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200 pounds and so much more



  • agrube1968agrube1968 Posts: 132Member Member Posts: 132Member Member
    Absolutly amazing! Thanks for sharing. Its so hard to share intimate personal details and feelings sometimes for fear of rejection or negative thoughts or comments but I applaud you for sharing with us; your story could help/inspire so many others!
  • 2run2ski2run2ski Posts: 133Member Member Posts: 133Member Member
    I'm so happy for you! The hardships you've overcome can definitely help people who are there. Don't be afraid to be honest...continue to share your story. Honesty, sincerity, and practical experience are powerful motivators.
  • lorrpblorrpb Posts: 10,116Member Member Posts: 10,116Member Member
    Congrats, so happy for you!
  • hobbitses333hobbitses333 Posts: 293Member Member Posts: 293Member Member
    Thank you for sharing such a personal and powerful story. What an accomplishment losing 200 lbs is. Inspiring!! I just know it is going to reach someone out here and help them through a tough time...
  • KrisRio8116KrisRio8116 Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
    Awesome! I'm so happy for you! 😀
  • GenGen1616GenGen1616 Posts: 29Member, Premium Member Posts: 29Member, Premium Member
    Really amazing success, congratulations! Very brave of you to share your story, I have no doubt you will meet your next goal and inspire others to do the same.
  • wannabesmaller2017wannabesmaller2017 Posts: 337Member Member Posts: 337Member Member
    Great job on getting healthy!! Thank you for sharing your story, you are very inspiring! 😊
  • 1PoisonIvy1PoisonIvy Posts: 840Member Member Posts: 840Member Member
    Thanks for sharing, fantastic job
  • kam26001kam26001 Posts: 2,453Member Member Posts: 2,453Member Member
    What a turnaround. Patient and doctor for the win.
  • tranquilgarden14tranquilgarden14 Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    You are amazing and I thank you for sharing your story. It really touched a chord with me and made me realize I needed to take my medicine as well. I have been in denial and your story is an inspiration! May God Bless you with good health and love.
  • Demander2015Demander2015 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    That is so awesome. And I thought I had problems. I have never had a smoke or drink in my life and I have always been a fruit and veggie lover but because of my slow metabolism and a penchant for sweetness, I had put on enormous amounts of weight. Club that with a sedentary job and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. I too felt hopeless and depressed. I too, felt like my body was breaking down. I too had lost all hope of ever losing weight.

    I had been to gyms before but they were always humiliating. I would have time to workout only in early mornings and at that time they were full of picture-perfect chiselled fitness buffs who loved making fun of me. The trainers were really stupid as they wanted to make me do the same cardio as everyone else did which was impossible. Therefore, I decided never to go to the gym again and carry on my journey in the safety and privacy of my home. I love to dance and found some dance workouts and decided to do them in the comfort of my home. The workouts were 40 minutes long but I would get winded after mere 5-7 minutes. But I didn't stop. I would pause, catch my breath and go again. It would take me 60-70 minutes to complete a 40-minute workout. I couldn't do a single jumping jack and would have sprains every 5 days. But I stuck with it.

    After about a month I felt like my body was getting worse than before. I couldn't even walk in my home without my knees buckling. I didn't know what was wrong. After much research, I decided to log my food. That's when I joined MFP and voila! I found that due to my vegetarian diet, I was not getting even 1/4th of my daily requirement of protein. That's when I completely switched up my diet adding eggs, tofu and other protein-rich foods. I did feel better after weeks of this, but according to MFP, I was still getting only half my RDA. That's when I added protein shakes to my diet and that was the first miracle. With cardio, yes, with just cardio, I could feel my muscles getting stronger too. And what was more, due to regular workouts, my depression was gone within a couple of months. I used to have trouble sleeping. That was gone, too. I had more energy, felt lighter on my feet and felt better everyday. I decided to follow a 1200 calorie diet and was really able to fine tune my meals. I discovered recipes that suited me and then, later invented ones specific to my needs and taste. My sweet tooth was gone, only to return once in a while when I would allow myself to indulge (still going only upto my BMR in calorie consumption). I lost 2 lbs per week.

    This went on for a year. The same workouts and meal plans producing miraculous results. But when I had lost around 50 lbs, I struck a plateau that just wouldn't break. I decided to increase the duration of my workouts to 60 minutes and even went up to 90 minutes. But nothing. Then, after much deliberation, I decided to try HIIT and mix that up with my workouts. And that was my second breakthrough! I started awkwardly, slowly, with multiple pause buttons. Where I couldn't do a single jumping jack before, today I do squat jumps, lunge jumps and burpees. This has also increased my tolerance for low-intensity cardio. This has got me going again at the same rate of weight loss after 2 months of stagnation.

    The next thing I am considering is weight training.

    Reading your story, though was very inspiring. It made me feel like talking about my journey too. Every single piece of clothing I own fails to fit me. And that fills me with pleasure! Whenever I visit my relatives, I am showered with compliments. I am still a long way from my target body and the climb gets steeper as you get closer to the top. And when the going gets really rough, I like to look back at the bottom and see how far I have come which gives me the heart to keep going. I hope you do too. I thought squat jumps were impossible just 6 months ago. And now, I can't get enough. Looking back, I can tell myself nothing is impossible. I don't think you achieving your target weight will be impossible either as long as you remain committed and keep reinventing yourself. Keep winning by losing.
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  • Oma827Oma827 Posts: 109Member Member Posts: 109Member Member
    You have inspired so many of us! Congratulations. Put your health first - it’s not selfish, it’s respectful of the body you were gifted with as a haven for a strong, determined soul. Best wishes!
  • Herb937Herb937 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Great job!! Keep on moving forward!!
  • allisonriveros1allisonriveros1 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    What a beautiful story! You have me sitting here crying. Keep on fighting and don’t give up, no matter what. What else can you achieve after coming this far? You are a true champion.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,192Member Member Posts: 24,192Member Member
    So glad you shared! What an awesome story you have!
  • CSARdiverCSARdiver Posts: 5,701Member Member Posts: 5,701Member Member
    Simply outstanding.

    Bravo Zulu Brother!
  • jonesitejonesite Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    Very inspirational, congratulations and keep enjoying your success!
  • pinuplovepinuplove Posts: 12,140Member Member Posts: 12,140Member Member
    Great story, and thank you so much for sharing what I know was a very personal journey for you :heart: It may very well help someone reading this who is struggling with depression as well.
  • StyggianStyggian Posts: 442Member Member Posts: 442Member Member
    great story, amazing result, congratulations
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 972Member Member Posts: 972Member Member
    What an amazing story, all the congrats in the world to you!!!
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