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    @quiltingjaine, honey I just say your post about your friend passing, sorry ****hugs****.,

    I actually have a membership at La Fitness, here in Washington State they’re buying out some of Planet Fitnesses
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    I will start tomorrow as I just saw this. Check in with y’all in the morning.

    Welcome back!
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    I will start tomorrow as I just saw this. Check in with y’all in the morning.

    Welcome back!

    Thanks fellow farmer!!!
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    ROUND 62 (Round 9 for me)
    5’5” 66 y/o Texas Lady
    SW 178 lb.
    GW 135-140 lb.
    Started Keto WOE on September 24th (2018). Still experiencing decreased arthritis hip and shoulder pain since the second week of Keto. Staying within calorie limits is easy enough, but not exceeding my carb limit is difficult. Per my KetoMojo meter, I’m in ketosis most of the time. Some of my NSVs: my wedding band fits, I wear smaller clothing, and my progress has encouraged my husband to try harder to end his cigarette habit.
    Rounds 54 – 61 resulted in a cumulative loss of 24 lb.!

    This post documents my last weight loss before I let a careless injury derail me: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/701476/joined-mfp-one-year-ago-today-frumpy-to-fit/p1
    This is what I’m going for, second time around. The referenced post, from my old account, even has pictures of the actual me, but I like my little pig profile picture.

    12/14 151.6 Starting with a loss—I like that. Until now, I haven’t established a round goal, but, this time, my goal is to get below 150 and never exceed that number again. I changed my final goal weight to a range. In that range, I'll be able to wear my size 6 slacks/jeans again, without looking too skinny. In my younger days, prior to the early 1990's and rampant vanity sizing, a regular size 10 was equivalent to today's size 6. I read that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, which would probably make her about a size 10 in today's sizing. Of course, I've noticed, in general, that the more expensive the clothing, the more generous the sizing. (My only expensive clothing is used. ) Whatever, my goal is getting closer, and I'm excited!
    12/15 151.6 I was a little over on calories yesterday, so I’m happy not to see a gain. Today, I’ll try to get in a short walk. The knee is only a little sore now. I’ll find my knee sleeve before I walk and keep the walk short. I must be patient and let it heal. Confession: I look at my own success story from 2012, linked above, to inspire myself now. :)

    Just clicked on your link and read your story and saw your photos! My gosh you look beautiful and fit! Way to work hard and get in shape. You will achieve those results again. Just hang tough and work it one step at a time.