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    @back2cute If they were Cadbury mini eggs I totally get it
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    12/10: Did Not Weigh - Oh dear. So about once every 6 months or so I have the strange desire to eat and eat and eat until I feel so full that I want to throw up. Then I eat some more. Yesterday was that day. I don't even want to know how many calories I consumed, although I know the answer is going to be far far too many. I'll try and run up an estimate today, just for the record, but I really do feel awful because of it. The fluid retention is real. My skin feels all puffy and I am so bloated. I have an awful headache and legit feel like I am hungover (and considering I've not drunk any alcohol for over a week, it's definitely the food). I might leave it another day before I assess the damage, but I'm sure that was not good for the scales.

    :s I'm inspired NOT to follow in your footsteps! Thanks for the reminder! :smiley: