What are some of your unpopular opinions about food?



  • quiksylver296
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    pinuplove wrote: »
    admaarie wrote: »
    Blue cheese was made by the devil himself.

    Truth. It tastes like you threw up in your own mouth.

    And people thought deveining shrimp was bad :lol:

    At least I didn't say anything about a poop chute! :laugh:
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    admaarie wrote: »
    Blue cheese was made by the devil himself.

    Truth. It tastes like you threw up in your own mouth.
    Omg this is so true!

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    amy19355 wrote: »
    Peanut butter!
    I am so glad I'm not trying to gain or have problems reaching my cal goal because the first thing recommended is usually PB, and I would be seriously gagging.

    I bet my woo count is going to go up now :'(

    Cheers, h.

    I am here to save you from the awfulness of peanut butter, and introduce you to Pistachio Butter - o m g - the stuff is delish x 100!

    Almond and cashew butters are also pretty flippping yummy, so if you don’t have allergy to tree nuts, and it’s just a no-peanut issue for you - hope this is a helpful post!

    I think I am just not a nut butter person. I will have some occasionally when visiting, but having a jar in the house isn't for me.
    The last one got thrown out when it was a year out of date and only one third used.

    SO goes through PB like crazy and I can't stand the smell cleaning the jar.
    I do love nuts, even peanuts, just not as butters.

    Thanks though.

    Cheers, h.
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    FireOpalCO wrote: »
    Tomatoes are an abomination before the gods.

    Meg, is that you?*

    *older daughter
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    earlnabby wrote: »
    Bananas are a creation of Satan.

    I'm eating a banana as I read this, lol.
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    mph323 wrote: »
    mph323 wrote: »
    Brussel sprouts are disgusting and need to go away. Lately every GF menu I look at has brussel sprouts in the salad, or as a side vegetable to a main course or hidden in whatever random dish that looks good but...brussel sprouts. I even ordered a quiche once in San Francisco and bit into one of the multitude tiny brussel sprouts that were baked into the thing. I gagged. This has to stop.

    Mmmmm, oh yeah, mmmmm. I can do brussel sprouts all day looooong! Every dayum!

    That woo is from me, just wanted to be up front about it B)
    I’d woo you everyday, the good woo.