Resisted so far, gonna floss those teeth and get down on the floor.

    Rye fudge at Christmas yes, and melting chocolate for coating Christmas candy, cheese fondue, pudding... hmm, maybe keeping the Revereware steamer IS the more healthy alternative ;) Thanks Rye!
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    I love my Corelle dishes also! Had the green ivy, then found the irises..... Gave the ivy to our YS when he moved out, and bought the irises! lol Still have them, they are round, of course as soon as I bought them, the new style of square plates came in. Not sure I like the square ones, but they would probably fit better in the cupboards. Oh well, I'm not going out to buy new ones again, too expensive, especially when I've got perfectly good dishes. I have had a few pieces break over the years, it is quite dramatic when it happens! Fortunately that's not often.
    YS promptly sold everything he owned and moved three provinces away.... Not happy about that, but now, seven or eight years later, he is moving back! I am beyond excited! He was out very briefly in May when OS got married, he was wanting to move back then, but the people that he will be roommates with are having a hard time finding a place, which sucks for them as they are currently in a rental that the owner is planning on putting up for sale. Anyway, I had talked to hubby about telling YS that he could come and live with us for awhile if he wanted, hubby was resistant to the idea, and I understand that. I'm sure the bloom will come off the rose fairly quickly with having him there full time, but he texted a few days ago and asked if he could live with us for awhile. I knew hubby wouldn't/couldn't say no to him if he asked, and no, I didn't suggest that to YS, but I was right, so YS will be here mid to late Aug. Hopefully it won't be for too long. He shouldn't have trouble finding a job, it seems like most businesses have help wanted posters in their windows. The trick, of course, is finding a job that actually pays a living wage. Not always the easiest here in this inflated market! Rent is just ridiculously high and to try and buy something, YIKES! One of the fellows that will be a roommate works at a place that installs truck canopies and that kind of stuff and they were hiring in May, hopefully they will still be looking when he gets here. Quite likely they still will be, so hard to find people these days.
    I'm sure there were more people that I wanted to respond to, but memory fails...
    Welcome to the newbies, congrats to those celebrating and hugs for those who need them.
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Evie- it was a corrupted micro card that threw my phone out. Never heard of that, nor do I understand it. :o I have a Sony Xperia, which contains a micro card. It's great for storage, but clearly prone to weakness. The tech guy is getting all the photos, info, downloaded music etc off the old card so he can put it back onto the new one I bought and inserted. The download onto his computer keeps sticking, which us why it's taking so long. I have downloaded offline play lists on there for my running, ballroom dancing etc, plus photos, plus an app which has a key to my passwords (not the actual passwords) which I would very much like restored. I do have back up for the photos, but I like them actually on the phone as well.
    The corruption completely froze the phone, but it's working fine now. He just has the old card.

    DH has not come back from the cricket yet, so he must be ok.

    Had two calorie free, AF drinks at lunch time today, but it still feels odd, "drinking" in the middle of the day. Having an AF beer with my curry. :D It's 26 calories.

    Many congratulations to Allie. :D<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    My boot is here for all your *kitten* kickin needs
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    GaaaH! Pip I just had one of my husband's chocolate covered old fashioned donuts! ( getting ready for das boot)!
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    Today, feeling better. Didn't use the inhaler all day yesterday. Felt like its been doing its job so I am not one to take stuff I don't need.

    Beautiful day today! Hope you have a nice day.
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    Hello ladies! My daughter and son-in-law were up visiting for the country music concert and my daughter ended up at the hospital with severe cramping. She may have a abscess or blood buildup. She will be in one more night. The day before my daughter-in-law also ended up in the hospital with gastrointestinal issues and will be in there over the weekend for sure. This on top of having our rental units ready by the middle of next week. Everybody always wants to move in early! So if I am absent a lot this month it will be due to moving and family matters.

    Barbara- I am retired! I was only going to work in Arizona as a teacher for fun, but that fell through. Probably because God knew that John would end up helping his brother farm in the spring and the fall. The money that we get for the rental will cover our living expenses at both resorts. Great job on your daily goal setting.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota