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  • Niteman3d
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    Hello. I just started using MFP after a long hiatus as I am in a dire need to lose 60+ pounds. As an aside, It doesn't seem like there is a lot of blog activity. When I look at the history most of the dates are from 2015. What am I doing incorrect? How do I see recent activity only?

    Go to "my home" and click the "community" tab... then, about halfway across find the tab for "Blogs". I found about 400 since the first of the year. Let us know if that doesn't work.
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    I’m new here! Joined the community Jan. 2022! It’s only been a few days and I already LOVE this app! It’s usually very hard for me to gain and keep weight on, but I really feel confident in accomplishing my weight gaining goals this time!
  • vikkih1992
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    Hi, I'm Vikki, not new to MFP, but new to calorie counting. I used to just this a food diary without looking at the calories as I was doing slimming world. Actually giving calorie counting a go now. I need to lose A LOT of weight. I would love to make some new friends to keep me motivated. As my family members are useless, and I dont have many real life friends. :)
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    My name is Danielle.
    I have used MFP before and lost 60-ish pounds coupled with exercise. I then started drinking heavily and also ate my way back to the 60 I lost plus some. I got sober and gained even more weight. Now I’m back to trying to lose weight. I’ve lost about 50 and looking to lose more. I just figured out my macros today too, so I’m new to meal planning to fit those and log that.
    But a refresh in supportive friends would be nice since it’s been a while!
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    Hello, I use MFP now and again to help get rid of a couple of pounds, but gone up half a stone this time so using it properly for the next couple of months at least.

    I'm doing 1280 which is easier now I've learned how to cook during lockdown. The half stone is down to also learning how to bake! And also being mid 50s now, as the weight all just goes on your waist post menopause.

    One thing I'm not sure about and wondered if anyone could help? I've ticked 'lightly active' as my job is pretty sedentary but I walk for over an hour as part of my commute. Also do 30 minutes with stationary bike or hula hoop. Should I be putting any of this in under exercise or is it covered by 'lightly active'?

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    Hi guys!! I’m not new to the app, but I’m finally ready to take my health and fitness into my hands and becoming the best version of me that I can!
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    Hello, I'm trying to get back on track with my health in 2022! So far I've lost a little over 6 lbs and I can use any and all motivation! I'd also like to see how my friends/acquaintances are doing so please send me a friend request and let's do this!
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    I'm not new, but am open to friend requests.
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    Hi all I just signed up with this app. So far it seems to be good. It has a wide variety of help. Is there a way to adjust the difficulty on the meal plans?
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    Hello everyone. This is my second go around with this app. I lost 28lbs in 90 days about 2 yrs ago, but once COVID hit I gained it all back. Now I'm making a lifestyle change, and bringing sexy back 😁
  • Started the journey 3 weeks ago and I am down 7 pounds. Only 73 left. Lol. I would love to connect with others for inspiration.
  • Yummy_Crumbs
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    Hey guys, looking for new friends to share our journeys!! Just add me! :) The app is more fun and motivational with community <3
  • menardfrancine24
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    Good afternoon, Hope everyone is having a good day. I restarted tracking my meals. I have type2 diabetes and stage 3 kidney failure. I found out from my kidney doctor exactly how much protein i should be eating. This will help me keep track of it. I know I will never be able to get rid of the disease but I will hopefully be able to prevent it from progressing. Have a great day
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    I have a question - Do I have to purchase the "premium" membership to log food and stuff? It has little locks by everything and won't let me do anything - I was under the impression that this was a free service for the basic stuff. And the same thing on the app i downloaded on my phone, it will not let me do anything - it keeps prompting me to sign up for the premium membership.
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    branmart17 wrote: »
    I have a question - Do I have to purchase the "premium" membership to log food and stuff?

    No. Everything works for free, but I think you get some more flexibility with macros if you track them.
  • branmart17
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    Niteman3d wrote: »
    branmart17 wrote: »
    I have a question - Do I have to purchase the "premium" membership to log food and stuff?

    No. Everything works for free, but I think you get some more flexibility with macros if you track them.

    Thank you - maybe I was somewhere I was not supposed to be in the system, it had everything locked down. :neutral: Anyway, I finally got my breakfast, lunch and water logged.

    Now to figure out how to sync my apple watch..... oh the learning curve - it will be worth it once I get all the things figured out.
  • debrafern
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    Looking forward to doing this....Pandemic weight gain-DELETE!!
  • sgtnichols
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    Hi folks! I just started using the app and I'm loving it. Any suggestions to my plan below?

    Dad on a mission to get his body fat percentage from an unhealthy 30% at 234 pounds (106 kg) in July 2021 down to 10% before turning 40 in July 2022. I am 6'-2" tall. As of Jan 23rd, I am on a 35-day streak since Dec 20th. I have lost 28 pounds since July and 16 pounds since Dec 21st. I am on track to achieve my goal of 180 pounds (82 kg) by March 27th.

    Photos suggest for my size, my 10% body fat goal will be reached at about 180 pounds. My ideal weight by BMR is 190 pounds. Above 194 pounds is overweight, and is considered unhealthy by the medical community for men of my height.

    I started with a 1955 calorie BMR calculated by TDEEcalculator.net. Each week I will lose 3 pounds via a 1500-calorie high-protein diet with the following daily goals: Carbs 122g / Fat 39g / Protein 140g. Everything eaten will be tracked and weighed +/- 0.1 oz (2 gm) on MyFitnessPal, including supplements - which can add up to 130 calories. I will not eat back calories lost exercising.

    I will weigh myself each morning after urinating. I know gaining more than 2 pounds of muscle in a month is unlikely. I will drop 100 daily calories from my diet when progress is not made after 3 days, going no lower than 1200 calories to avoid muscle atrophy, and add 50 calories if I lose more than 3 pounds in a week.

    I will take a daily multivitamin, supplementing calcium, iron, magnesium, fish oil, collagen, and turmeric (optional). I will lift weights at least 3 days a week in a push/legs/pull split focusing on compound movements maximizing lifting volume for an hour or more. I will do cardio 1 or more days a week for up to 500 calories when not lifting. It is okay to skip a workout. It is not okay to not log my meals.

    When I reach my goal, I will celebrate with an amazing Mexican food dinner at my favorite restaurant with my family.

    When I have lost the weight from my midsection, I will taper off the calorie deficit by adding 100 calories per week until I reach my new BMR and maintenance calories. I know gaining a pound of muscle in two weeks is unlikely. If I see a gain of 3 pounds in a week, I will cut calories by 100. I will continue logging all meals and working out.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Welcome aboard .... Wishing you all much success on your journey :)