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Before and After Photos - Throw 'em up!



  • benjaminD02benjaminD02 Posts: 101Member Member Posts: 101Member Member
  • Pool_BoyPool_Boy Posts: 255Member Member Posts: 255Member Member
    @tracybbledsoe awesome progress. We are neighbors, I am in the Upstate.
  • HufflepuffGrl9HufflepuffGrl9 Posts: 291Member Member Posts: 291Member Member

    What an incredible transformation!!! 🤩🙌🤩🙌🤩💫✨ you lost sooooo many inches around your waist!! You look amazing!!!!
    edited September 2019
  • neilwijneilwij Posts: 1,035Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,035Member, Premium Member
    I hit goal weight this weekend. I'm five feet tall so was carrying around a lot of extra weight for my height.

    I had given away most of my "before" clothes because nothing fits anymore, but for some reason I still had the same shirt I wore in my before photo, so I took a photo in that this weekend.

    This is inspirational! Well done! 😁
  • SlimbymoothsSlimbymooths Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    Wow, what a transformation. May I ask how tall you are?
  • aldiseva307aldiseva307 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    Wow, what a transformation. May I ask how tall you are?

    I'm not sure you're asking me, but you commented below me so I'll just answer 😅
    I'm 171 cm, its between 5'7 and 5'8 I think
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