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What are some of your unpopular opinions about food?



  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member Posts: 24,034 Member Member Posts: 24,034 Member
    Coconut water tastes like BO smells.

    Oh my gosh, yes. It's so gross!
  • jjpptt2jjpptt2 Member Posts: 4,937 Member Member Posts: 4,937 Member
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    I hate shrimp

    I tried shrimp so many different ways trying to like it, but I can't and don't.

    I can't comprehend why so many people love it so much. Makes no sense.

    Shrimp makes me think of bugs. Disgusting, rubbery bugs. And that's not a 'vein' you're pulling out when preparing it. That's the poop tract. Prettying up the phrasing doesn't change it :sick:

    I think I just gagged a little.
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