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    @MadisonMolly -- Incredible achievement!
    @iLadyT -- Remember this whole thing is a slow process, and the your body will go up and down on it's way down! The point of the 10 days is to see what happens in 10 days and NOT fret the daily roller coaster! Down over a pound for this round! You've got this!
    @tlgale -- exercise is a bit weird and sometimes you retain water after....but don't fret!

    Great losses this round!

    @kmfeig87 Thank you so much!! Sometimes I’m so focused on losing the next 1:2 lb, I forget the big picture. Your comment meant a great deal to me❣️

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    Started: Round 51 226.2lbs
    MFP Start Weight: 255.7lbs
    End Goal Weight: 180lbs

    Previous Rounds End Weights/Variance
    ROUND 51 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.8lbs
    ROUND 52 End Weight:225.8lbs -2.2lbs
    ROUND 53 End Weight:230.6lbs +4.8lbs
    ROUND 54 End Weight:227.8lbs -2.8lbs
    ROUND 55 End Weight:230.8lbs +3.0lbs
    ROUND 56 End Weight:229.2lbs -0.4lbs
    ROUND 57 End Weight:227.6lbs -1.6lbs
    ROUND 58 End Weight:232.0lbs +4.4lbs
    ROUND 59 End Weight:226.4lbs -5.6lbs
    ROUND 60 End Weight:228.0lbs +1.6lbs
    ROUND 61 End Weight:225.0lbs -3.0lbs
    ROUND 62 End Weight:228.4lbs +3.4lbs
    ROUND 63 End Weight:230.8lbs +2.4lbs
    ROUND 64 End Weight:231.2lbs +0.4lbs

    ROUND 64
    Current Goal Weight: 195lbs
    01/03 230.8lbs 229.3lbs
    01/04 No Weigh In
    01/05 229.1lbs 229.3lbs
    01/06 No Weigh In
    01/07 229.2lbs 229.2lbs
    01/08 230.6lbs 229.4lbs
    01/09 231.6lbs 229.7lbs
    01/10 231.2lbs 230.2lbs
    01/11 231.6lbs 230.4lbs
    01/12 231.2lbs 230.5lbs

    03/01 Yesterday I did my December and 2018 review, I gained 4lbs over the whole year, so I'll put that down to a success for a year of unintentional maintainance :lol:, I've outlined my 2019 goals in my blog today (www.exercisenotextrafries.com if anyone want to take a peek - not selling anything)both for my fitness and nutrition and also my life in general, which includes shifting 30lbs of weight by Mid-October. I overate a little yesterday but hope to curb it today, usual story of trying to get back into a routine after being overly indulgent over the holidays. Today's goals are to get a lower body workout done at lunchtime, get my steps in and do a good food shop this evening. I need to be more strict with myself, I know I can do it, I've done it before so on with it I get!

    07/01 Busy weekend, not at my own place every night at the moment so weigh in's are a bit intermittent. Stomach has been a bit off last couple of days and felt a bit bloated, not sure why, maybe something to do with the cold I've had. Goals for today are to stick within calorie goals and get an Upper Body Workout done this evening.

    08/01 Schedule took a bit of a turn so took yesterday as my rest day, got out for a 5km row this morning, water was lovely and calm but row was tough, boat kept pulling to the left so right shoulder had a lot of workout, will be doing my upper body workout in the work gym before I leave this evening. Switched my calorie numbers around again going with fixed intake of 2000 calories per day (averaging over the week) which will give me an approximate deficit of 400-1000 calories depending on activity levels. If I have an exceptionally active day like a 20km row or something I'll adjust accordingly.

    09/01 I try out my first pole dancing class tonight and have finally taken advantage of the CycletoWork Tax Benefit scheme so will have a quicker but fitter way of getting to work in the rubbish weather, so will cut down on the more regular use of taxis/car in the Winter/Spring season. I got my weights done last night and have started incorporating some bodyweight exercises into my working day. Food discipline was way out of the window yesterday but should still have had around a 600 calorie deficit by time all the rowing/walking/strength training was accounted for. If I stick to what is planned today that puts me on track for my 2000 calorie goal.

    12/01 Had a busy week at work so didn't get a chance to fill this in as much (I normally do it in the office in the morning). Anyway I seem to be going in the wrong direction this week, despite my calorie intake being fine, putting it down to the intensity of exercise as had some magnificent DOMS last week from weights and pole class.
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    Current Weight: 147 lbs
    Goal Weight 130 lbs

    01/03 - 145.8 lbs. walked a little over 4 miles yesterday and managed to stay within my calories :smiley:
    01/04 - 146.4 lbs. walked a little under 4 miles yesterday, I somehow managed to stay within my calories, although I ate much heavier foods and indulge a little too much!
    01/05 - 146.7 raining lazy day. Didn't do much of anything but stayed with my calories so that's a positive.
    01/06 -145.0 ran a little bit and then did 1/2 hour Zumba stayed within my calories finding foods I like to eat that are actually healthy so that's another positive this week.
    01/07 - 144.8 Walked and did Zumba and stayed within my calories although it definitely wasn't healthy meal. :neutral:
    01/08 - 144.6 Ugh not really a good day... didn't walk very much and didn't eat very well... not bad just not good!
    01/09 - 144.6 walked more thank 10,000 steps whoo hoo... even did zumba and stayed within my calories.
    01/10 - 144.6 didn't work out as much as I would have liked. Busy day at work then busy day with the kids.
    01/11 - 143.6 feeling great walked and some kick boxing.
    01/12 - 144.4 did a little run only 1 mile and stayed within my calories.. Trying everyday to be a little better.

    This was a great challenge!!! lost a total of 3 lbs and I gotta say I'm pretty proud of that!
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    R64- (-1.2lbs)
    R65 SW - 194.4

    01/13: 195.6 😐
    01/14:198.8 😒 post workout this am. Today was a rough day. I didn’t eat much and had a lot of alcohol
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    Hey @iLadyT I think you accidentally posted to the wrong thread. Don't get left behind :smiley:

    Over here: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/comment/43152575#Comment_43152575
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