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    Happy birthday, Okie! And Rye, yes, the brand is Polaner All-Fruit - here's the list for one of them from their website: "juice concentrates (pear, grape, pineapple), raspberries, water, fruit pectin, citric acid, natural flavor." They sweeten only with other juices. The only sugars in it are the sugar found naturally in fruit. My mom, who was also diabetic, used it a lot.

    Lisa from AR,
    Safely in Midland, TX for the next three days

    See y'all in the October thread!
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    :)Katla, I'm glad to hear about the progress you are making riding Arrow and the resolve you have to keep getting better. Persistence and tenacity are so often the key to success and progress.

    :)Okie, t3304.gif
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    Thanks Lisa and Kayla!

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    Happpyyyyyyyyy bdayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
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    Thanks Barbie and Pip!

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    Okie - Happy Birthday! <3 What a fun brunch, sounded great. Hope you are getting nice cooler weather and it sticks around, lol.

    - did you say you have a birthday coming up this week??? If so, here's an early Happy Birthday for you! <3

    Cool SW WA State
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    Happy Birthtday Okie :flowerforyou:
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    Thanks Lanette! It isn’t quite as hot, only in the mid 80’s. Today was humid! Yuck! We definitely worked up a sweat cleaning up in the garage and shop! I’m so very happy to have that accomplished. It’s one of those things not very noticeable, but to me, it’s huge!

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    Thanks Margaret!
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    Happy birthday Okieeeeee!!💗
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    Okie- Happy Birthday <3

    I have a special request of some of you that gave me great advice on what to do about my special assessment fee. My husband and I have been worried sick over it the last week and did some research and wrote a letter. The meeting is tomorrow at 6 PM. If you are able to read the letter and give me any advice it would be very much appreciated! I have to go by myself because my husband is farming and cannot get away. Otherwise prayers and good wishes are very much welcome from everyone!

    Have a great evening everyone!


    Mary from Minnesota \ Arizona
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    Happy birthday Okie! Puppy is in heat. Vet wanted her to go through one heat cycle before spaying so now we will be able to do that soon.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Okie and maybe Heather??? g34004.gif
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    Thank you Rebecca, Mary, Sue and Karen

    You ladies are the best!

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    Did part of the Caribbean Workout Pilates Plus DVD. Vince got up early since he’s going to the Roval today. The guys should be here soon, too. The plan for tomorrow is to do some hula hoop, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class.

    Katla – congrats on your reappointment!

    While Vince is at the race today, I’m thinking that I’ll attempt to plant those bulbs

    M – I am so impressed how you keep wanting to learn new things. That’s just wonderful!

    Tracey and Barbara – When it comes to exercise, I like being in a group. But I also like being able to do it on my own schedule. The other plus is that the clothes I wear when I workout at home, I wouldn’t be caught dead in. My sports bra has a rip on the side, it’s all gray, but it works to keep the girls in and that’s all I care about. I can wear my underwear, etc.

    Lisa in AR – way to go girl with that loss!!!!

    Lisa in TN – This IS a great group of women

    Deb – welcome!

    Okie – happy birthday

    Vince went to the Roval and one of the things I did was plant these bulbs. Now will they come up? If god lets them. Then I did more work on cleaning out the spa. Seems there’s some algae so I used a Mr. Clean scrub to just wipe the seat down. Don’t know how much it’s going to help. Saw the end of the Roval, I thought there might be a big crash but there wasn’t.

    Mary – I know that I’m being a real nit-picker, but in #4 it should state “applied to THE same class”. I know this is a small thing, but typos like this make it look like you didn’t proofread, and you want to come across as a professional. Also, all numbers under 10 should be spelled out, therefore the numbers in #6 should be one, not 1 and two, not 2. I know this is a real pickey thing. Shouldn’t #3 read “of THE project”? Also “Minnesota legislatures” should be “legislature’s” because it is possessive, not plural. Should “special assessment” be “special assessments” – is it plural? I’d suggest changing the wording of that sentence. Something like “As stated in the Minnesota legislature’s ruling on special assessments, we believe this process was incorrectly initiated as seen in the link below” then give that first link. “Additional information can also be found at xxxx” #3 – WHAT clearly states?
    Under expectations: I am confused by #2, are you asking how many different companies bid on the project and what their bids were? Or are you asking which companies bid on the project? Check the number 20,149. In one place you have a comma after the 20 and in the other you have a period. I know these are really small things.

    Michele in NC
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    Thanks Michelle!
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    Michele- thanks! I will make those corrections! We read it over and over then my husband had to go to bed because his shift for farming starts at 2AM!

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    :) It's almost bedtime for me so I've posted the new thread of October. I hope that you will all find the new thread, bookmark it so you can find it again, and continue this journey with me.

    Here is the link:

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    Okie: Happy Birthday. So glad you got DH to declutter with you. Just love that accomplished feeling.

    Barbara: Glad you have a plan for rehabbing your back. You have opened my eyes to Skye terriers--adorable!!!

    Michele: For some reason your last two posts are showing as blank boxes on my version of this thread. Does anyone know what causes this?

    Just watched Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown to Asturias, Spain. I have always loved this series, but this particular episode had a beauty and pathos that hit me in the heart. Thought of Heather when they visited the cheese caves.

    I took the day off from exercising so eating very lightly for dinner tonight. Will be back in the gym tomorrow, followed by Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown. It's really more body weight training than yoga...but hey, I need both, so will try to keep it up weekly.

    See you all on the October thread. Stay well, friends. We can do this.

    Colorado Foothills
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    Thanks Lisa and Kayla!


    I used to use the All Fruit regularly, a bit more pricey, but I enjoyed it.

    Janetr OKC