Let me know you a little better

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For who you are and not for the way my eyes believe the person you are.


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    Movies can easily make me cry.

    Me too...if I dont cry...they make me fall asleep
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    I don't understand financial security.

    Outside of one committing all
    of one's independent effort to making lots of money, I don't know how on earth people casually get there. Especially I don't know how people afford single family houses with all the unecessasary stuff they fill the houses with.

    For my sister and I, our American Story had us starting from the bottom. Granted, we could have easily tapped our paternal grandfather's friends within the first week of our arrival to ease things for us, as NY wealthy as they are - we chose not to. There is a sense of satisfaction when you reflect on everything you have, a blessing, was a direct result of your own blood, sweat and toil.

    Our saving grace, God gifted, was jumping on the Bitcoin train in the early years. Our long bet, supporting that Bitcoin was going to hit $5000 at the end of 2017. We bet short on oil between 2015-2017. Luck? Yes. Blessings? Definitely.
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    Plus two vehicles, vacations, nice clothes, restaurants, tuitions for the kids schooling, latest audio/visual and electronics, etc.

    Some of these aren't bought. My god son receives gadgets we're gifted with from rewards programs and other like perks. Work related skills upgrading seminars and workshops today avails Apple items. We take our products to the Award shows, other vendors gift us too with products ... The very same ones the stars get.
    We're also not opposed to purchasing gently used Motocross bikes, riding gear for him either. We have neighbours who can renew and rebuild just like new, so we don't see why not, most especially if we don't have to pay labour, just materials, if necessary.
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    I strongly suspect most financially secure people are helped along by inheritance or some other form of bequeathment which is never discussed or outright denied.

    My mum still controls everything. We refuse to give her the satisfaction, as much as we love her, to take credit for ANYTHING we achieve. We've attended better schools and had dream jobs, without her contacts intervention. It's a different kind of bliss.
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    I never grew up dreaming of a big princess wedding, babies or white picket fences.

    Ditto. Just a wedding ceremony. I did want the babies and the wrought iron/stone masonry fenced home.
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    I never played with dolls, barbies or stuffed animals growing up.

    Neither. Parents bought us Cabbage Patch, Disney and Stuffed animals to fill our rooms whilst we were at boarding school. Striking it rich late syndrome. Made sense to them. Lol.