Biggest dieting pet peeve

alancorey1979 Posts: 112 Member
What is your biggest pet peeve when talking to fellow dieters.

Mine are people who do some crazy fad diet than complain because it doesn't work.


  • VUA21
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    Repeat fad dieters. The ones who tried a specific diet, it didn't work, and are doing it again.
  • alancorey1979
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    mandystar wrote: »
    I know this lady in real life. She is THE WORST. she has tried every magic pill, potion and fad there is. While she's doing them she floods Facebook with her every move, feeling, and thought.... worse than that though, is she never loses any weight. Every time I see her she is bigger. Now I'm not one to judge or fat shame because I have been triple the size I am now, but come on! This crap obviously isnt working sis

    My ex sister in law does that. She was really annoying... at one point she did some crazy birth control/weight loss injection and lost like 5 lbs... went around promoting this stuff like it was going to change the world. Only problem is she was and is still about 100 lbs overweight.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    81Katz wrote: »
    People who tell me they're satisfied with one square of chocolate. *kitten* liar. :lol:

    One square of 86% dark chocolate is enough punishment, thank you.
  • cee134
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    Not having a bag of Doritos every day.
  • tinak33
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    with fellow dieters?
    People who follow fad diets, then "cheat" by eating massive amounts of food on the weekend. And then they "get back on track" by not eating for 3 days straight.
    This is my coworker.

    Also, I am not on a diet. I eat everything, deny myself nothing, and just count calories to control portions.....
    Not that my coworker understands this.....
  • VUA21
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    The "clean eating" craze and people who go on and on about it.

    I didn't drop my cookie, that means it's clean, right?