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    Hi you may call me I'm okay 64 my age is 56 new at this but I am determined to take off weight for health reasons would love to have other friends my age so we may encourage each other looking forward to this journey.
  • MJasmineJ
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    Hey all I'm back again. for the millionth time! lol! I'm hoping this time sticks. I'm down 9lbs already and feeling pretty good! Sweets are my weakness and I hate cooking sometimes! anywho! I would love some friends to help keep me accountable!!!! My goal is to lose a total of 186lbs over the next 3 years! LETS DO THIS!!! :)<3
  • jal_pari24
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    hey! Im Jal and I have to lose 30-40 lbs I aim to not eat over 1500 cal but sometimes that weak willpower messes EVERYTHING up ughh
  • bhavyax13
    bhavyax13 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, i just started using MFP yesterday in order to keep a track of all the calories. I wish to lose weight and I hope I am able to. Can someone suggest me a good everyday cardio workout which will help in losing weight?
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  • FastFriend
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    Hi, all! I am 63 yo T2 diabetic on 3 types of insulin with stage 4 chronic kidney disease and severe asthma with chronic respiratory failure. I have been on and off MFP several times most recently for the last 4 mos. I have lost 101 lbs over the past year but need to lose another 101. I have nearly eliminated simple carbs and focus on veggies, fruits and lean proteins. I do exercise at my pace which is limited due to 20% lung function. I have terrible diabetic neuropathy in my feet so any ideas for that will be appreciated.
  • lagringa79
    lagringa79 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone I am new to the forum, but I have had fitness pal for a few years but didn’t really utilize all it offers. So I’m basically starting again as a new person on the app. Feel free to add me on fitnesspal app
  • ella1596
    ella1596 Posts: 4 Member
    Time to get real and do this!
  • wendyswords4240
    wendyswords4240 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi everyone! I am a 47 yo mom of four boys. I own and operate my own craft shop, and for too long I have used that as an excuse not to eat right. (I work 6 days a week!) I had COVID between Christmas and New Years, and something inside me then made me feel ready to take better care of my health. I have dropped 19 pounds since New Years, and I don't really have a set weight goal in mind. Right now my goal is to keep up with the changes I have been making. I have noticed that two of my Crohn's Disease symptoms have improved since starting the new regimen. Feel free to add me!
  • nourakanaan6537
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    Hi everyone, I just started 3 days ago and it's been great! It's really helping me watch what I eat.
  • sarajf78
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    Hi everyone! I had awesome success with MFP 8 years ago. I lost 80lbs! Felt really great. Alas, life happened, and I regained every pound. So, here I am again. Ready to do the work and keep it off this time. So disappointed in myself and terrified that that it'll be the same ole roller coaster!
  • kirstcw001x
    kirstcw001x Posts: 1 Member
    Hey I'm also new on this forum and back on the weightloss journey using MFP and team RH.

    I have no friends ont he app so if anyone wants to add me and we can motivate one another?

    Also, I can spy at what your eating maybe and get hints for myself! Xx
  • Aight we back up in this for the millionth weight loss attempt. I fell off about two years ago when I hit a plateau and got really discouraged. Now I'm at the highest weight I've ever been lol. Goodee. I'm so tired of feeling this way. And I'm tired of being super hard on myself. Let's see 'er through to the end this time!

    F27, starting weight 195, goal weight 135. Feel free to add me if you want to.
  • nodaysoff2021
    nodaysoff2021 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone,
    I'm am certain that this is my year and want to see changes.
    No days off and determined.
    Sending positive vibes to everyone <3
  • darissasanders
    darissasanders Posts: 2 Member
    So excited to get healthier for myself and my family. My birthday is in July and I plan on looking like better version of myself.
  • schannans
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    U go girl ♥️
  • fFinfan66
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    Hello all,back for another beat down.Lockdown caused a bulk up in the worst way.Hope all hit their #’s,keep at it!