Lose 20lbs by Feb 1st Accountability Buddies



  • karabellaluna
    karabellaluna Posts: 6 Member
    I’m in ! Trying to go back to my previous weight before my two miscarriages! 170lbhx61kdv4nuap.jpeg
  • MissTeriAnn
    MissTeriAnn Posts: 68 Member
    Well today is Tuesday and I ate out again :( I feel really bad. I kept under my calorie goals though. Tomorrow I plan on eating really light to make up for the fried chicken sandwich I had for dinner.

    Bright side: I’m on day two of the T25 Alpha. I’m really sore and I get a great sweat out of it!

    Can’t give up!
  • MissTeriAnn
    MissTeriAnn Posts: 68 Member
    Tab122377 wrote: »
    I am in. I need accountability. I had lost over 20lbs in the past in fall 2015 found out surprise we expecting our 4th child. In January 2016 my father had accident due to sepsis, Jan 2nd pulled the plug, in Feb found out we we're having a daughter. After 3 boys we having a little girl. On July 13, 2016 would came crashing down when we heard I sorry there is no heart beat at 38 weeks 6 days. I been trying to focus on what i eat to be healthy for my boys.
    I’m sorry for your losses. Be gentle on yourself and do whatever pace works for you ❤️

  • gojolida
    gojolida Posts: 53 Member
    this seems like a really great, attainable goal! mind if i play along?
  • janjoemo
    janjoemo Posts: 38 Member
    Was feeling good yesterday, then my team at work had surprise lunch (fried chicken wings and cake, rice etc) to thank me for boss day. So nice of them, but not good for my goals. Today is better, but not going to get me where I need to be if I don’t step up the exercise as well.
  • mellee27
    mellee27 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in, small goals get me through.
    Starting weight 260
    Goal 240
  • Amara411
    Amara411 Posts: 54 Member
    I'm in ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼
    SW 177.6
    GW 157.6
    UGW 125
  • Running2Fit
    Running2Fit Posts: 702 Member
    I hit 5 lbs lost this morning! I had a bad week last and gained so I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. I’m so close to the 150s, I was hoping I would break into them this month but I think I’m going to fall just short of that goal.

    SW: 190
    Oct SW: 167.1
    CW: 162.1
    GW: 115
  • lesockie
    lesockie Posts: 79 Member
    Add me and hold me accountable! I posted some start photos on my status the other day... Probably 35% body fat :( Now I need to follow through with the end photos! 5'-8, SW=181, GW=160 and then re-evaluate
  • f8eee
    f8eee Posts: 1 Member
    I am in!
    CW: 164lbs
    Goal by Feb: 144
    End goal by the end of next year: 110-120lbs.
    Hopefully this would be a great thing to keep me motivated and be on track.
  • kitscats1563
    kitscats1563 Posts: 18 Member
    Last week was also a bad week for me! My first week and didn't lose any weight! However, this week has started out great Lost 4.6 lbs since Monday, and only 0.4 lbs to hit the 5 lb goal for Oct. Sunday's my weigh-in day and will
    post results afterwards.

    Heaviest weight: 400 lbs
    Challenge start weight: 294 ( joined MFP Oct 10)
    Challenge goal weight: 274
    Ultimate goal weight: 198

    I'm 6" ft and want to see how I feel at 198 lbs, and then go from there if needed.
  • Lukdbestucan16
    Lukdbestucan16 Posts: 168 Member
    Ok I want in too. 20lbs for February works for me😊
  • kitscats1563
    kitscats1563 Posts: 18 Member
    Welcome! pawatson61, holidays are hard for just about everyone in one way or another. You can do this!! Even as the holidays roll around. I plan to enjoy the good food/treats, but hopefully in moderation!! We got this! 😁🌷
  • thyers12e
    thyers12e Posts: 6 Member
    Add me I want in :):):):):)
  • MissTeriAnn
    MissTeriAnn Posts: 68 Member
    How’s everyone doing so far? It’s Friday night, almost midnight. Any plans for the weekend that involve exercise activities? I love hiking but haven’t done one since I was 6 months pregnant. My baby is three months now. Maybe I’ll find a nice trail and walk it on Saturday!

    Have a great weekend!:)
  • maiemunches
    maiemunches Posts: 4 Member
    I’m in! I’ve fallen off the wagon in the past week and need people to kick me up the backside to get back on it properly!!
    CW: 264
    I need to get back in the gym desperately, and definitely need to go Monday! I’m thinking about making it a rule on days I don’t have lectures that as soon as I wake up within 30 minutes, I need to have my butt in the gym!
  • doowa
    doowa Posts: 23 Member
    I haven't been logging but thought I was doing ok.. not as well as I should. Got on the scale this morning and weight is up. I mean way up 😡
    How is that even possible????
  • JuliBiGoolee
    JuliBiGoolee Posts: 204 Member
    Weekly weigh in:
    SW beginning of this challenge: 204.4
    10/7: 206.7
    10/14: 203.6
    10/21: 202.4
    10/28: 201.6
    Slow and steady, ill take it.