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  • mstb303
    mstb303 Posts: 1 Member
    hi, I've been using app for ages and love it. After trying out different types of diets I always get back to the app to simply track my food intake. Simple as that. I have no problems with training (doing crossfit for the last 6 months regularly) but diet is always my biggest issue! Currently I just can't figure out what my calories intake should be and I think I don't eat enough hence cravings and eating crap again. My goal is to lose around 10kg. I just feel heavy when working out and would like to achieve some fitness goals, but I think I need to start with losing fat first so again...diet!!!!. Anyone with similar experience let's chat :)
  • elaine4jesus2017
    elaine4jesus2017 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi I’m 48 years old have arthritis and fibromyalgia , I’m on a weight loss journey , one day at a time eating healthy and trying to bring in some exercise moves , I’ use to get into lifting dumb bells lol but I want bigger challenging and weight machines to work with , waiting on my hub to be able to work on getting the equipment , my hub lost almost 55 lbs and lol I’ve lost about 20 lbs , as we know men can lose more and faster then woman, I have accepted it , also I am struck with migraines and monthly time where I’m just in need of rest and to be pain free , anyways anyone has any healthy recipes low carb and exercises you can relate to me what you do to help someone like me , give me a shout , I also Love to read weight loss testimonies as well , they inspire me , oh ya if anyone had diabetes and lost weight and no longer on blood pressure meds and or diabetic meds , send me your weight loss plan my way , my hub has diabetes type two and inspiring stories give us hope in our weight loss journey , and positive , encouragement and even the coach ways of talking like get out there and do it ! Kind of talk helps me thanks and have a great day ,
  • mariafrendo17
    mariafrendo17 Posts: 1 Member
    I am new here been battling this weight things for years and I want to take this serious for my health
  • Wnd3rWmn
    Wnd3rWmn Posts: 3 Member
    Hi Everyone,
    I am not really new to MFP. I think this is my 3rd or 4th attempt at it :/ . Looking for some friends to support and motivate.
  • Beachtide78
    Beachtide78 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey I am new here looking for new friends and am a supportive friend. I’m 41. Live in the sunshine state.
  • brad658ht
    brad658ht Posts: 19 Member
    Hi everyone add me up I need some motivation
  • frontierman1969
    frontierman1969 Posts: 2 Member
  • donna_G65
    donna_G65 Posts: 4 Member
    hi people happy to be added as a friend
    looking for tip and motivation and someone to step with
  • caroadstar
    caroadstar Posts: 33 Member
    Just starting again, gained back the 30# I lost. So far so good. Trying to use the gym membership to my advantage but have to be very careful because of my RA. This app really works for me.
  • chrisg972019
    chrisg972019 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello!!! Like quite a few people, I'm just starting this journey again. I keep losing my motivation. But this time, I can't afford to give up. I'm at the highest I've ever been, and I refuse to get any higher. I definitely need some accountability partners, so if anyone wants to add me, please do! I look forward to not only losing the weight, but changing my lifestyle and mindset.
  • acme_reactor
    acme_reactor Posts: 1 Member
    Getting back on the fitness wagon. Making the most of a new Fitbit and My Fitness Pal subscription. Looking to turn my health around.
  • Coachkenny1234
    Coachkenny1234 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone I need to do this finally I've hit 244 lbs I have never in my life been this big. So i want to work my way back down to the 170-180 lbs i used to be.
  • OttoZone2933
    OttoZone2933 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm new getting ready to get 20/20 started on the right foot.
  • 007mailtoak
    007mailtoak Posts: 1 Member
    hey guys i am fitness freak and doing gym from 2 years lost around 23 kgs in last 9 months
  • YouGotThis2020
    YouGotThis2020 Posts: 11 Member
    Hey everyone :) New to MFP so any friends would be welcome. Looking forward to smashing some goals 👊
  • everpj
    everpj Posts: 2 Member
    Everpj here to say hello and ready to get fit with this program app. I've logged in 65 days straight and love how myfitnespal helps me keep a food diary. I'm trying to stay on a 1200 calorie a day diet but I'm not really losing weight. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
  • everpj
    everpj Posts: 2 Member
    Can someone explain to me where or how to enter the number of steps taken in a day?
  • erkeller101
    erkeller101 Posts: 3 Member
    I’ve never really stuck to anything long term. I really want this to work this time and be the best version of myself
  • dalenorbeck1956
    dalenorbeck1956 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, Im Dale and im a food addict.. also diabetic, also unable to eat breakfast due to am stomach issues. dont really care for sweets n desserts. rarely eat more than one meal a day (dinner). cant exercise much, can hardly walk around house much less do it for workout goals. Im old, fat and v tired. i hate morphine but have to keep it around for when the bong isnt up to the task.. which is far too often sadly.
  • Mbhubbard1
    Mbhubbard1 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, I'm Barbie, I just started and I want to lose weight for a number of reasons, but the most pressing is to see if I can get my blood sugar numbers down.