What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • herringboxes
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    It’s time to start lifting weights. Come on. Get started.
    “I don’t want to.”

    Literally lifting weights rn.
    “Kill me.”

    Done lifting weights.
  • AnnPT77
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    Of course it was rowing again, engine room (2 seat) of the quad, so I blessedly got to do technical work instead of focusing on steering (as one does in bow, my frequent spot). Bow rower wanted continuous row bridge to bridge, moderate steady state more or less. Stroke rower set a steady 20spm (not high).

    In that context, on all but a few bow-called steering strokes, I focused on getting as good suspension as I could all the way from catch to finish (unweighting glutes on the seat so they can work best, among other benefits). That's more work, but at a 20 it was only running around Z3 for me. I was also working on breathing, mostly a hold on the drive but a strong exhale at the finish.

    Suspension = weight hangs between foot-stretcher and handles, just keeping enough glutes on the seat lightly so one doesn't lose control of it. This can be practiced on the rowing machine as well as in a boat. In the boat, it depends on good enough bladework to get a solid connection with the water at the catch. In both boat and machine, sequencing the legs-body-arms properly is important.

    It was pretty fun. I like engine room.

    No row tomorrow, there's a head race on our river. I'm volunteering, not competing.
  • laurachambers86
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    Couldn't give blood last night in the end because I'm on antibiotics. But on the plus side that meant I could go hard at the gym this morning. Full body workout, focus mainly on legs (core was aching after pilates yesterday!) - bosu ball squats, leg press, seated leg curls - and various other weighted exercises.
  • _John_
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    Had some physical days at my job. Shoehorned my push/pull workouts into one and went light. 7ish RIR on everything

    2x10 standing OHP
    2x10 Pendlay rows
    2x 10 machine/cable chest presses done as far down as I felt comfortable (so past chest a bit at bottom)
    2x10 lat pull-down
    2x10 superset with leg extensions and leg curls
  • Crystal967848
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    Strength trainging day
    40 minutes recumbent bike
  • Djproulx
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    Runhouse wrote: »
    3.79 mile "jog" today. Ate leftover pizza afterwards 😭

    ....but it was tasty

    Former marathoner working my way back to half marathon shape. Or maybe even 10K

    Welcome. Lots of folks, including me, in similar circumstances. Fall is a great time to restart.
  • Djproulx
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    Joined two friends for an early am bike ride. We launched a bit before 8am and it was very chilly at the start. The route ran through a mostly wooded section along a river. The early am river mist and fog was uncomfortable until the sun burned it off. We covered 24 miles in 1hour 22 minutes, or just about a 17mph pace.

    This week should be great for running and cycling, given the forecast for sunny days and temps in the high 70's.
  • laurachambers86
    laurachambers86 Posts: 143 Member
    Spin class this morning, first time since August I think, had to push through but am glad I did!

    Also managed a 40 minute walk. No horse ride as my horse is still lame :(
  • hcalhoun22
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    Today is my active recovery day so I walked 2.16 miles on the treadmill.
  • laurachambers86
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    Bit sore from spin class yesterday so did some elliptical to loosen up, then went for my usual full body routine. Did some squats and hip mobility but didn't go too hard on lower body. Did some bridges with weights and lots of upper arms - tricep curls, rows, overhead dumbbell press. Finished with 45 minutes of yin yoga. Felt really good to get everything stretched out. Am feeling very motivated the past few days after being under the weather but not going to push it, tomorrow is a planned rest day and will stay a rest day! I am starting to see results from a good 6 months of consistency so I think that's where the extra motivation has come from.
  • nossmf
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    Weights: Upper Power

    Bench Press 5x5
    Cable Row 5x5
    DB Press <superset> DB Row 5x5
    Seated Smith OHP <superset> BB Shrugs 3x8
    Cable Pushdown <superset> Preacher Curl 3x8


    Weights: Lower Power

    Rack Pull 5x5
    BB Hip Thrust 5x5
    One-Leg Press 3x8
    Seated Leg Curl 3x8
    Seated Calf Extension 4x12
    Cable Crunch 4x10


    Cardio: Elliptical hills, one hour, 800 calories
  • AnnPT77
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    Same row in bow of the double, same river, beautiful day. It'll do. ;)
  • _John_
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    Push day

    3x10 incline press
    2x15 machine flys
    2x10 weighted dips
    3x15 seated skullcrushers
    1x failure body weight dips done immediately after skullcrushers
  • janicemlove
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    Yesterday: a quick run on the TM, 20 mins. I'm getting over a sinus infection I've had for 6 wks and getting back into things slowly.
  • laurachambers86
    laurachambers86 Posts: 143 Member
    Scheduled gym day today but really wasn't feeling it this morning. Very rarely cry off from planned sessions but I did today :# I did some yoga instead and have also been for an hour's walk this afternoon.

    I do tend to beat myself up when I miss a gym session, and I don't know why, definitely something I need to work on!