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The Healthier Me: My Journey from 600lbs



  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,820 Member Member Posts: 3,820 Member
    You've got us all on the edges of our seats cheering you on! You are off to a great start and I can't wait to see what good things happen next.
  • nutmegoreonutmegoreo Member Posts: 15,514 Member Member Posts: 15,514 Member
    Please do keep updating. You can do it. I'm happy you have support at home, and the community here is also incredibly supportive. For some additional inspiration:
  • rdmitchrdmitch Member Posts: 278 Member Member Posts: 278 Member
    Thank you for sharing, consider us your cheerleaders. Here to support you at every turn you make.
    Looking forward to watching your progress and motivating us all.
  • singingfluteladysingingflutelady Member Posts: 8,692 Member Member Posts: 8,692 Member
  • AliNouveauAliNouveau Member Posts: 35,281 Member Member Posts: 35,281 Member
    Wow what a story. Good for you for deciding to change. What a wonderfuk beginning to a new and exciting chapter of your life
  • BeautyDollBeautyDoll Member Posts: 86 Member Member Posts: 86 Member
    Stay focused but most of all... ENJOY THE JOURNEY! You can do it!
  • Womanofworth12Womanofworth12 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Keep up the great work and you got this!
  • dejavuohlaladejavuohlala Member Posts: 2,016 Member Member Posts: 2,016 Member
    You have got that feeling which tells me you will do this this time round. You have done great and I would like to watch your progress. You must do this for yourself and your child who wants their daddy around for a long time. I wish you all the very best of luck
  • shawnaleigh210shawnaleigh210 Member Posts: 112 Member Member Posts: 112 Member
    Congratulations!!! Your story is so inspiring, and you’re off to an amazing start! I look forward to seeing more updates from you! Keep up the awesome work! ;)
  • girlwithcurls2girlwithcurls2 Member Posts: 1,948 Member Member Posts: 1,948 Member
    So many people here cheering you on. Stay the course. Live with the grace you would give someone else on those hard days when you mess up or backslide. Keep at it. You're doing great and you can take this all the way. :heart:
  • lk2011lk2011 Member Posts: 153 Member Member Posts: 153 Member
    Inspiring! I also have this bookmarked. Keep up the good fight and update us on your amazing journey. ❤️
  • MyEvolvingJourneyMyEvolvingJourney Member Posts: 339 Member Member Posts: 339 Member
    Great job! I'm excited to see your update!
  • stewarm01stewarm01 Member Posts: 331 Member Member Posts: 331 Member
    Thanks. You got this!!!!
  • jst1986jst1986 Member, Premium Posts: 160 Member Member, Premium Posts: 160 Member
    The start is the hardest part - you can do this!!
  • kmfeig87kmfeig87 Member Posts: 1,596 Member Member Posts: 1,596 Member
    Thanks for sharing! You can do this, one day at a time! The community is cheering you on and here to support you!
  • gdionelligdionelli Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Congrats on loving yourself enough to do this. It sounds like you are going about it in a great way!
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