What are some of your unpopular opinions about food?



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    Olives are nasty, I try them every time I encounter them and still just can't... Also no mushrooms, thanks.

    For those that hate kale (minus the one person here who hates bacon LOL) , have you tried cooking it in bacon fat? I don't love it but it does make it a little more edible...

    Kilt green were my grandmother's specialty. (Mustard greens, kale, water cress, whatever) I love bacon, but the smell of killing greens in bacon fat would drive me from house with nausea. Eating them would actually make me ill.
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    The only way to eat steak is well done.

    What did that poor steak ever do to you?

    Lol! The thought of eating meat that’s not completely cooked makes me wanna gag

    But once you sear the outside it is completely cooked. :)

    I remember my husband was surprised at the Capitol Grille when he ordered his steak "blue" and the waiter had no idea what he was talking about.
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    Peanut butter!
    I am so glad I'm not trying to gain or have problems reaching my cal goal because the first thing recommended is usually PB, and I would be seriously gagging.

    I bet my woo count is going to go up now :'(

    Cheers, h.

    In my country we use it to cook savory dishes not sweet stuff. When I first came to America and said I had never had a PBJ the classmate I was talking to called another "did you hear that? Gasp! She's never had a PBJ!" lol

    @joinn68 Where are you from?

    Savory dishes with peanuts or peanut butter that I've had: kung pao chicken, groundnut stew, dan dan noodles, gado gado
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    Fettucini alfredo is not real Italian and is not worth the calories.

    FINALLY!! Thank you! Hahaha
    and neither are spaghetti and meatballs, btw (and so many other things)

    Or any pasta dish where the pasta is drowning in the sauce. I hate when there is too much sauce.

    Now I’m 100% certain I’ve never had real Italian food! What should I try? Haha
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    On the other hand, haggis is one of my favourite foods (yes I'm Scottish, and yes it is offal cooked in a sheep's stomach but it's still amazing!)
    They look like they'd be easy to catch https://www.thehaggis.com/wild-haggis-all-about-haggis/