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Mini Challenge: 10lbs down by Valentines Day? <3



  • sassysmom35sassysmom35 Posts: 109Member Member Posts: 109Member Member
    MsBaz2018 wrote: »
    I'm in. I'm not sure what my weight is (i wanted to lose some before weighing so as not to get discouraged by how much I'm starting out at) but I'm on day 31 of logging and the way my pants fit I'm guessing I'm in the 210 area. So I will officially weigh in and start January 1st and determine my goal from there then weigh in weekly.
    Good luck!

    Ok so I decided to bite the bullet and weigh this morning. So I'll will be doing my weigh ins on Fridays. Hoping to get under 200 by challenge end.

    CW: 210.4
    Challenge goal: 199.8
    Final goal: 126ish

    @sassysmom35 You are my challenge twin. I had put starting weight 210 and GW 199 ie Onederland.
    I did the same as you, started logging food but didn't step on scale not to get discouraged by the number. I estimate I have lost 20 lbs already.
    I am 5ft7. My UGW is 130ish

    That's awesome. Except for height we are total twinsies! That'll make it even more fun to have someone similar in so many ways. Do you mind if I add you as a friend?
  • annelee48annelee48 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Just found this group. Would love to lose 5-7 pounds by V day.
  • cryingoutcryingout Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I would love to join!
    edited January 2019
  • sherylhoagsherylhoag Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I’m in! Current weight 222.
    Goal by 2/14 is 212!
  • atheistred89atheistred89 Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
    Damn straight I'm in. I've already joined the lose 30 in 3 months group. This really shouldn't be too bad. I'll go by my lowest weight so far as I put on water weight from yesterday. Starting 188, goal to be 178 or lower by Valentine's Day. I'm feeling pretty confident based on my weight loss through just diet over the past year. Time to kick it up a notch!
  • LucyP12342014LucyP12342014 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I’m in! I lost 4 stone back in 2016 and after having a baby I have gained three of it back! Arghhhhhh! At least I know I can do it!

    Current weight: 185lbs
    Goal Weight: 145lbs
  • MsBaz2018MsBaz2018 Posts: 345Member Member Posts: 345Member Member
    So... SW: 210.8 lbs. I wanted to start exactly on the 1st.
    Started the day and year with a (fast for me) 5 mile.
    if every day were like today I'd weigh 197 lbs in 5 weeks. Oh well... Tomorrow will be more normal ie I'll eat back exercise calories
  • DogsandchicksDogsandchicks Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Happy New Year! I would love to try this challenge. Let's do this!
    Current 213
    Goal 180
    edited January 2019
  • fitoverfortymomfitoverfortymom Posts: 3,431Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,431Member, Premium Member
    I've lost about 100, but it's starting to get away from me due to a hip.

    CW: 169.4
    GW: 150

    If I can be back in the 150's by Valentine's, I'll be thrilled.
  • whit4kidswhit4kids Posts: 15Member, Premium Member Posts: 15Member, Premium Member
    I would like to join.

    SW 11/14/18 246 lbs
    CW 227 lbs
    GW for the New Year: 149 lbs
    GW for Valentine's Day: 218 lbs

    Happy New Year!
  • mtnstarmtnstar Posts: 125Member Member Posts: 125Member Member
    I’m in. I think 5# by Valentine’s day is a more reasonable goal for me since I am trying to build muscle at the same time. We are going to Cancun on the 18th but I am committed to not pigging out on vacation.

    CW: 130
    GW: 125

    Anyone is also welcome to add me. I’ve been on mfp for awhile, but most of my friends have dropped off.
  • CalamitycazzaCalamitycazza Posts: 83Member Member Posts: 83Member Member
    i definitely want to give this a go! I wont know my start weight till tomorrow as that's my weigh day so I'll update with my SW then!
  • FariasMomOf3FariasMomOf3 Posts: 215Member Member Posts: 215Member Member
    Im in☺ my current weight is 136 lbs, I want to lose the last 10 lbs. And reach 126 lbs😉 Im 31 years old, and mom of 3 wonderful kids👦👧👶.
  • brittlb07brittlb07 Posts: 252Member Member Posts: 252Member Member
    I am late to the party it seems! Not sure I can do the whole 10 pounds by February 14th but I am going to try! Hoping a few of these pounds were water weight from the holidays.

    CW: 146 lbs
    GW: 120 lbs

    I’m only 5’4
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  • msalicia07msalicia07 Posts: 178Member Member Posts: 178Member Member
    msalicia07 wrote: »
    I’ll join, but am already in the New Years Challenge. So I’ll log my weigh in here on Mon the 31st, and might shoot for a 5lb loss until V-day. Why not keep it going, right? :)

    Rolling over to this group now- keeping it going!

    124.3 Jan 1
    120.0 Feb 14 GW
    edited January 2019
  • lizziequeklizziequek Posts: 1,373Member Member Posts: 1,373Member Member
    I have already lost about 3-4 pounds ( been dieting & exercising since early Dec), which is the best new year present & worth my being vigilant during the xmas season .

    Would love to lose a further 8 pounds
    by 14 feb , to give myself the best Valentine's day present .

    happy 2019 all !
  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Posts: 7,634Member Member Posts: 7,634Member Member
    The crazy road so far...

    12/27: 160
    12/28: 161.4
    12/29: 159
    12/30: 153
    12/31: 155
    1/2: 161.2

    Goal 2/14: 148
  • LadySatonLadySaton Posts: 500Member Member Posts: 500Member Member
    4 more days until I can weigh in and see how I did over this vacation. There have been so many family visits, parties and dinner dates - but I think I’ve done pretty well! It’s also been unfortunately sedentary around here except for my 3 runs each week, but I’m still hopeful I’ve not done too badly. 🤞🏻
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Posts: 2,780Member Member Posts: 2,780Member Member
    LadySaton wrote: »
    4 more days until I can weigh in and see how I did over this vacation. There have been so many family visits, parties and dinner dates - but I think I’ve done pretty well! It’s also been unfortunately sedentary around here except for my 3 runs each week, but I’m still hopeful I’ve not done too badly. 🤞🏻

    No need to wait .... if you want to do an interim weigh-in check (whether you post it here or not), DO SO!

    The more data-points you gather, the more correlations you can make. (what did I do that helped / hindered desired results since last time?)

    The more correlations you can make, the more information you can apply to help make better and better choices over time.
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