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200 pounds and so much more

ChubbyMcChubfaceChubbyMcChubface Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
I hit the big milestone today that I've been looking forward to since I started my weight loss journey. 200 pounds lost. Well, 203 pounds to be exact. I've never really gotten emotional through out my weight loss journey but today after seeing that number I sat down and cried for a good 10 minutes. It still shocks and amazes me how different my life is now compared to where it was 18 months ago.

I'm really embarrassed to share personal stories with strangers, but my doctor encouraged me to post this, she figured it would do me good to tell others about what I went through. So here goes...

I've been fat my entire life. I weighed 300 pounds by the time I was 14 years old. My weight got in the way of a lot of things in my life. I rarely dated, didn't have many friends, preferred to stay in my home where people couldn't look at me. I never dreamed of getting married or starting a family. Who in their right mind would want to marry someone like me? In march of 2017 I weighed 485 pounds. I was an alcoholic. A smoker. A diabetic. I couldn't stop eating or drinking and I could feel my body breaking down. I was on 11 different medications for diabetes, heart issues, and a variety of other medical problems. I was 36 years old and I really expected I would die by the age of 40. Alone.

One day, during one of my many doctors visits for health problems, I broke down in front of my doctor after hearing yet another description of just how terrible a shape my body was in. I told her I felt hopeless and trapped and that no matter how much I thought I wanted to get better I just couldn't find the will power to stop eating and drinking and smoking. That I felt depressed and had resigned myself to the fact it was going to kill me. But my doctor said something that I hadn't really considered. That maybe I'm not depressed because I can't stop eating and drinking, but maybe I can't stop eating and drinking because I'm using them as a coping mechanism because I'm depressed. I had never really thought of myself as being depressed outside of my weight issues, but I went along with it. I started seeing a psychologist and taking an anti-depressant.

I've known a few people who suffered from depression, and who were on one or more anti-depressants and had been doing therapy, and it didn't really seem to help them, so I was skeptical. Nothing really changed for a while. But after about a month I noticed that I really didn't feel like drinking anymore. And without the alcohol I stopped smoking too since those went hand in hand for me. And then one day I realized I had a craving for vegetables. Which was weird. Ive always hated vegetables unless they were a garnish on pizza or a cheeseburger. But I started eating more veggies with every meal and I started noticing I wasn't feeling the desire to eat as often. And then one day I felt like getting a gym membership. I only spent 5 minutes working out my first day there, but at least it was something.

Each day I started making more and more small changes. And the weight started coming off. Fast. By July I decided I wanted to track my diet and exercise more precisely, so on June 30th I signed up with MFP and started tracking everything. Over time I kind of came up with my own diet which doesn't really follow any particular diet plan, and my own exercise routine which doesn't really follow any particular program, but it worked for me. Over time I felt my self confidence increasing. I felt like I could conquer anything - even my fear of dating.

Every day feels like it gets even better. I no longer take any medication other than the anti-depressant. My diabetes is diet controlled and in remission, and all of my other health issues have vanished. I enjoy going to the gym on a daily basis and love cooking with lots of vegetables and lean meats. I still enjoy cheeseburgers and pizza, and even the occasional drink with friends. I met and fell in love with the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life. And for some reason she seems to like me a lot too.

When I look at how my life is now, and how much potential the future holds, compared to how hopeless and lost I felt before, I feel like I'm looking back at someone else's memories. It's hard for me to believe that my life could flip in the complete other direction than it was heading, in such a short period of time.

I still have more to lose. My ultimate goal is to lose 300 pounds and get down to 185, but that may be a bit too much to try for. We'll see...

485 pounds, shortly before starting this journey:

427 pounds a few months into it:

282 pounds, today:


  • SunnyB0126SunnyB0126 Posts: 102Member Member Posts: 102Member Member
    Wow what an inspiring story.. happy for you!
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Posts: 213,720Member, Premium Member Posts: 213,720Member, Premium Member
    Absolutely amazing 👏
  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Posts: 6,871Member Member Posts: 6,871Member Member
    What great a story! Thank you for sharing.
  • MTOLOSE956MTOLOSE956 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Thank you for sharing your story with eyes got watery. You don't know the difference you are making by sharing.
  • jdubois5351jdubois5351 Posts: 461Member Member Posts: 461Member Member
    What a fantastic story! Thank you for sharing, it's so very inspiring. Anything is possible, if you really put your mind to it. You look great, awesome job!
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Posts: 617Member, Premium Member Posts: 617Member, Premium Member
    Oh wow! What a journey you've been on! Congrats on the loss and thanks for sharing your story!
  • bpotts44bpotts44 Posts: 1,057Member Member Posts: 1,057Member Member
    Congrats on the success!
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Posts: 1,057Member Member Posts: 1,057Member Member
    So pleased for you that you found the opportunity to seek proper support from your doctor and the strength to do what was necessary for your health. Super bonus that you met someone to share love with. Best of luck for the remaining push to goal and future maintenance - you definitely got this, just don't take your eye off the ball X
  • nabslilleynabslilley Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hi, just read your story, I joined today (properly) feeling like what I'm trying to do won't really work but trying anyway...having read you're story I feel inspired and much more positive, I think I can achieve it!! A super well done to you!!
  • juhishringi6juhishringi6 Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    Ur doing a great work congrts
  • mand1964mand1964 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Truly inspiring and shows that even where there seems to be no hope that you can change your life.
  • Trina2040Trina2040 Posts: 202Member, Premium Member Posts: 202Member, Premium Member
    So awesome that you need to change your name. . . no chubby face any longer! Congrats and kudos for sharing your story. You're an inspiration.
  • ktmiowaktmiowa Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Wow! this is what I needed to read today - thank you!
  • cjv73cjv73 Posts: 244Member, Premium Member Posts: 244Member, Premium Member
    Amazing story, congratulations!
  • times60times60 Posts: 204Member Member Posts: 204Member Member
    Your story is a true inspiration. So glad you shared it. I am having the toughest time trying to loose weight and reading this has given me hope. You are an amazing man and truly strong and determined. Enjoy every minute of life and love because you deserve it. Thank you for sharing
  • Tic78Tic78 Posts: 207Member Member Posts: 207Member Member
    Inspiring post, congrats and good luck for the future 💪👍
  • randielizabethwattsrandielizabethwatts Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    You look awesome! Amazing job!
  • Pratt35184Pratt35184 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    Wow! Great job and very inspiring. I think you may need a new screen name. 😊 You no longer have a chubby face just a handsome one. Good luck with your girlfriend and future!
  • YadaYadaYada64YadaYadaYada64 Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    Your story made my day. You obviously have a great sense of humor and can poke fun at yourself - believe me, girls love that. Best wishes to you and your girl. Enjoy your wonderful future!
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