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200 pounds and so much more



  • jsb0726jsb0726 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    Congratulations on your success and Amazing job
  • SparkyTinmanSparkyTinman Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    Trina2040 wrote: »
    So awesome that you need to change your name. . . no chubby face any longer! Congrats and kudos for sharing your story. You're an inspiration.

    Agreed! SlimmyMcDreamy or some such thing would be far more appropriate. ...and would love to see that smile from your ‘before’ pic when you are ready to post it. Thanks so much for the post. You give us all hope and inspiration that we too can overcome 💪
  • jennywatjennywat Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational story! You should be so proud of yourself for the changes that you have made and being brave enough to try something different and make the change that made the difference for you.
  • ChubbyMcChubfaceChubbyMcChubface Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    Thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot!

    In response to a couple posts:

    - I'll make sure to smile in my next update :smiley:
    - I would change my username, but I had already changed it once so MFP won't allow me to change it again. Oh well.
  • MikeAndres1MikeAndres1 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
  • kgb6dayskgb6days Posts: 850Member Member Posts: 850Member Member
    I'm so happy for you! What an amazing story
  • sytchequeensytchequeen Posts: 430Member Member Posts: 430Member Member
  • etfanetfan Posts: 124Member, Premium Member Posts: 124Member, Premium Member
    Such an inspiring journey!
  • Debmal77Debmal77 Posts: 4,773Member Member Posts: 4,773Member Member
    Amazing transformation! Well done!
  • InHimLinInHimLin Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    You have accomplished something so amazing. Congratulations! So many people need to hear your story. They are stuck in a place where they see no way out. Overweight, depressed, no motivation to begin the change. You dug your way out one shovel full at a time and changed your health so you can live a long life, your appearance so you can have self esteem and feel confident, and your environment so you can go out into the world and make friends and fall in love. Blessings to you my friend.
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 972Member Member Posts: 972Member Member
    Wonderful achievement!!!!!
  • TheFutureMrsLewisTheFutureMrsLewis Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    Wow. You are such an inspiration and I'm sure many people do and will feel that way. Depression alone is a killer in less obvious ways. You have managed to kick multiple things and find yourself for the first time (I still haven't kicked the smoking). You are AMAZING :smile: and you deserve love and you deserve happiness and this wonderful woman you met loves you because you are you. Not because of your weight lost or anything, but because you are you. Thank you for sharing. I struggle with depression and this is so wonderful to read!
  • CheeseandcatsCheeseandcats Posts: 143Member Member Posts: 143Member Member
    Who is chopping onions over here?! You are so inspiring and you look wonderful. I'm so happy that life is way better for you now:-)
  • stheobald1111stheobald1111 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Good job. Very inspiring.
  • fbcarlsonfbcarlson Posts: 276Member Member Posts: 276Member Member
    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey! Congratulations on all of your success so far and good luck on the rest of your journey. You are going to make it!
  • Hockeydad1018Hockeydad1018 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    Absolutely killer job. Congrats on your journey and amazing results!
  • Mellykay88Mellykay88 Posts: 305Member Member Posts: 305Member Member
    You are a rock star!!
  • Great_MazingaGreat_Mazinga Posts: 202Member Member Posts: 202Member Member
    Congrats brother! What a milestone. I clicked your thread because of the 200lbs. That is approximately my ultimate goal loss. I know what you've been through. I started at 397. What broke it for me, was the realization that I was about to broach 400lbs. It was an arbitrary ceiling, but one I was determined not to breach. I am only down 104lbs so far, so it is encouraging to see someone who has done it and lost more. Thanks for sharing!
  • MDL1418MDL1418 Posts: 45Member Member Posts: 45Member Member
    You make me smile. Your story is amazing and your determination and willingness to achieve are going to take you even further. I can do nothing but wish you continued success. Great work!
  • mulecantermulecanter Posts: 1,388Member Member Posts: 1,388Member Member
    Really interesting and inspirational story. I think many men have depression but it is undiagnosed and untreated as they power through it. A good lesson for men of all weights.
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