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The Healthier Me: My Journey from 600lbs



  • melstellmelstell Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    best of luck!! <3
  • keodell1966keodell1966 Member Posts: 139 Member Member Posts: 139 Member
    One day ( and yes one meal) at a time. Great job!!!
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Member Posts: 1,115 Member Member Posts: 1,115 Member
    Well done! "New lifestyle" is the magic word - doing my best for 176 days.
  • hollyk57hollyk57 Member Posts: 527 Member Member Posts: 527 Member
    Such an inspiring post! Best of luck to you on this journey - I can't wait to hear the updates and progress. Congratulations for taking the first steps to taking your life back <3
  • workinonit1956workinonit1956 Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Just saw this and I’m joining in the cheering section!!! All the best to you on your journey, sounds like you’re off to a great start!
  • MishilovescoloursMishilovescolours Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
    I’m very happy for you and glad you have come to this stage of your life where you feel now is the time. Every day and every step is a step closer. Also look at it as a lifestyle thing rather than a diet. Keep up the great work and you will get there. And keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care and all the best x
  • EliteCoachKalEliteCoachKal Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Congratulations on hitting that threshold and deciding to take action! The hardest part is over. It's all mindset from here, brother. You've got this.
  • dfoskey60dfoskey60 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Your story is inspirational. Would love to see how you do. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm am 200pounds over what I'm suppose to be. Dr has given me 6months to loose around 100 pounds. I'm just starting this journey and I'm 3days in. Looking for any ideas help that I can get. I am needing back surgery and can not get it done until the weight is off.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Member Posts: 26,958 Member Member Posts: 26,958 Member
    Are you still with us, @justintorres2012?
  • KPlauntKPlaunt Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    It all starts with that first step, and you've taken that. You are off and running now! Best of luck to you:)
  • ItAintMagicItAintMagic Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    Can't wait to see your progress!
  • SisterSueGetsFitSisterSueGetsFit Member Posts: 1,155 Member Member Posts: 1,155 Member
    Keep up the good work and great attitude. You can do this.
  • peaches183peaches183 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    I understand just how you feel. I went through something that made me shut down and not want to do anything. Then the weight came. Now I am trying to get myself where I need to be. No motivation in my life so I try as hard as I can and listen to music to help me. Keep posting your progress. You got this!!!!!!!💪💪💪
  • thejaylenbrownthejaylenbrown Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Would you mind sharing your crust-less pot pie recipe? I'm diabetic and LOVE anything lower carb! Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow!
  • megnfreymegnfrey Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Truly inspiring. Keep posting updates. Everyone is rooting for you!
  • try2againtry2again Member Posts: 3,560 Member Member Posts: 3,560 Member
    Any update on that appointment or in general?
  • RedStickdadRedStickdad Member Posts: 156 Member Member Posts: 156 Member
    Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see your progress.
  • ShayCarver89ShayCarver89 Member Posts: 239 Member Member Posts: 239 Member
    You can do it!!
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