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    KAREN: Those are too funny!

    HEATHER: I know nothing about Great Britain so am wondering if you will be able to visit your cancer friend easily. I know your visits mean so much to her! So glad you have people to pack you up!

    LISA: Great getting to sleep in your new home.

    I could not sleep at all last night. Very bad reflux and worry about getting the tv/internet moved without being too costly. So, I just tossed and turned and will try to take a nap later! This has been a very costly month for me.

    Carol in GA
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    spikeyhair wrote: »
    LANETTE is the Broken Brain docu series the same one we saw earlier this year

    HEATHER forgot to say I read the decluttering book you recommended and I have done a lot of clearing out cupboards and drawers. It really was a lightbulb moment for me

    Kate UK <3

    Kate - I believe it's the same Broken Brain that played earlier this year. If it is, Episode 3 is the one I really took to heart - a lot about how diet and exercise help folks with dementia and Alzheimers. And it mentioned Dr. Bredesen's studies.

    SW WA State
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    :heart: Margaret
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    Morning ladies
    I'm up and dropped everything off at Tom's ,down here feeding my FIL and then off grocery shopping...
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    Raining again........thinking of Heather and Lisa and so happy for them. Going to pick up the next book for my book club from my friend. It is called The Great Alone. Good day for reading as it is too rainy to do anything outside. Suppose to play golf but that is cancelled.
    Have a great day.
    SueBDew in TX
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    SUE: The news was talking about flooding in Austin. Do you live near there. I have a cousin whose whole family lives in Austin.
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    Lisa - FANTASTIC! How great to be sleeping in your new home! It probably feels really strange at the moment, but soon you will feel like you've been there forever. :D

    Carol - Yes, trains from Brighton take 50 mins to London and there are direct trains from Hove station. If I catch my very local train I have to change at Brighton, but it's only a few minutes journey.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    :)Lisa, What joy for you to be arranging your office and the rest of your life in your new home. I am so happy for you.

    :)Heather, You have been an inspiration to all of us in the way you have walked through all the uncertainty and the reducing of possessions needed to finally be able to move to Hove.

    :)Allie, It's time to focus on your gratitude list instead of thinking about what was good about going to Florida with Tom. Your life is so much better without him.

    :) I had a great walk this morning--first both dogs and me, then both dogs and my friend, then Sasha and my friend, then just Sasha and me...over 7000 steps.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    Barbie- you are right...
    Right now I am home from grocery shopping,but bought lots of good things...
    I am at Tom's house and have set up the Alfie cam so that I can keep an eye on them when I am gone...
    I am thrilled to be here with the boys all 3 at once and Alfie is enjoying the fenced in back yard. It is a bit chilly but have the back door open a crack so he can go back and forth..
    I have signed up to volunteer to help next Friday for Halloween on main St down at the nursing home...
    Homer is thrilled and is on my lap and Aflie can't get enough of the outside...😁
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    Son's room is done awaiting his arrival. I'll take a pic later. It looks Japanese!💗. I took out his childhood stuffed cats and put them on the bed.
    Had a banana bread mini loaf, and getting ready to head to the commissary.

    Going to be a long day!!!
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    :)Rebecca, I am so happy for you that you will be able to spend time with your son before he goes to Japan.

    :)Allie, what a happy thought of you together with all three dogs. Gratitude has always been my solution for moments of self pity of sadness....also volunteering to help people who are not able to do things for themselves.
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    Heather & Lisa - so happy for you both! Glad that you will be settled in soon!

    Rebecca- it's sounds like you have set up your sons room to make him very happy and comfortable!

    Allie- it sounds like you are very happy with all of your fur babies!

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    "Machka - So happy for you, and him, that he has made such great progress. It is a tribute to his strength and fitness, and your devoted care, that he has done so well. I'm sure the cycling is contributing greatly to his recovery. I know there are still challenges, and probably always will be, but I can remember that terrible blackness and despair you were in earlier in the year. It looked so very bad. The brain is so very much more flexible than we once thought, thank goodness, and you have been a great team. Well done!" Heather said this so much better than I ever could have!
    Heather, congrats on only one waking hour during the night! I suspect that once the move is done, you will have less sleepless nights, so happy for you and your hubby.
    Lisa, Woohoo! So nice to spend the first night in your "new" home! Great big smile on my face reading your post!
    More to come, I'm sure, just doing this one page at a time so as not to lose my post!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    has anyone heard from Wendy or Penny? DJ? hope all are well miss there input..
    well we all took a nice nap, then I enjoyed soaking in a tub .. all i have is a stand up shower...fed the boys and took them a walk, kinda hard to walk 3 dogs with on retractable leashes lol, but it can be done with some fancy footwork..the boys are thrilled that I am here and spending so much time with them,...and I am enjoying them :)
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    Very late checking in today, I had to drive an hour and a half away to pick up a proposal to drop off at a clients this morning and the guy I was meeting moved the time ahead by one hour in the middle of the night. I made the drive in one hour, thankfully no speeding tickets were gotten.

    Lenora - My brother bought a generator a few years ago after having a power outage that lasted for 7 days. He said it's his insurance that he never has another power outage now.

    Machka - Great news about your husband. I started on this post shortly after he was injured it looked so dire at the time.

    Heather - When do you actually move? I bet you are so excited!

    Lisa - It must be so nice to be in your own house now, do you have to do a lot of cleaning at the old place yet?

    Allie - I would never survive with just a shower, I feel so claustrophobic in them. I prefer baths. You must be in heaven with the dogs.

    Tracey in a sunny Edmonton