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    Oh dang. I turned this morning and my world spun. Vertigo is back with a vengeance!😥😢😕
    I did my maneuvers this morning, letting my husband see my eyes as they swirl. He felt so bad for me, patting my arm as I counted to 30. Its tough to do then as I feel so sick afterwards! But I have to do them!

    Have you investigated Vestibular Disorder?


    My husband was diagnosed with it after his brain injury and his physiotherapist has been working with him. There seem to be some improvements.

    Vestibular Disorder includes several different things ... yours wouldn't be because of a traumatic brain injury, but might be something else.

    M in Oz

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    Evening ladies
    Long day..went to the last concert of the summer,it was good but hot and steamy....it was 91 when I got in my car to come home...Bless Lil she was down here for 2 1/2 hrs with him,she gets him outside on my patio when it's so hot ,but watches t.v and plays with him,I told her to help herself to stuff in the fridge,least I can do to for keeping Alfie company,and it's good for her too..she is on a limited income ,she won't take money so I get her gift cards so she can get cat litter and food for her 2 cats...well gonna hit the hay..
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    stats for the day:

    1st time running under an 8min mi, only 1/2mi but still!!!

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.06min, 13.3amph, 132mhr, 1.5mi= 65c
    apple watch- 56c
    TREADMILL jog- 50min, 9.44min mi, 5.7-6.8sp, turned up 1 notch every song, 141ahr, 165mhr, 5.13mi= 521c
    apple watch- 552c
    ride gym 2 dome- 5.24min, 16.4amph, 139mhr, 1.4mi= 60c
    apple watch- 50c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.05min, 7.57min mi, 137ahr, 158mhr, .5mi= 100c
    apple watch- 68c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.19min, 148mhr, 9.40min mi, .4mi= 61c
    apple watch- 54c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 18.10min, 8.6amph, 132ahr, 149mhr, 2.5mi= 172c
    apple watch- 146c

    total cal 979

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    Did the step Reebok DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water class.

    Wendy – if I get a phone call while I’m driving, many times I don’t even bother to pull over. I just don’t answer it until I come to a stop, usually at my destination.

    M – thanks for telling me what hosting is. I’m assuming that you have to be familiar with the area. How does the campground know how familiar you are with the area?

    Allie – that is so sweet of you to get your neighbor a gift card!

    Kylia – happy anniversary!

    Warning: Rant below
    Grrrr….Before Jess left for St. Kitts in May I asked her to go thru the things in her room. Instead she and Colby went shopping. So I put things in storage. Well, she comes back and is furious with me because I put things in storage that she “needed”. She brought things back saying that she needs them. Linens and blankets? Picture frames? Stuffed animals? Really! I know that she just wanted to make the point that I shouldn't have done it (to her way of thinking). I asked her “will you go thru everything before you leave” “yes”. Right now things are sitting on my dining room table. “these textbooks can go back. They can be sold”. And who is going to sell them? “Shadow needs a clean dish” Even Vince told her “she gets a clean dish every time we feed her” The fact is that Jess didn’t clean the dish all the time but bought more dishes so she can give Shadow a clean dish. I don’t need lots of cat dishes. “Shadow needs her placemat”. Really? She’s doing just fine without one. Enough said. I just left things in the living room for her to go thru. I wanted to go thru her closet with her. Admitted, I didn’t say because I knew there were things in there that she didn’t put in there. Well, she opened lots of boxes of things. She brought them in the living room, I just put them back last night. I tell you, if she doesn’t go thru the boxes on the dining room table, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Probably put as much as possible in the closet. Jess is taking a nap right now. I’m not…and I’ve been up since 6. Oh well….

    M – feel better soon

    Cut the grass today. It needed it.

    Rita – love that light. I know Vince would definitely want it.

    Rebecca – dear Rebecca (((HUG))))

    Janetr – those eyes on your Olivia! All the baby pics are adorable

    Trespence – welcome

    Dandl – good for you!

    We went to dinner at Hibachi Grill. I remembered from last time we were there that they have this item bar where you put on your plate what you want and then they will stir fry it for you. I filled up on mushrooms, sugar snap peas, what was like a coleslaw-type of vege, shrimp, broccoli, crab. I asked them not to use any butter when they were stir frying it and didn’t take any sauce. Afterwards, I did have some of the seafood medley but realized there was butter in it, I put some mushrooms on that and some mixed veges and tomatoes. Went back and just got more of the mushrooms, snap peas, broccoli, shrimp and crab. No butter or sauce and it’s really quite good. To be honest, since I had the seafood medley with some butter, now my stomach feels yukky. For dessert I had watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple. They had some other fruits, but you could tell it was canned in some type of syrup and I’m willing to bet it’s a heavy syrup so I passed on those. I did have a SMALL (like 2 bites) of this cheesecake, one bite of this chocolate thing (which I really didn’t care for) and one bite of this chocolate cake which I thought was a brownie. Bad thing was that when I got home I ruined it all by having a piece of cake – but I did throw about ½ of it in the garbage

    I go for my semi-annual shot of prolia tomorrow.

    Michele in NC
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome back! It feels good to be getting back on track. Now to just get back to where I was...we went to the gym yesterday for the first time since I had my hip replaced and I sure felt it today! In a good way though- looking forward to getting back into a routine. In a nutshell, both of my daughters are out of the house with the 25 yr old teaching and in her own apartment and 19 yr old just started her sophomore year at Montana State Univ. Not entirely empty nesters as our 23 yr old nephew is living with us while he does his student teaching. Husband is retiring- has been using up vacation and Friday will be his last day.

    I have to admit, I'm a tad jealous of the grandchildren photos- they are a long way off for me still. I love to knit and luckily have other babies in my life to knit for. :)
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    Michele I feel your pain! In November my youngest daughter's stuffs will have been in the barn for 3 years! It isn't even our barn, but my mother in laws! They are too busy......well, in my opinion, if you haven't needed it in 3 years, you probably don't need most of it! The barn is not climate controlled, so heat, cold, rodents......She says they are going to do it while we are on vacation. We will see....if not ....I will start loading up boxes while husband is hunting and drop them off at their house. They drove my car for 4 months, were suppose to clean it up and take up to get oil change, again that was in April, it is almost September. Guess I need to just get it done. I am not sure where I went wrong with that one. I get they are busy, but so am I. I figure I have been patient enough. :#
    Your dinner sounds great. Sorry the belly got upset.
    Busy day. Nothing off my to do list completed, but a few things started!
    Time for sleep!
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    exermom wrote: »
    M – thanks for telling me what hosting is. I’m assuming that you have to be familiar with the area. How does the campground know how familiar you are with the area?

    In the case of a few host couples I've met on our travels, they went to their particular campground many times over the years and then either they asked, or the campground managers asked, if they would like to be hosts.

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    Janetr Your little Olivia is so beautiful. Takes my breath away!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Janetr Your little Olivia is so beautiful. Takes my breath away!

    Karen in Virginia

    Thanks, Karen. We all just have beautiful grandbabies. But then babies are precious!! <3

    Janetr OKC
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    I have had really rheumaticky hips since the weekend, but today I took a few Ibuprofen and went out for my run. Listened to podcasts on Elgar's Dream of Gerontius and Satie's Gymnopodie. :D:D
    The friend who told me at yoga that I was looking really well passed me in her car. "You put me to shame! " she said. :laugh:
    The run didn't make my hips any worse or any better, so I'm glad I've done it.

    Did a couple of hundred words of my memoir this morning. I'm feeling it's a bit flat, but I'm ploughing on. It's only a first draught. I'm remembering the wild places we used to play as children, often just a step away from the adult world, but our own little kingdom.

    Hoping to Skype the grandchildren at the weekend.

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Michele: I’m having frustrations with my kids, too, although they are different ones. My son is messing with our satellite TV and now I’m not sure whether I can find my programs or not. In this case, the theory is that they’re saving us money on our TV services by giving us an APP instead of Direct TV. I love Direct TV. I’ll admit it is expensive. :grumble:

    Barbie: I’ve been knitting cotton dish cloths for ages. Some colors fade in the wash, especially red, but the yarn is durable and lasts a long time. I suspect you will be happy with the new project. Cotton yarn is readily available at Walmart. I don’t know about what other stores in your area sell yarn. There is a JoAnn’s about 20 miles from us and they have a very good selection of yarn, although I’ve never tried to buy cotton yarn from them. :star:

    Pip: My husband has MS. It is a cause that we think is vital. Thank YOU for riding in the MS ride. :heart:

    Good news on the sailing adventure. The kids didn’t get stuck. Yay! We had a lovely dinner on the deck and our son’s best friend since 2nd grade and his family were welcome guests. My frustrations have to do with our internet and TV. I don’t like change. :grumble: :ohwell:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon