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    @cpanus Typo on weight??
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    Female 5’1” Age 68.75 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel no scale part of the time
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5 UGW ???
    SW Rnd 7 167 AW 165.8
    SW Rnd 8 168* AW 166.1
    SW Rnd 9 164.5* AW 165.5
    SW Rnd 10 167 AW 165.3 Start Keto
    SW Rnd 11 163 AW 163.5h
    SW Rnd 12 162.5 AW 160.2
    SW Rnd 13 159.5 AW 159.1
    SW Rnd 14 158.5 AW 158.9
    SW Rnd 15 158 AW 157.25
    SW Rnd 16 156 AW 155.9
    SW Rnd 17 155.5 AW 156.5
    SW Rnd 18 157.5 AW 156.15
    SW Rnd 19 155.5 AW 1
    SW Rnd 20 155.5* AW 155
    SW Rnd 21 154.5 AW 152.15
    SW Rnd 22 152.5 AW 152.2
    SW Rnd 23 151 AW 150.2
    SW Rnd 24 150 AW 148.8
    SW Rnd 25 147.5 AW 147.3
    SW Rnd 26 148.5 AW 145.4
    SW Rnd 27 146* AW 144.72
    SW Rnd 28 145* AW 145.5
    SW Rnd 29 146.5 AW 145.8
    SW Rnd 30 146 AW 145.65
    SW Rnd 31 146.5 AW 144.45
    SW Rnd 32 144.5 AW 143.3
    SW Rnd 33 141.5 AW 140.6
    SW Rnd 34 140.0 AW 140.75
    SW Rnd 35 139.5 AW 139.25
    SW Rnd 36 138.5 AW 138.85
    SW Rnd 37 139.0 AW 138.2
    SW Rnd 38 139.5* AW 136.9
    SW Rnd 39 137.0* No end/avg weight
    SW Rnd 40 ???.?* 5 day avg 137.6
    SW Rnd 41 137.5 AW 138.2
    SW Rnd 42 my 36 138.0 AW 136.15
    SW Rnd 43 136.5 AW 135.5
    SW Rnd 44 133.5 AW 134.55
    SW Rnd 45 134.0 AW 134.35
    SW Rnd 46* 133.5 AW 133.28 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 47* 133.5 AW 133.0 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 48 133.5 AW 134.05
    SW Rnd 49 134.0 AW 133.85
    SW Rnd 50* 134.5 AW 134.6 (9 Days)
    SW Rnd 51* 133.5 No scale on ship
    SW Rnd 52* 134.0 AW 133.42 (6 Days)
    SW Rnd 53 131.5 AW 131.9
    SW Rnd 54 131.0 AW 131.6
    SW Rnd 55* 131.5 AW 129.66
    SW Rnd 56* 128.5 AW 130.7
    SW Rnd 57 131.5 AW 130.85
    SW Rnd 58/52 131.0 AW 130.6
    SW Rnd 59 132.0 AW 131.3
    SW Rnd 60 131.5 AW 131.85
    SW Rnd 61 130.0 AW 132.4
    SW Rnd 62 132.0 AW 131.6
    SW Rnd 63 132.5 AW 131.55

    SW Rnd 64 131.5

    Recommended viewing on Netflix or YouTube: The Magic Pill

    Recommended reading: The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD

    Recommended for the ladies https://www.facebook.com/JamesSmithPT/videos/1494099927361618/

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    1/2 131.5
    1/3 131.0 I have been having some intestinal distress for several days which may finally be passing although it sounds as if a battle rages!
    1/4 131.0 Today is the 48th birthday of our first born. I remember the icy roads and the 8 mile, 45 minute drive to the base at 2AM, and the poor fellow at the gate trying to chip the ice off the sticker which gave us access to the base, his panic when Carl said I was in labor. AT 5:08AM, a beautiful 8# 1 oz, healthy baby girl appeared. She has become a beautiful woman, a wonderful mom, and a caring nurse.
    1/5 130.5 Our new mattress was delivered yesterday. I wish I could say I felt I slept great on it but I think there will be an adjustment period. I hope.
    1/6 131.5 I’m so tired! Awake before 5AM again with the start of a headache which has now gone. Used sucralose sweetener yesterday and today in my coffee instead of stevia. I think that may be the cause of the gain as I only ate 1/2 of my Greek salad yesterday and one egg. Dozed off tubing and accidentally deleted my whole post. I need a nap!
    1/7 132.0 Did not drink close to enough water yesterday. I was so sleepy all day that I fell asleep in my recliner at 7:30 last night. Carl woke me at 10:30 to go to bed. I showered and was in bed by 11 and slept until 4:38 this morning. Something wakes me every morning at that time! Since I didn’t drink water before bed, it wasn’t the call of nature. It’s irritating.
    1/8 131.5
    1/9 131.0 We meet our new doctor today. New insurance, same medical group, different location - about 5 miles closer to home. Hope this is as painless as it should be!
    1/10 129.5 I think that was the first time EVER that I have enjoyed going to the doctor! What pleasant people! I praise God for our relative good health and for a doctor who actually listens! We had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes BEFORE going to the doctor.
    1/11 129.0 Sort of surprised. I ate a lot of carbs yesterday because I caved to 1/4 pita that was left from last weekend’s Greek salad. Well, it may bite me in the rear when I weigh tomorrow. I’ll have to be super vigilant today.

    @quiltingjaine I just noticed your 4:38 wake up. I encourage you to set an alarm to wake around 4:33 (I know insane, but it will be worth it) & figure out what makes noise then. In the past for me, it was some birds, an early departure by a neighborhood teen to his workout (LOUD custom muffler), and garbage trucks. Currently, it’s the heater which is close to our bed switching from nighttime to daytime.

    You can do it, Detective Jaine!

    I know the sleep experts recommend sleep masks & ear plugs. I fought both, but I did finally try the mask. Works crazily good...partly because it blocks light & partly because my cat won’t wake me when I’m wearing it.

    Still haven’t tried earplugs...I hate stuff in or over my ears.

    Here’s to great sleeping! Cheers!
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    @Birder165 and @UTMom81 and others - NO MORE SELF SABOTAGE! We’re all in this together and you can do this!

    @Lilylady3k I love the quote!

    Thank you for the kick in the pants! :smiley:
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    @tlgale It’s great to have close family ties. I hope family members are supportive of your goals and don’t try to sabotage your healthy eating habits. I hope your son enjoyed his first day at school, too.

    @Lilylady3K Even without finishing the round, you had a loss, so that’s good! See you next round!

    @jaccmi63 and @back2cute Praying for employment or business opportunities for both of you! You may need to get creative. To me, 50 is young. I suspect the insurance requirements on businesses affect hiring these days, too. There’s a place for you, so don’t give up on your fitness goals or your career goals. I was still taking college classes in my 50’s. It’s never too late to learn new skills. There are still some employers who appreciate maturity and experience. Wishing both of you a great 2019!

    @jaccmi63 Next time, you may want to consider putting your exercise goal above your TV issues. Walking is a great time to plan ahead and pray. TV is usually a distraction. Turkey chili sounds like a great, low-carb fit for my dinner. Relax and enjoy your evening!
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    shunggie wrote: »
    puttyputty wrote: »
    @MadisonMolly2017, 75 pounds is wonderful! You are doing so incredibly well. I love these moments of joy and celebration.

    @puttyputty Thank you. 1,106 days.
    A lb every 2 weeks on average. My hope is by going slowly, and exercising daily, that I have retained more muscle & had more time to practicethe habits that will allow me to maintain!

    3.2 lbs to go!
    I’m the lowest I’ve weighed since 10th grade. All my labs are great. A miracle. 🙏🏻
    It's not a miracle, you did the work. Give yourself credit. :):):)

    True, but this time unlike every other time over the past 45+ years, I wasn’t hungry! 😀
    You’re right. I probably do need to give myself more credit. Thank you! 🥰
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    @fraukazi I hope I didn’t sound preachy. I agree with you. You are in a temporary location, enjoy the available options, within reason. On the other hand, I’m glad to see you reconsidered a non-food option!

    Aw not preachy at all, instead much appreciated. Thank you! It made me rethink my rewards and other plans&purchases. Unfortunately, I blew my bagel reward tonight, but the fitbit (or whatever I end up chosing) will be a reward for sticking with this group and MFP for this long.
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    @IsMollyReallyHungry, girlfriend congratulations on the scale my friend. “NO FASTFOODS” that’s a win in my book toooo, biggggggg time.
    Thanks! Yes FAST FOODS are a demon >:) and when I eliminate them I always do well.