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    @quiltingjaine, I'm willing to be a guinea pig for myself occasionally, but that sure backfired! Lol.
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    @texasfarmer You posted every day AND had a loss by the end of the round--WIN-WIN! You done good! Next round will be even better. :)

    @bubblegum2fitness Pack your scale? Enjoy hanging out with the dog.

    @puttyputty All is not lost! At least you're still down a couple of lb. from the beginning of the round!
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    @lesliewynn1 It may not be the great ending you wanted, but you did get out of the 150's! Congrats! I hope to do that soon.
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    Started: Round 51 226.2lbs
    MFP Start Weight: 255.7lbs
    End Goal Weight: 180lbs

    Previous Rounds End Weights/Variance
    ROUND 51 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.8lbs
    ROUND 52 End Weight:225.8lbs -2.2lbs
    ROUND 53 End Weight:230.6lbs +4.8lbs
    ROUND 54 End Weight:227.8lbs -2.8lbs
    ROUND 55 End Weight:230.8lbs +3.0lbs
    ROUND 56 End Weight:229.2lbs -0.4lbs
    ROUND 57 End Weight:227.6lbs -1.6lbs
    ROUND 58 End Weight:232.0lbs +4.4lbs
    ROUND 59 End Weight:226.4lbs -5.6lbs
    ROUND 60 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.6lbs

    ROUND 60
    Current Goal Weight: 220lbs
    11/24 228.4lbs 228.5lbs
    11/25 227.0lbs 228.3lbs
    11/26 230.4lbs 228.5lbs
    11/27 No Weigh In - Travelling
    11/28 230.4lbs 229.0lbs
    11/29 230.0lbs 229.2lbs
    11/30 230.8lbs 229.3lbs
    12/01 No Weigh In - Travelling
    12/02 228.4lbs 229.3lbs
    12/03 228.0lbs 229.1lbs

    I have done a fair bit of travelling for work and a charity rowing event this round, was carb-loading a little bit before the event also so a bit of an upturn with that and shark week.