What Was Your Work Out Today?



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    drmwc wrote: »
    I went climbing yesterday. It was fun; I got a few and fell off more.

    I tested myself for COVID today; I'm positive. So I guess I've won a week off climbing and a month off diving. (A few people from the weekend's diving trip were positive, so I thought I should test. I'm asymptomatic so far.)

    @drmwc, I hope it stays asymptomatic or at least very mild! From all I've read, it seems to be a good idea to be very moderate and cautious with exercise activity during & post Covid, to maybe reduce chances of longer-term issues. It sounds like you have a good plan. I'm beaming well-wishes in your direction!
  • nossmf
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    Lower Power

    Rack Pull 5x5
    BB Hip Thrust 5x5
    One-Leg Press 5x5 <superset> Leg Press Calf Extend 5x15
    Cable Crunch 3x10

    Added two more warmup sets to my rack pull, made all the difference in the world. Not only did first couple sets NOT feel like a grind, but had to resist the impulse to add weight. Maybe next time...
  • bryantparson
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    15 min on elliptical
    Bench 5 x 12 on 3 min intervals
    Assisted pullup 5 x 6 on 2 min intervals
    Incline press 5 x 12 on 2 min intervals
    Bent over barbell row 5 x 8 on 2 min intervals.
  • Peloton- upperbody w/weights
  • AnnPT77
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    Tuesday, so back to RowErg, the same 3 x 2k, 1 x 1k, plus 2' row in/out between the pieces and a 3' CD. Total of 8,296m including the row in/outs and cool down, average 19spm and 2:33.2 pace on the pieces. Bumped up into Z4 for less than a minute toward the end with HR drift, but 76% Z3 and remainder below.

    I wasn't feeling it tonight, had a much busier day than expected for unpredictable reasons, but sad history has taught me that if I get behind during the Holiday Challenge, catch-up is brutal.
  • mtaratoot
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    Walk through ice-fog into town to check mail and back. No more than three miles round trip

    Escaped the fog and swam 32 laps (1600 yards) indoors. It felt good. Sauna after was also good. Sun even decided to break through early afternoon when I was leaving. I rode the bike out for a pint with friends later. Bundled up and cycled back home and didn't hit any frozen leaves. Scary time of year for cycling. In a few days we'll start getting rain and a bit more seasonal temperatures. If it would just get colder for longer it actually wouldn't FEEL so cold. I think 38 degrees and raining is colder than 25 degrees if it hasn't been above freezing for several days and the air has dried out.

    It would be a beautiful time to go paddling, but I am still waiting for my repaired drysuit to come home so I can be safe in the weather.
  • nolongergordo
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    This morning it's 3 sets of push-ups until failure, usually averaging 30 each, then biceps 3x33 and a quick run.
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    cardio exercises.
  • nossmf
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    Slept through my gym alarm, no Wednesday elliptical session for me this week. Not the worst thing in the world for somebody looking to "bulk" I guess. Got a little cardio in anyway, since work is tearing up the parking lot AGAIN and forcing people to park a mile away, but it's not the same.
  • laurachambers86
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    4km walk to and from the optician first thing, that's as exciting as my Wednesday got!

    Gave my one month's notice on my gym membership as want to mix things up a bit in the new year before going back.
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    Shoulders, traps, abs with 30 second bike intervals between work sets.
  • AnnPT77
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    Alternating back to stationary bike, same 15k + 3 minute cool down, about 41 minutes and 105 average watts across the whole thing. Still moderate: 72% Z3, the remainder below; Average heart rate 127bpm (71% HRmax), peak 141bpm (78%).
  • nossmf
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    Upper Hypertrophy

    Incline Bench Press 3x10
    Machine Fly 3x10
    BB Row 3x10
    Pulldown 3x10 (1 set each hands over, under, neutral-grip)
    Face Pull 3x10
    Machine Lateral Raise 3x10
    Machine Curl <superset> Machine Pushdown 3x10 (both 3-second negatives)
    Perloff Press 3x15sec
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    Just joined a gym a few weeks ago and having fun figuring it all out. Here was the day today, focus on my core but enjoy running so added the treadmill in.

    13 min treadmill around 5mph
    Ab crunch 4x10
    Machine bicep curl 5x8
    Lat pulldown 4x9
    Cable upright row 4x8
    Machine bench press 4x6
    Cable row 6x5
    Cable rope tricep extensions. 3x12
    Another 13 minute jog on the treadmill to get sweaty before going to work

    Any feedback is appreciated, is this too much? Reading it now it seems like it might be.
  • AnnPT77
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    Thursday is another C2 RowErg day, continuing the same modrate 3 x 2k, 1 x 1k, plus 2' row in/out between the pieces and a 3' CD. Total of 8,307m including the row in/outs and cool down, average 18spm and 2:33.3 pace on the pieces. Only 20 seconds Z4 this time, so getting closer to my "no higher than Z3" intention. 82% Z3 and remainder below. Overall workout about 45 minutes.

    Earlier in the day, I took a casual walk with a friend on one of the local paved trails, just 3.1 miles at a moving average of 2.9mph. Pretty nice day for mid-Michigan at the end of November, mostly sunny and mid-40s F (7 C). Garmin decided to increase my "fitness age" another year, to 27. At 68 IRL, I'm not too stressed (or convinced) about its theory. :D
  • laurachambers86
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    Yesterday I just did 15 minutes pilates. Today I did a 45 minute arm and core workout at home (other half's weights are coming in handy already) and 10 minutes of yoga.

    3 x 20 secondary copenhagens
    3 x 6 thoracic kettlebell windmills
    Dead bugs with weights
    3 x 12 ab crunches
    Hip extensions
    3 x 12 overhead dumbbell press w/6kg
    3 x 12 bicep curl w/6kg
    3 x 6 dumbbell fly w/4kg
    3 x 12 overhead tricep extension w/4kg

    A few other things who's real names I don't know so won't list them here as I have my own weird names for them!
  • AnnPT77
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    Thursday, back to stationary bike, almost identical to Tuesday's ride, 15k + 3 minute cool down, about 41 minutes and one watt up at 106 average watts across the whole thing. Still moderate: 74% Z3, the remainder below; Average heart rate 129bpm (72% HRmax), peak 137bpm (76%).
  • Rob6428
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    35 minutes free weights chest/triceps. 30 minutes on the rowing machine.

    All I thought about while rowing …was looking forward to taking my shirt off in public again.