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    becc such a pretty cake :p

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    Aaaaaaand the electricity just went out. Lovely thunderstorm. Not worried about electricity - we have a generator. We did just finish cleaning out the refrigerator when the lights went out.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Will post pic of this years jersey and others from years past
  • pipcd34
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.13min, 13.1amph, 139mhr, 1.5mi= 75c
    apple watch- 66c
    MANUAL TREADMILL- jog/walk 48.19min, 126ahr, 147mhr, 15.33min mi, 5kmi= 406c
    apple watch- 424c
    ride gym 2 dome- 4.48min, 18.2amph, 129mhr, 1.4mi= 49c
    apple watch- 42c
    ride puy 2 sumn station- 13.14min, 13.7amph, 127ahr, 146mhr, 150c
    apple watch- 133c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.44min, 8.55min mi, 139ahr, 150mhr, .5mi= 55c
    apple watch- 51c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 5.00, est, 9.39min mi, 146mhr, .4mi= 70c
    apple watch- 59c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 17.16min, 8.8damph, 150mhr, 2.5mi= 195c
    apple watch- 159c

    total cal 1000
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    Rebecca - Great cake! :D

    Taking DH up our tea in a moment. Early exercising then getting ready for brother and DSIL to arrive for the cricket. It may be that she can take them down on her way home, but I will get prepared. England didn't do too well in the batting yesterday, but not a disaster. DH won't see them bat. :(

    I hope to get a run in after lunch.
    I have emailed solicitor and estate agent at 6 am this morning. Just to get it out of my system. :#:#:#:#:#:#:#:#

    LoveHeather UK xxxxxxx