What was the last meal you cooked?

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Value the food/meal photo blogs, especially the home prepared eats, so here goes this one, since Natty_or_Not's primary thread, has disappeared.


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    We had leftover mince from the onion bacon bombs, so we decided to make Keto lasagna. Used a mix of cheeses with Italian herbs and 1/4 cup of coconut flour to achieve a dough we could roll out and cut. Baked lemon chili chicken thighs. Caramelised onions with garlic and slithered almonds French beans.

    **Too hot to eat atm, so we'll see if we're going to rustle up a fresh salad to go with the lasagna at least.

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    Roasted thyme and garlic pork tenderloin with black eyed peas
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    For lunch, pulled pork for sandwiches, with baby carrots and spinach. I used a crockpot overnight for the pork. and did the rest this morning.

    @GreenValli What a treat of a fulfilling meaty sandwich to have for lunch. I've not once encountered disappointment when using the slow cooker for our SW BBQ pulled pork. Alternative methods of preparation, to smoke or roast it - is a lot to do most times, unfortunately.
    Pork chops In mushroom soup and extra seasoning.
    Put on BBQ with salted cheese curds.
    Salad and corn on the cob done in foil .. all on the BBQ

    @Nessiechickie BBQ-ed meaty goodness and creamy deliciousness ... Corn on the cob sweetness and the needed salad as the portion anchor is well worth your efforts.
    Roasted thyme and garlic pork tenderloin with black eyed peas

    @amgreenwell Was it a sheet pan roast dinner? Herbed butter - thyme and garlic?
    Last night's dinner was a huge salad with carnitas on top, mango salsa and raspberry balsamic vinegar. Today's breakfast was buckwheat groats made with cashew milk, homemade yogurt, and turbo chocolate protein powder. I do most of my cooking in an instant pot and air fryer.

    @allisonlane With these on going heat waves, your loaded dinner salad looks awfully good ... And I'm shamelessly glued to mango salsa and the raspberry balsamic vinegar - Yum.
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    I'm in the northern hemisphere, so this time of year, most of my from-scratch meals are veggies and fruits I can eat cold, maybe some toasted bread or English muffins spread with hummus and topped with raw tomatoes and cucumbers, maybe some cheese ... anything that doesn't heat up the kitchen and the house. I will boil a small pot of water for corn. If I want animal flesh, it's most likely either cold deli meat, cold rotisserie chicken, or canned fish. Canned beans are fine cold.

    It's probably been close to two weeks since I literally cooked a meal -- it was tofu and scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and curry seasoning, followed by a second course of salad (romaine, lettuce, avocado, and bacon). I cooked the entire package of bacon at once in the oven (in the long run, it heats up the house less than cooking a small batch multiple times on top of the stove, and I don't care for the way microwaved bacon smells), then I had it to use in salads and BLTs, or to pair with a waffle or toast at breakfast, or just to munch on like jerky for a snack.

    @lynn_glenmont Having to be season conscious, with where you presently are, thank you ever so much for having us all privy, how you're opting to manage your daily nutrition. I myself have experienced having to cook in a kitchen, with a ridiculous setting for heat sensitivity.
    beef roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions in a creamy mushroom sauce

    @tcunbelievr Juicy roast beef and the crispy crunchiness of roasted potatoes, with your choice of gravy, must've been heavenly.
    Quick oats for breakfast this morning and blueberries with yogurt for dessert last night. However the last real cooking I did was yesterday when i made homemade black bean and sweet potato burgers. They turned out good and were fairly easy to make.

    @kelly_stevens81 That is one palate-pleasing vegan burger with that combination. Which sauce did you choose to go with, for your burger?