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My journey to a healthy life. This is my progress:



  • TinaZ2018TinaZ2018 Member, Premium Posts: 235 Member Member, Premium Posts: 235 Member
    charmmeth wrote: »
    I hope you da is feeling better soon.

    Thank you! He does. I was just about to make a post about it. :-)
  • TinaZ2018TinaZ2018 Member, Premium Posts: 235 Member Member, Premium Posts: 235 Member
    Dad's finally got sent home on Tuesday (17th). Not in the best shape of course but anything is better than dead or paralyzed from the neck down. It took him more than 20 minutes, a walker and 3 persons to help him slowly walk from the entrance of the building to his apartment. He could raise his feet but I was guiding them with my hands so that he won't trip. Mentally he seems to be the same. I can't wait for the physical therapist to come work with him on the recovery. I was hoping that in 1-2 weeks to at least be able to sit up on his own, maybe even use the toilet. My back hurts a bit from pulling him up on the pillow or up from the bed cause he weights 100 kg and I 57 but someone needs to put the muscles at work. That was a weight lifting workout on its own. Anyway... I'm glad he's home! 😊

    [due to exhaustion (crying+lack of sleep+mental stress+workouts) I had to rest the last 3 days but today I feel better, so tomorrow I'm coming back strong!]

    Fast forward to what happened in the last two days. The doctor came, he did an evaluation, we found out that his shoulder has been dislocated (I told you that he fell on the side, in the head/shoulder), he did some procedures and stuck some acupuncture needles in him and next thing it happened, his hand stop shaking while he was lifting it up! And he had that shaky hand for years! Also, he managed to use the portable toiled with very little help from mom! Today we went to see him and beside that he's looking much better, he stand up on his own from the bed (on Tuesday it took at least two persons to lift him on his feet), he sits down nicely (even better than before the accidents when he was kindda throwing his weight on the bed), he can sit up and take the walker on his own and use it. He is recovering amazingly well! He's like a cat with 10 lives, I swear. And considering all the years of abuses, the heart stimulator and stents, he has a very strong body. He even said that maybe in 2 months he'll drive again. I'm glad that he's optimistic and has will but of course that he's not allowed to drive anymore.
    Anyways... this doctor seems to be very good and I trust that he's make dad even better than he was before the accident. Also, I've insisted with my husband to schedule and evaluation with him because after 3 years of money spent and lost time, we still don't have answers, he's still sick and this is really affecting the quality of our lives. I have this feeling that this doctor will be the answer to our problems.

    I'm better, more rested, happier, calmer. Thank you all so much for being here for me. Love you.
  • KHMcGKHMcG Member Posts: 865 Member Member Posts: 865 Member
    TinaZ2018 wrote: »
    I have another piece of good news: yesterday, for the first time in the last 20 years (yes, I was 14), I bought a size XS dress and I'm rocking it. I love it! Especially since I've never been able to wear a very tight dress as a woman and that at my heaviest I even wore size L. It was an early Christmas gift from my husband and he loved me so much in it, that he ordered a second one. 😃


    Yep rocking it
  • CeeBeeSlimCeeBeeSlim Member Posts: 673 Member Member Posts: 673 Member
    Inspiring!!! Are you still doing Gorgeous Glutes AND the Epic 10 week program? I’m trying to decide what program to start tomorrow! I like both! If so, how are you using them? Thanks!
  • NC_GirlNC_Girl Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    Tina hoping all is well. I enjoy your posts.
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