What are some of your unpopular opinions about food?



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    Shrimp make me physically ill just looking at them.

    I can’t eat the tiny shrimps. Gross gross gross. Jumbo or no-go for me!
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    You also brought up another one that is more sentiment than anything. Cane sugar versus corn syrup? Most people can't tell (which really means nearly no one can - half the people going "see, I was right!" is mostly from random chance).

    However, if you're from a country that doesn't use HFCS, you can really, really tell.

    Most people really, really can't no matter where they are from. "Finer, more discerning palettes" are a myth for the most part. Double blind tests of all sorts of products confirm that. For example, many wine "experts" refuse to participate in them. They know they can easily be fooled. Presentation and perception are a huge part of it.

    HFCS leaves an aftertaste that becomes very apparent in cola. Can I tell the difference in ketchup? No. In Coca-Cola? Definitely.
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    I don't like liver.
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    Foods that can disappear from the planet as far as I am concerned: chocolate ice cream; chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and its variants: molten chocolate cake, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Also chocolate and coconut don't go together at all.

    It’s so refreshing to meet another non-chocolate person!

    Do restaurant dessert menus make you as crazy as they do me?

    I actually like chocolate funny enough. I just don't like it adulterated with other stuff. The only restaurants I go to looking forward to the dessert menu are french and italian.
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    I don't get the appeal of bagels. Every few years since forever, someone will try to introduce me to "the BEST bagels", whether that's a chain like Panera or Einstein Bros. or authentic NYC freshly made bagels. I'm always just like mm, not terrible? They aren't for me. Yes those are better than Lender's in the freezer case but not by that much. Just kinda tough and chewy bread? I'll take a slice of toast, thanks.

    I have very similar feelings about croissants.

    I'm with you. Completely unappealing to me. So is most bread actually.
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    Most cakes (especially commercial ones) are just sickly sweet and totally yuk!

    Yes x100000
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    Peanut butter!
    I am so glad I'm not trying to gain or have problems reaching my cal goal because the first thing recommended is usually PB, and I would be seriously gagging.

    I bet my woo count is going to go up now :'(

    Cheers, h.

    In my country we use it to cook savory dishes not sweet stuff. When I first came to America and said I had never had a PBJ the classmate I was talking to called another "did you hear that? Gasp! She's never had a PBJ!" lol

    @joinn68 Where are you from?

    Savory dishes with peanuts or peanut butter that I've had: kung pao chicken, groundnut stew, dan dan noodles, gado gado

    I am from Cameroon. We use peanut butter to make groundnut soup. Easy peasy to make so quite popular. Also a dish called Nnam Wondo which is almost pure peanut butter with some fish and spices, wrapped in leaves and steamed. And something else called Okok which is green vegetable, palm kernels and peanut butter. Pure calorie bombs!

    Groundnut soup is AMAZING. So delicious.
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    Coconut water tastes like liquid dust.

    I have an aversion to ice cream. It grosses me out even watching people eat it. Like .. I don't want to see you licking saliva all over your food. It's disgusting.
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    I hate potato salad in all forms, possibly due to the hated mayo in it.

    I make my potato salad european style with oil and vinegar dressing. It is much better that way!