1200 is not enough!



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    I found some things hard to find that had that green checkmart AND the option of 1g or 100g as a unit - but I'll work on it!

    I found out the the green check marks are pretty bogus. They don’t mean the entry is verified for accuracy. The green check marks are applied to user entries when an algorithm determines the entry is “complete”, not “accurate”. Often times they are incorrect. For example, the green check mark for cauliflower shows that 1 fl oz of cauliflower is 700 calories.

    Sometimes the non-check marked ones are better and I end up having to add in a lot of entries myself.
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    You’ve done amazing. Congrats on the weight loss. Your rate of loss is great!

    I’d second measuring absolutely everything on a food scale for a week or two. I don’t use ‘cups’ myself as I find the calories was often way out. If you prefer the simplicity, weigh once, tip into a cup to get a good idea on eye-balling it and just check back that’s it’s still the right serving size now and again. For high calorie items, I’d always use the food scale. Getting it wrong can add calories fast.
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    Ok. Looked at the diary. You seem fairly active. Let me ask the question. Why did you chose 1200?

    Also, i noticed that you aren't using your "earned" calories for exersize fully. Perhaps you do need to go a little higher

    MyFitnessPal chose my 1200 calories and my trainer agreed with it so I went with it.

    I like to leave a buffer with the earned calories - In case it's tracked too high or whatever... and I don't like to eat late at night, so If I workout and eat dinner at 7/730, chances are I won't snack again before bed.
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    I do 1200 or less--I try not to do less very often. And whenever I stop losing, I up the calories just a tad and exercise a little more, which for me isn't all that much, because I'm pretty sedentary as a writer and also because I'm 66 and have some physical restrictions. Usually, though, the extra calories get my metab going again, and the exercise (kettlebells) helps me get past the plateau. There'll be a really good loss for a few weeks, and then...repeat!