1200 is not enough!

So for about 6 months now I've been trying my darndest to stick to a 1200 calorie diet. On days I workout, I do add back in the extra calories.... but on days I don't... 1200 is so hard!

I did this based on the recommendation of my trainer, along with macros of 50%p/25%c/25%f. Most days I do alright, although it's probably more realistically 45%p/20%c/35%f. I don't know that my trainer has any kind of nutrition background.

They also keep pitching a "meal prep plan" to me, where they have meals made and delivered the beginning of the week. When I look at these meals I realize if I did their plan, NO WAY would I be within the limits that we originally discussed.

My weightloss has not been significant. During the day I'm very sedentary. I have a job that doesn't require much movement. In the evenings I'm either at the gym for an hour, at soccer practice (I coach) for 90+ minutes, doing housework (moving around) or a plethera of combinations.

Could I maybe not be eating enough? Could I be hurting myself rather than helping?

I know I'm opening myself up to all kinds of criticisms... that's ok. I'm just frustrated and want to try and "fix" it.

Any and all suggestions/opinions welcome. Thank you!


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    What's your current height and weight? I'm at 1,280 per day losing a pound a week, but I am straight up sedentary, 5'1'', and 165 pounds. If you're any taller, your sedentary days might be more. What does MFP say when you put in your stats?
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    1200 calories is really low. It is hard to stick to and probably not necessary.

    Two things people will ask:

    How tall are you, how much weight are you needing to lose to get into a healthy body weight?

    ...and...please open your FOOD diary for us to try to troubleshoot. FOOD > Settings, scroll down, click "Public."
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    I appreciate all of the help/input - diary is open.

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    funjen1972 wrote: »
    You'll get lots of feedback on your post. I am absolutely no expert but I have two comments:

    1. I don't trust anyone with a secondary agenda, such as selling me a meal plan. You're paying your trainer to improve your physique, not for a sales pitch.

    2. Under eating does not stop weight loss. Otherwise there would be no such thing as starving kids in 3rd world countries or anorexia.

    I suspect you are either eating more than you think or burning less calories than you account for through exercise. Maybe a combination of both.

    To your #1 - I tell them all the time I'm not buying their crap LOL!!! <3 I do like the protein powder, meal replacement shakes they sell though, so they got me there (when I can't find it cheaper elsewhere)
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    I am no expert, but I would go crazy on such low carbs, especially when the kcal are so low:)

    I've tried sticking to 1200kcal but it was just too hard, I was starving all the time...I increased kcal to 1400 and I feel much better now.
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    I was on 1200 cal for 7 months and went from 259lbs to 193.5lbs, so lost 65.5lbs, once i got into the 180's, I have upped to 1400. Currently 187 with a goal of 161 - 165. I had a digital scale since day 1 and weighed everything religiously, it was hard at first.