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    Did Cindy Witmarsh Ultimate Cardio Burn DVD along with a 15 minute yoga DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a stretching DVD.

    Backontrack – my back always feels better when I do cat/cow stretch

    Making chocolate chip cookies for Vince to have. Later today I’ll make some of the turkey meatloaves

    Janetr – LOVED the cartoon. Only problem is…too true

    5lambert – Vicks is toxic for a cat?? I didn’t know that. When Vince puts it on, usually one of the cats licks it off.

    Joisfit - welcome! My deepest condolences on the loss of your husband

    Taku – welcome! We all have setbacks. The important thing is that you get right back on the bandwagon

    Rita – where are you moving to?

    Denise just called. She got a job, she starts Monday. Her job is as a waitress. I sure hope this isn’t long-term because we didn’t spend all that money on a college education just for her to be a waitress. I know she’d really like to get into a school district. The other night she called me because Maria was sleeping and Denise was making noodles where it said “add 2 cups water”. She could only find a dry measure cup so she called me asking if she needed to add more water. I told her she should. Now she tells me that she’s wondering if she should make chicken parm for dinner. Why doesn’t she do any cooking when she’s here? I know the answer to that one, no one has to tell me. “Ma will do it.” The next time she comes here maybe I should ask her to make something.

    I would like to donate my cups and saucers from my Corelleware set because I never use them. For some reason, and I don’t know why, Vince wants me to keep them. Why if they never get used?

    I had some unsweet ice tea left over from Rummikub. It honestly seems to be helping to curb my appetite, at least for today. Went in the pool and forgot we need to go to the Green Room tonight to see the show “Tuna Does Vegas”. I’ve heard it’s really funny. It’s been sold out ever since the beginning of June. Need to go to the bank before we go (or even after). I’ll leave in a few for church but leave early so we can have dinner and get to the bank then Green Room. Update: it was hysterical!

    Keri – welcome back! Come back lots and pretty soon you’ll feel like one of the bunch (even tho you are)

    Okie – I hit a stump once, too, and bent the mower blade. I wish Vince would get those stumps taken care of. But it’ll probably be me who has to do it

    Welcome everyone new

    Katla – how wonderful about your husband!

    Michele in NC
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    Barbie: Good luck with the phone issue. We have had iphones for many years. I have the newest and am marginally satisfied with it. I liked the one I had before much better, but I gave it to DGD so that it could send reports on her blood sugars automatically to her mom and her doctor. DH has an older model iphone but rarely uses it because he has fallen in love with his ipad, which will do almost everything he wants. It isn't a phone, and it irritates me that I can't call him. He still has the phone and I keep urging him to carry it so that I can contact him when he is out doing errands. I hope you and Jake can find something that will suit both of you. :star:

    (((Lenora))) Keeping you in my prayers. I hope everything works out so that you can lead a happy and comfortable life. :heart:

    joannepshore from Swansea UK: Welcome to a great group! Post often and get to know people. :flowerforyou:

    Tomorrow afternoon I have a riding lesson. Yay! I haven't seen Arrow in over a week because of all the things going on with cleaning the storage unit for the RV, and also work on the RV, itself. The biggest issue left to deal with is electrical service to the bedroom. Occasionally it works and too often, it doesn't. The manufacturer didn't prepare or publish any diagrams. Our RV repair man is doing great work so far. I hope this will be resolved soon.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Welcome back Keri from Seattle! Some of us are chattier than others (guilty!) so no need to respond to everyone or anyone. The important thing is you're back and we're here for you when you need us.
    Welcome Joanne from Swansea.
    Lenora thanks for the update! Snake massages, YUCK! :noway: Spaghetti marinara might be too acidic, what about fettuccini alfredo? You are RIGHT galfriend, room temperature H20 suxs.
    KJ would never believe sweetie l'il you was such a [email protected]$$ Do you have snakes in your daycare? If so, I no longer want to play...
    Rye and tattoos? Why would I willingly let someone drill ink filled needles into my tender body? Don't even have pierced ears... such a coward about pain ;}
    Barbie if you like your phone can you transfer the service but keep the phone? I am so with you about getting pics, apps, music etc from one phone to another. Supposedly the new company will help you but honestly if I'd followed they're instructions I'd have lost everything.
    Dana any idea how long DYD plans to keep kids at Camp Gramma?
    Katla Hope Arrow behaves for you.

    Where is Wendy?

    Sleep sweet, lovlies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    60 g protein 21/23, meditate 18/23, walk one more step 19/23, knee exercises 18/23, walk Tumble 13/16 times, SWSY 0/8, hang up or purge art 0
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    KELLIE and ALLIE re Carpool Karaoke just watched Paul McCartney loved it I'm so proud of our city. When they were filming it one of our local tour guides was at Pier Head ( where the Beatles Statues are) with a group of American tourists, when who turns up but James and Paul, she says they were amazed. Pity that wasn't shown in video but I suppose a lot was edited out.

    Welcome JOANNE nice to have another UK gal. We are outnumbered by our US cousins but they are so supportive and inspiring and I love them all.

    LENORA thinking of you always

    REBECCA making us laugh as always

    Another gorgeous day here

    Kate UK <3
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    morning dear friends~
    It is dark and gloomy today.. and I slept pretty well..I have to prep 14 lbs of strawberries as I will be making jam this afternoon, going to feed DFIL and then back will throw laundry in before I go..
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    I’m actually the weirdo that prefers room temperature water :blush:

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    Morning, cleaning out my second room closet this a.m. then off to the gym! Also doing some meal prep and grocery shopping. Gloomy, wet day, feels more like spring than summer.

    Lenora sending strength and healing <3<3

    Barbie I feel the same way about my phone, could care less, but DH is always looking for the next best deal on a phone and a plan. yikes :s

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    Hi, quick post before the England game starts. I won't be watching it, but DH will. :)

    I'm going to do some rowing while watching Scandi noir. This morning I went running before it got too hot. Managed 72 minutes. :D:D About 4 miles at my slow jog.
    While I was out I listened to some podcasts. I know some of you like them. I was listening to a BBC Radio 4 series called Soul Music. It's all about how different songs mean such a lot to people. This morning I listened to Fairytale of New York, Mack the Knife and some of Nimrod. It's really good so I recommend the series highly. It was my DDIL who put me on to the podcasts as she listens to them while running.

    Much love to all,
    Heather UK
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    Rye still enjoying the book. The premise of the book is what you eat directly effects the gut bacteria. When the wrong ones dominant your health suffers. When the right ones are in balance your health benefits. She does as I said discuss the effects on the high antibiotic use both in medicine and agriculture having an effect on our gut bacteria. She also talks about how what we put on our skin also can influences our bacteria in negative (too many chemicals) and positive. I went to a natural beauty class a few years ago and she said if you would eat it then use it on your body. If you wouldn't don't. This is the same stance as this author too. I am finding it interesting and challenging to following these ideas. I do feel better from when I started and as a bonus the scale is moving downward which my knee is thanking me.
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    :)Katla, when we had our RV's, one of the great stress relievers was a great RV technician in our town to deal with problems. We went on our first RV adventure to a park 10 miles away so when the furnace quit working (it was March) we didn't have any serious problems getting it fixed.

    :)Okie, after years of being fussy about needing ice in my water, I found out accidentally that I liked it room temperature and that has made my life much easier.

    :)Barbara, I'll consider keeping my old phone but I'm sure that once I see Jake's new phone, I'll want the new one for myself, and I know that someday I'll have to upgrade so why not do it at the same time Jake does his so we can help each other learn the features and how to transfer stuff.

    :) My walking friend has gone on a ten day cruise to Alaska so the dogs, an audio book, and I will be walking without her.

    <3 Barbie
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    Electric's been out for an hour and a half, but using the laptop on battery and my cellphone as a hotspot. The electric's really iffy here, goes out in every storm.

    - thanks for the good thoughts on the house (on FB). We did the inspection yesterday, and it was all good news, from many different directions. Dry attic, dry under the house, no visible termite damage underneath. 26 days to closing, which is slated right now for 7/20.

    Lenora - ditto on what JanetR said, your diet is so close to that of a gastric bypass patient that it was actually startling. There are still a number of foods I avoid because they get stuck almost every time - spaghetti being one of them. It's a very individual thing. Speed of eating has a lot to do with it, occasionally I lapse into the old obese person's habits and eat far too fast... always a mistake, and I always pay. Hope healing is quick and relief is imminent.

    Trying not to get too attached, but falling in love with the new (to us) house at every turn. But until the papers are signed, I just keep trying not to get too het up about the whole thing.

    The water heater is gas, wonder if I'd have hot water with no electricity? Hmmm. Wouldn't be able to blowdry my hair, but that's not necessarily a tragedy.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Barbara: I hope Arrow behaves for me, too. I've been away more than 7 days, and he'll either be happy to see me or grumpy. :ohwell:

    Okie: I'm not sure that liking room temperature water makes you a weirdo. I like my water cool, but not icy. Too cold can make my throat and tummy both hurt. :ohwell:

    Barbie: I have appreciated the advice from you and other seasoned RVers. It has been a huge help to get advice from those who know what works from their own experience. :bigsmile:

    I have a riding lesson today after 5:30 PM. I haven't seen Arrow in a week due to all the hard work we've been doing and the resulting aches and pains. I hope he is happy to see me rather than grumpy.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Okie, Barbie, and Katla- Count me in as someone who likes to drink room temperature water. I actually have a 20 oz water bottle that I fill with room temp water and work my way through that (refilling it when empty). I placed blue hair elastics on it and move them from the top to the bottom, to track how many ounces I have drank during the day. I usually get a good 50 ounces down before 9am. Then I taper off after dinner, so that I am not up all night peeing!
    Barbara-the tattoo I got when I turned 50 was one I had in my mind for many years. My son paid for it for a birthday gift. SO...I have the words "carpe diem" in script at the nape of my neck. Most of the time my hair covers it. I have had plans for another tattoo for about eight years. It would be larger and more expensive and probably partially visible in the summer as it would travel up my spine.
    Heather- the music podcasts sound interesting! I find it very interesting to think about how different music speaks to different people and why.

    Well, I got my shopping and paperwork done yesterday. We will see how much of the baseboards I can get painted today. I used some bonus points that I earned from scholastic book orders and was able to get about 10 books for Joaquin! I found out that he had no Eric Carle books, among other children's classic books! DD is an Usborne consultant so he has lots of very cool Usborne books; but so many schools and classes refer to certain children's books like Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, etc. I am very excited! The order is due to arrive this week and I can send them home with DD and Joaquin after their visit in THREE WEEKS!!!

    Well, I better get busy! It is a overcast yucky day and if I don't get moving, I could easily let this be a day of sitting on my butt. This type of weather always makes me feel like doing nothing! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Kelly- do you have the children's book written by Heather?
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    Feeling so proud that I accomplished my first big goal today, cleaned out and reorganized my closet in various categories, repositioned a shelf and hung up a blind that I hadn’t been able to get right for weeks—what sweet victory! Now off to cardio at the gym!

    Kelly there is nothing like the joy of books with young ones—3 weeks fast approaching!!!!

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    I’m actually the weirdo that prefers room temperature water :blush:

    Not as weird as u think