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What are your Top 5 foods or items that make your life easier?



  • lightenup2016lightenup2016 Posts: 758Member, Premium Member Posts: 758Member, Premium Member
    In addition to MFP, bathroom scale, food scale, and running gear:

    1. Coffee (black) and hot tea (plain)
    2. No food until 1pm
    3. Egg and cheese burritos
    4. Fage yogurt
    5. Saving up about 300 “late night” calories for after dinner (for wine, and a small bit of cheese and crackers, Christmas cookies, etc)
  • amy19355amy19355 Posts: 722Member, Premium Member Posts: 722Member, Premium Member
    1. Instant pot
    2. Apple watch
    3. Food scale
    4. MFP
    5. Gym membership
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 321Member Member Posts: 321Member Member
    1. MFP
    2. Treadmill
    3. Salad and veggies and chicken
    4. Not buying junk food
    5. The goal of a smaller size just ahead of me
  • debrakgooginsdebrakgoogins Posts: 1,821Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,821Member, Premium Member
    1) Not a food or an item but my husband. He supports me in every way.
    2) Instant pot. It makes prepping for the week a breeze and allows us to have complex meals even when we forget to thaw something out.
    3) Homemade unsweetened yogurt. It's my go-to snack for work, makes great smoothies and I use it as a substitute for higher fat things like sour cream.
    4) Frozen fruits and vegetables. They allow me to have produce no matter what the season. I save money because it doesn't go bad. I have a tendency to overestimate what we will eat in a week.
    5) Yoga mat. No matter what the weather is outside, I can still exercise.
  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Posts: 336Member Member Posts: 336Member Member
    1. Apple watch
    2. Orangetheory membership
    3. Pressure cooker (I don't have the instapot or air-frier)
    4. Digital scale
    5. Meal prepping (basic stuff/ Rice, Hard boiled eggs, Quinoa etc for the week)
  • jeffrey_adjeffrey_ad Posts: 390Member, Premium Member Posts: 390Member, Premium Member
    1. MFP
    2. Gym Membership
    3. StrongLifts App
    4. Greek Yogurt
    5. Lowfat Cottage Cheese
  • kenyonhaffkenyonhaff Posts: 1,247Member Member Posts: 1,247Member Member
    1) MFP
    2) Access to media that allows me to work out at home, indoors, for almost no cost: DVDs, YouTube, other streaming media
    3) A job that has good hours and doesn't leave me stressed out...makes a huge difference in being able to commit to a new eating plan.
    4) Kashi foods. High fiber, high protein foods that are delicious and convenient
    5) Cooking ability. A few key skills helps make food delicious and nutritious.
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